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Where Do Australian Social Media Users Hang Out? [Infographic]

Are you curious about Australian social media users and where your ideal audience is hanging out?

What social networks are they on in Australia?  Where do they spend their time?  How can you best reach them? 

In this post, we break it down with some handy statistics and insights about Australian Social Media Users.  

If you are curious about where Aussies are hanging out on social, then this handy infographic should help satisfy your curiosity.

It tells you which platforms they are on, how often and whether or not they like Vegemite.

Ok, we are kidding about the Vegemite.  But let us take this opportunity to say one thing about that – lots of butter, thin spread of Vegemite.

Now that we have that out of the way… back to the Australian Social Media Users and what in the heck they are doing on social media….

The guys at Social Media News compiled these statistics (current as at 31st July, 2017), as featured by Vivid Social Media Agency.

Where are Australian Social Media Users Hanging out on Social Media?

According to Social Media News, we have seen an uptick in LinkedIn users and Facebook remains (surprise, surprise) the biggest social media juggernaut in the Land Down Under when it comes to Australian social media users.

With 2 billion active monthly users worldwide (1.3 billion of those logging in every day!), our slice of the pie is 12 million.

It doesn’t sound like much on a world-wide basis but 70% of Australians are active users on Facebook.

So if you are doing business in Australia, then chances are, your target audience is hanging out on Facebook.

We could go on and on about all the interesting data about Australian Social Media peeps, such as:

  • 1 in 2 Australians use Facebook on a daily basis, 1 in 5 use Facebook, 1 in 6 use Snapchat
  • Australians are starting to love Whatsapp with 5 million active users
  • Why visitors to Australia are still confused by Vegemite (seriously, it’s about the butter to Vegemite ratio!)

But let’s just jump to the infographic – it’s far more fun that way. And besides, this is Easil, so we love all things visual.

Australian Social media users - stats about where they hang out infographic

Data sourced from Social Media News.  Read the original post here.


Top 10 Platforms for Australian Social Media Users?

If you want to go deeper, here’s a full list of how Aussies are using social media right now.

  1. Facebook – 17 Million Monthly Active Users
  2. YouTube – 15.5 Million Monthly Active Users
  3. WordPress – 5.5 Million Monthly Active Users
  4. Instagram – 5 Million Monthly Active Users
  5. Whatsapp – 4.5 Million Monthly Active Users
  6. Linkedin – 4.2 Million Monthly Active Users
  7. Snapchat – 4 Million Monthly Active Users
  8. Tumblr – 3.8 Million Monthly Active Users
  9. Twitter – 3 Million Monthly Active Users
  10. Tinder – 2.7 Million Monthly Active Users

Following close behind and useful to note are:

Trip Advisor (2.6 Million Monthly Active Users ) – yes, we are a country of mad-keen travellers!

WeChat (2.5 Million Monthly Active Users ) – Whatsapp use is likely to keep rising considering the connections we have between China and Australia for trade, travel, industry and immigration.

Of note Pinterest (one of our favourite platforms for driving traffic) came in at 290,000 and Google Plus at only 60,000. See the full list here.

Use the list above to review where you are posting your content – because, as you probably know, it’s always best to find a mix between:

(a) Where your audience hangs out, and

(b) Where your team like to create content and post on social media.

Then when you know what that sweet spot is, start creating (and curating) engaging content to share, that suits the platform you want to focus on. It may be that the platform you use is not in the top 10 but still drives a lot of traffic and engagement for you.

So that’s it.  Our Australian Social Media Users all laid out for you.

And a crash course in Vegemite Etiquette.

Want more?  Read the full list here.

How will you tap into Australian social media users?

Are you surprised by these stats?

Will they change your game plan for finding and hanging out with Australian social media users online?  

Do you like Vegemite? 


Which social media networks are most popular in Australia?

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