Paid Images and Assets - How to download in Easil

How do I Download Paid Assets?

Downloading Designs with Paid Assets

If a design contains paid assets, you cannot simply press the “PDF/PNG/JPG” button as you usually would. Instead, you must complete your order though the cart.

To process orders through the cart, first you must open the download panel and press the “Add to Cart” button. This will need to be repeated for each Resize you want to order. Alternatively, you can click the “Buy Prints” button, as this will take you directly to the cart.

Once you have added all of your items to the cart, click on the “Cart” button in the header. You will be greeted by this screen.

Sections of the Easil Cart

If you want to download a Digital version (PDF file) of your designs, you simply need to select “Digital Download” from the Material dropdown. Select “Digital Download” for each size you need a PDF of, and once complete you can proceed with your order.

You may also place orders for printed material here, if you would like. To order both Printed & Digital items, you can use the “Add another size” button to order multiple versions of the same artwork, both Printed & Digitally.


In the Additional Asset section of the cart, you will be able to view the pricing of all Assets you have included in your designs.


Once you have selected “Digital Download” on your items, and are ready to continue, simply enter your payment information and press “Complete Order”

Note – If you do not have any Paid Assets in your designs, and you are only ordering Digital files, you will not need to enter payment information.