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Live Streaming Branding Templates

Step up your Live Stream branding with overlays and promotional graphics that'll make you stand out from the crowd! Create lower thirds, intro and outro graphics, as well as transparent overlays to use with your streams.

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Now you can build your own professionally branded broadcast graphics in minutes, so it doesn't matter if you're a news station, content creator for an up and coming brand, or just want to show off that cooking video of yours on YouTube, LinkedIn Live, Facebook, or another live streaming platform - your audience will never miss a beat!

Consistent branding for your show will elevate it above competitors, as well as give audiences an amazing experience with all their favorite content they love to consume. Easils pre-designed Live Stream Overlay sets provide ample creative ways for anyone to go live on their streaming platforms with templates covering pre-promotion of your show, holding overlays for announcements, options for single, double, and more speaker layouts, lower-third graphic templates, thank you screens, and more.

All Live Streaming templates are fully customizable, with the ability to add and update your own brand colors, logos, fonts and elements to the template in minutes. Easily swap out the details for your Live Show without the need for a graphic designer, and create your own set of saved templates that you can re-use for each live show for consistency. Have a new guest coming on your live stream each week? Easy - grab your set of Easil templates and drag-and-drop your new feature guest image in, update the text to accompany the guest, and create both your promotional graphics and the content and overlays to use within your Live Stream in one go!

Then just download the completed PNG files (with transparency) and load them up into your favorite streaming software, and go live! A huge range of professionally designed live show promotion templates are available for you to try on our 30 day free Easil plus plan trial. Get started today!

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