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Learn how to create a custom instagram graphic

How to Create a Custom Instagram Graphic – Learn in 2 minutes!

With over 150 million active daily users, Instagram is a social channel that can’t be ignored! This mainly visual network requires high quality photos and content to get cut through. Join our Art Director Kris, as he guides you through the basic steps of creating your own, unique Instagram graphic!

To get started, press the “New Design” button at the top of you “My Designs” page.

Step 1 of creating a new Instagram Graphic - Select New Design to select your pre-designed graphic template

Use the “Size” filters on the left hand side to show only Instagram graphic templates; which are found under Social Media. Scroll through until you select a design template that you like the look of. Click the template to open it in the Easil online graphic editor.

Select a pre-designed Instagram graphic to get started

If the Instagram graphic template has an image, you can replace it with something more suited to your promotion. Select the image on the canvas by clicking on it, and then search for a new image in the image tab. Select a new image that you like, and whilst still selected, drag it on top of the old one to automatically replace it.

Drop your new chosen photo into your custom  instagram graphic

You can use “Image Colors” to automatically generate a nice color palette for your design, select elements like this color block & the line above it, and change them to one of the optionsĀ from the suggested Image Colors palette.

Choose a new color to update your instagram graphic

Double click on any text box to edit the content. Replace the template’s placeholder content with the details you need.

Summer Cocktails Instagram Graphic

Choose from hundreds of fonts, select a textbox and then click on the font dropdown in the edit tab of the sidebar.

Select your chosen fonts to update your instagram graphic

Once you are finished, give your design a name. Click on the design title in the header, and simply type a new name in, then hit update.

Rename your custom Instagram graphic

Finally, download your design. A High Quality PNG will be able to be uploaded straight to Instagram.

Download your completed Instagram graphic - Select PDF, PNG, JPG file or Order Prints



How to create a custom instagram graphic with Easil

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