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How to Advertise Your Holiday Event with a Dash of Cheer

Are you ready for the deluge of holiday events heading your way? If you answered with a resounding “No!” – Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

While this season is a beautiful time of celebration, it can also be incredibly stressful, especially if you’re in the hospitality business and you plan on hosting large functions. Here are a few shortcuts you can take when advertising your party that will minimize your task load and help your events go off without a hitch.

Hacking Your Holiday Invites

You want plenty of fun-loving guests at your shindig, so invitations should be priority number one on your to-do list. First decide how you want to send the message out. You can determine the best way to deliver invitations by using a number of factors, including:

  • Is your event public or private? If your event is open to the public, then you can’t exactly print out individual invitations. In this case, you’ll want printed posters to put up around town and a digital version to plaster across social media for the best attendance.
  • Are your guests local or spread out across different areas? Maybe you’re hosting a smaller party and inviting each guest individually. If they’re from a variety of regions, then you can either print out personal invitations to mail or send them each a digital invitation.
  • What is the age range of your group? If you know the approximate age range of your party demographic, then this may tell you a little bit about how they will respond to each invitation format. The younger crowds will be far more receptive to purely digital invites, whereas older generations will most likely appreciate printed versions.

Once you know what type of invitation to create, then you can begin the actual construction and distribution process.

Getting the Word Out

For printed invites, the process is super simple: Choose an Easil template, add the details of your event and then customize any imagery the way you want it. Then distribute as per usual. Place posters in strategic locations, leave flyers in local venues or send out printed invitations if applicable.

If you’re largely promoting your event online, then there are a few other guidelines that you should keep in mind.

  1. Make an event page: Don’t just share your invites as standalone messages; be sure that they lead back to an event page on Facebook or your website. This web page makes it easy for guests to get additional info or purchase tickets if necessary. Invite guests to “like” the page so that you can send out updates or reminders to all the attendees at once.
  2. Proper formatting is key: Be sure to adjust the format to fit the platform you’re sharing in. For example, Instagram photos typically have different sizing than Facebook or Twitter images. You can easily change the dimensions in Easil by simply clicking on what size you want the image to be.
  3. Event reminders: Create a separate “event-reminder” image to send out the day of the party. It can be a more succinct version of the graphic you sent out earlier, just be sure that it follows the same visual theme for the sake of consistency. Spread this reminder across all your platforms, particularly to any attendees who sent back an RSVP on your event’s Facebook page, so that no one forgets where or when your soiree is happening.

Advertising for holiday functions doesn’t have to be an unbearable headache. Use Easil to create your poster or invites. Then follow these guidelines to easily gather interest and show the world that you’re ready to give them a holiday to remember!

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