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11 powerful big brand strategies for small business growth


If you run a small business, then chances are you are looking for ways to attract more business. Sure, running small business places huge demands on your time and brand building can seem unimportant when there are other pressing issues.

But don’t dismiss brand building just yet. It can pay regular dividends. READ MORE >

12 Inspirational Quotes (with Free Templates)

Sometimes, the most difficult part of designing social media posts is determining what you want to say. Luckily, the perfect words have often already been said, so all you have to do is form an image around them. Here are some inspirational quotes that are perfect for motivating your followers — and yourself — to achieve. Drop one of these into an editable design template to share with your pals and get people excited for whatever lies in store, or just click on the pre-made examples we have and update with  your own text instead! READ MORE >

Light and Bright Styled Stock Photography from EasilStock

Light and Bright styled stock photography range

These light and bright styled stock desk photos are the perfect way to liven up your day, and your website or social graphics too! Bright and fun, healthy and fresh, this beautiful styled stock photography collection is sure to add a relaxed and modern vibe to your Instagram feed, Facebook timeline, or your blog.  READ MORE >

How to Design Your Own Invitations with Easil

How to DIY Invitations

You’ve got a big event coming up. Time to rally your people! Invitations are a must-have for any pre-planned soiree, but the cost to special-order custom invites can rack up quickly. Who has the time – not to mention the know-how – to design and print their own invitations?

You can resolve this predicament using a pre-designed invitation template. The hard work has been done for you, so all you need to do is drop in your own text and other details to make exquisite invites that are truly your own. Here you’ll discover all the different types of invitation templates Easil offers, along with how to personalize them to create the perfect accent for your event. Experienced designers and complete newbies – you’ll both be ready to craft professional invites that are fit for even the classiest of festivities! READ MORE >

How to Use Pinterest as a Platform for Marketing

So you’ve found a good groove with your social media marketing – you’re constantly putting graphics out on Facebook, hosting fun giveaways and engaging personally with your audience on Twitter. But are you utilizing the vast Pinterest network as a marketing tool?

Pinterest has 110 million users who are consistently pinning products, ideas and blog posts, meaning if you’re not pinning, you’re missing out! Learn the fundamentals of how to create visibility and gain a following using this valuable platform. READ MORE >

[VIDEO] How to Select Colors for your Design – Like a Pro!

In just under a minute, you’ll learn how to incorporate the colors and tones from your uploaded images to work perfectly in harmony in any design. Join Art Director Kris as he shares professional tips, then try them out in Easil! The color palette generator is available in all subscription levels of Easil, including the Free plan. Yippeeeee! READ MORE >

‘Brewtiful’ Pub Styled Stock Photography for your in-venue Promotions

If you want your in venue promotions to connect with your customers and convert into cash, this ‘Brewtiful’ pub styled stock photography does just that.  

There is no denying that the flatlay is one of the biggest trends in photography right now. It’s not as staged as stock photography, and it feels warmer and more unique.  It’s a great way to make your customers feel welcome.  And if they feel welcome, they might just stay for another drink… or two. READ MORE >

Year in Review: 2016’s Biggest Social Media Marketing Trends (and How to Stay Ahead for Next Year)

Year in Review - 2016's Biggest Social Media Marketing Trends

Ah, technology — it’s like the overactive big brother who’s always keeping us on our toes. And yet, especially when you’re talking about social media marketing, it’s the one trend that you absolutely need to stay ahead of in order to remain relevant. In case you haven’t been staying up with the times, here are the hottest social media marketing trends that ramped up in 2016 and that you can expect to see plenty more of in the year to come. Take note, and start logging away your own ideas! READ MORE >