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What’s On Your Menu? 5 Critical Elements Every Menu Needs to Have

What's on your Menu?

Nothing can ruin a restaurant more than a poorly made menu. Just think about it: If your menu is difficult to read or understand, it will make your customers ask dozens of questions, slowing your waiters down and preventing them from tending to all their other tasks. However, this can be avoided if your menu is clear, well-designed and presented in an enticing manner.

Here are five features that your menu must have in order to carry its weight and make its presence worthwhile. READ MORE >

What’s in a Template? The Upsides of Pre-made Graphics

Though sometimes frowned upon in the graphic design world, pre-made templates are becoming a popular way to create images and advertisements. And with a host of resources and customizing options, it’s no wonder! These frameworks are an easy and effective way to get a message out, further a brand or otherwise communicate in the social media realm. Here are some of the top reasons that marketers consistently fall back on this helpful and multifunctional tool. READ MORE >

How to Advertise Your Holiday Event with a Dash of Cheer

How to advertise your holiday event with a dash of cheer

Are you ready for the deluge of holiday events heading your way? If you answered with a resounding “No!” – Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

While this season is a beautiful time of celebration, it can also be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re in the hospitality business and you plan on hosting large functions. Here are a few shortcuts you can take when advertising your party that will minimize your task load and help your events go off without a hitch. READ MORE >

How to Build the Best Blog Ever With These 5 Pointers

Build the Best Blog Ever with these tips

There’s no escaping it — your brand needs a blog. Today’s consumers are a picky bunch, and content marketing is one of the best ways to build their trust via information and personal connection.

But you can’t just snag a domain name, bang out a couple of articles a month and call it good. Imagine how many blogs your customers are reading every day. It’s not enough just to have the blog and post on it every now and again. Your blog needs to make a deep impression so that it doesn’t become virtual white noise to your readers. Here’s how to really make an impact with your blog, without letting it consume all your time. READ MORE >

How to Create an Event Promo That Gets People Buzzing

How to Create an event promo to get people buzzing

You’ve got a big event coming up, and you’re ready to get down. Just one catch — you need to spread the word quickly to get people excited and anxious to drop in.

A good promo is the perfect way to plug your shindig and get the details out, and you can make one in a matter of minutes with an Easil template. Follow this simple four-step guideline, and you’ll have the perfect graphic to use as a flier or a social media post — one that ensures you won’t be partying alone. READ MORE >

Upload Your Own Fonts

What does your font say about you?

From your logo to your social media advertising, fonts play a pivotal role in brand recognition. And it’s not just about how your lettering looks — it’s about the message it conveys to your audience. A font can brand you as a leader, a dreamer or an innovator — so make it unique and show your true colors! READ MORE >

6 Tips for Sharing the Best Images in the Twitterverse

Who doesn’t love perusing social media and sharing their favorite tweets? Twitter is great for those of us who love connecting via short sound-bytes – perfect for our limited attention spans. But the Twitterverse presents some challenges when it comes to sharing graphics. If you want to gain followers and rack up the re-tweets, you need to be strategic about what types of images you share and what characteristics your images have. So here are six guidelines for creating and sharing only the most relevant, audience-friendly images out there. READ MORE >

Borders and Backgrounds: How to Use These Unsung Heroes of Design


When you’re creating an ad or other graphic, no doubt you’re focused on the message you want to convey. The photos, language, font, color – all of these elements should combine seamlessly to support what you want to say, whether that’s promoting an upcoming event or just looking for more social media engagement.

Borders and backgrounds are sometimes ignored or knocked down to a lower place of prominence, but the truth is that these seemingly humble little ingredients are significant contributors to your overall design aesthetic. Here we’ll point out just how pivotal borders and backgrounds are to your end product, and we’ll even give you a few tips on how to use them with maximum effectiveness. READ MORE >

How to Create Amazing Instagram Ads in No Time

Instagram is quite possibly the pinnacle of social media. You can share snapshots of your life and edit your photos to match your imagination. You can converse and socialize as you do on Facebook but without any clutter or confusion. It’s easy, intuitive and just plain fun. And it’s all focused around one thing: images. READ MORE >