Checkout Cart Expained - Easil

Using the Cart

Easil Checkout Cart

All downloads that contain premium images are directed through the checkout cart. Through this purchase system, you are also able to order physical printed copies of your designs on a variety of materials.

Easil - Ordering via the cart image

In your list of ordered designs, You will see the options for each design next to the thumbnail preview of it.

Below the thumbnails are buttons to Preview your design, as well as to Remove a design from your cart.

Print sizes also show options to the right of their thumbnails. These vary depending on the size, but all allow you to adjust the quantity, and allow you to add alternate sizes that are in proportion to the original design. (For example, ‘A’ size Posters can be ordered on anything from A0 to A5.)

Add another size to the cart in Easil

On all print files, you can also select a ‘Digital Download’ version. You can also obtain a Digital Download file through the Download Panel when editing, however you must go through the cart if your design includes paid assets. Read more about Downloading designs here.

This is also where you will find options for different types of printing, for the sizes that they apply to.

Selecting another print size in the ordering cart - Easil

Below your ordered designs list is a list of all Additional Assets you have used. This includes all images, both paid and free. The dollar amount to the right of this list indicates how much you will be charged for these additional assets, if you have included paid assets.

How free and paid items appear in the cart - Easil

At the bottom of the cart, you may enter your Billing, Shipping & Payment details. Once you have completed this form, and have checked the full summary to the right of the page, you can hit “Complete Order” button to continue.

Filling out your delivery details in the cart in Easil

Once your order is submitted and complete, you will receive an email confirming your order, which also contains download links for any digital items.