How to Create Your Next Design from an Easil Template

How do I start a design from a master template

Creating a new Design

The “Masters” page allows you to view all available Master templates in the Easil library. You can search for a specific term using the search bar, or alternatively, use the category filters.

The category filters are the list of options to the left of the templates. These allow you to browse templates through:

  • Events (e.g Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas)
  • Themes (e.g Drink Promotion, Entertainment, Food Promotion)
  • Sizes (e.g Banner, Business Card, Poster, Facebook Image)

Starting a new design

1. With the Masters Page open, select a master template you wish to work with by clicking on the thumbnail.

2. When you select a master, it will open immediately in the Editor

3. Begin editing on the canvas (the work space) using the Easil tools!

4. When you return to My Designs, your newly created design is visible. Please note that the thumbnail might take a short while to update; don’t worry, your design autosaves and the thumbnail will regenerate shortly.