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Are you creating Instagram Stories to engage with your target audience? Our Easil templates for Instagram Stories and IGTV are designed to help you create engaging content that attracts views and results. We've created single image, and unique multi-page Templates that allow you to tell Instagram Stories that are uniquely branded and engaging.
Recipe Series IGTV Cover Template

Recipe Series IGTV Cover Template

Sharing your recipes and skills on your IGTV Channel? Get your views cooking by presenting your channel cover in it's best possible way - choose a professionally designed template, and customise it in minutes!

With this gorgeous, pre-designed template, all you need to do to make it your own is upload your image, and replace the placeholder information with your own. Once you're happy with the format, upload to Instagram TV as your cover graphic.

Continue the theme for any other videos you post, perhaps with slight color variations in the background, and by adding your new cover photograph.

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