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Design Basics

Working with Designs

How do I start a design from a master template How to update drafts in your dashboard What designs are available on Easil Getting Started

Basic Functionality

How do I duplicate an item in my design How to change the Opacity of an object How to Rotate an Object How to Scale Objects How Do I Flip Objects Horizontally / Vertically How do I zoom in or out How do I change the background color of a template How do I undo or redo a change How do I use the clipboard How to delete layers What is the difference between graphics and images Easil Design Tools How do I delete objects from the canvas How to save your design in Easil

Working with Text

How do I edit textboxes How do I edit text How to Edit Text

Working with Images

What images are available in Easil How to set background images Managing your uploaded assets What are the recommended specs for images How to upload your own images How to edit image properties How to search and add images from the library Working with Images

Working with Graphics

How do I stretch out a graphic How do I find graphics in the library How to change a graphic’s color What are “Graphics Categories” What kind of graphics are available in Easil? Working with Graphics

Resizing your Design

How to resize your design

Organising your Design

How to bring an object to front / send to back How to use layers How to name your document How to name layers and groups How to delete groups How to toggle layers and groups How do I create a new group Organising your Design

Downloading & Ordering

How do I Download Paid Assets? Using the Cart Downloading & Ordering your Design

Custom Fonts

How do I upload Custom Fonts? What Fonts can I Upload?