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How to Create a Knock-Out Poster in 6 Easy Steps

Sometimes words just don’t cut it. You need striking visuals to drive a point home, pique curiosity or add to the anticipation of an event. However, creating your own poster can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re not a designer. Where do you even begin?

Thankfully, now there are applications which make image design easier than ever, with pre-made templates which will give you a head start and help you come up with your own ideas. Learn how to create your own DIY poster in Easil with these super-simple tips, and you’ll be well on your way to having high-quality graphics that are perfectly tailored to your event or content.


How to Craft Your Facebook Persona (And Have Fun Doing It)


Is your Facebook page supporting your brand, or tearing it down? Have you ever even thought of the impact that Facebook is having on your voice and persona?

If you haven’t considered this, then now is the time to start. Shaping your brand requires conscientious thought and strategy, but Facebook provides an easy and effective outlet for making your presence known. You can have two-way interactions with your audience, share company news and promote yourself all in one platform.

Ready for some tips on how to craft your Facebook persona? Here are eight ways to brand yourself and have a great time doing it. READ MORE >

What marketing elements do I need for a successful campaign?

A successful marketing campaign is budgeted, researched, planned and well executed. 

Multiple communication channels can be used to generate awareness and attract your target audience, including a mix of traditional media (print), digital marketing (email and online), social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+) and mobile (SMS).

However, budgets may dictate you are unable to use all the channels available.

The following steps can help you refine a marketing campaign to bring people through your doors.

Elements to consider:


What’s in a Hue? How to Use Color to Freshen Up Your Ad

What's in a Hue?

Ever wonder why some ads capture your attention more than others? With as much marketing as we see every day, you would think that eventually it would all just blur together. Yet time and again, we find ourselves surprised by an ad that sticks in our mind or draws our eyes in unexpected ways. Obviously, there are a lot of factors that go into creating such an ad, but one of these powerful traits is color.  READ MORE >

How to Make a Fantastic First Impression With a Facebook Cover Photo


Did you know that your Facebook cover photo actually says a lot about you? Even without navigating to your page, if Facebook users see your name, they can hover over your profile pic, and a larger profile picture and cover photo will pop up for better viewing. And guess what? Your cover image is a lot bigger than your profile pic!  READ MORE >

How to mix decorative fonts like a Pro

Typefaces are like snowflakes — no two are exactly alike — which is why choosing fonts can feel like an overwhelming task. Even seasoned designers can spend hours in pursuit of the perfect typeface. If you’re feeling intimidated by all the available choices, this typography cheat sheet will guide you through the basic font styles and how to use them effectively so you can create stunning, eye-catching promotional designs.


The Science Behind Font Preferences (and How to Choose Wisely)

The Science Behind Font Preferences

Design is an interesting thing. On the surface, it seems like it’s all art and that it takes an artistic eye to create a great logo or design a perfectly balanced pamphlet. Dig a little deeper, though, and you discover that great designs often work because they deploy the right fonts for the text. Sometimes we have a gut reaction to a certain font — Comic Sans-induced eye rolls, anyone? — but there’s also some science behind picking a font for readability, brand loyalty and other considerations. Here’s what science has to say about making your font work for you.


Surprising effectiveness of large format printing

With the ‘invention’ of temporary and instant marketing through digital and social media, the role of printing and especially large format printing has become increasingly essential in creating effective marketing campaigns.

To ensure your promotion has a significant impact, it is crucial to include a full suite of reinforcing print materials.


Choosing the Best Colors for Outstanding Brand Identity that Boosts Sales and Drives Traffic

Choosing the right colors can help you establish a brand identity that stands out from competitors, boosts sales and drives traffic. Of course, other design elements are also important, but the right color choice can mean the difference between excellence and mediocrity. From logos to letterheads, digital images, posters and banners, having an attractive font and an interesting image might not matter if you don’t choose the right color to distinguish you from the competition.