Brand Kit - The right fonts, logos, colors and imagery, ready and on-brand.

Loaded and Locked. The right fonts,
logos, colors and imagery, ready and on-brand.

Your Brand Manager can easily upload default brand fonts, logos, brand color palettes and imagery.
Easil’s Brand Restrictions ensure your designs, templates and brand assets are used correctly to retain brand integrity.

Brand Fonts

Header fonts, body fonts and default brand fonts all in one place. Access your brand fonts quickly and easily for every project, every time.
No confusion, just cohesive branding across
all projects for the entire team.


Brand Logos

Upload all of your brand logo variations to use in Easil at any time in any project. Your whole team can be clear on which logos and trademarks
to use because the Brand Kit is always up to date, ready to go.


Brand Colors

Never copy and paste a color hex code again!
With Easil’s Brand Kit your entire color palette is
at your fingertips. Now your entire team can access multiple color palettes for projects, quickly and easily.


Brand Imagery
At Your Fingertips.

No more time wasted looking for the right image
for your brand across multiple filing systems and devices.
With Easil’s brand kit you can keep your brand imagery
where your team needs it – In one place, ready to use!

Retain Design Integrity by applying Brand Controls.

Keep full control over the areas of your design that can or can’t be edited, with Easil’s extensive suite of easy-to-use brand restrictions.
Your designs and templates used in the right way by your team every time. No coding required!


Allow your team to edit parts
of the design that you want
them to edit.

With our Brand Kit, Template Library and Design Tools, designers can create and control how the whole team accesses and edits custom designs – while maintaining brand integrity. You set the brand restrictions and define which elements, fonts, colors and images can be edited.


Control what can be added or removed from your designs with design locking.

Perfect for designers, this feature allows your designer or brand manager to control what images can be added to your designs. Available in our Brand Kit for Plus Users, you can control what elements can and can’t be deleted from your team documents and designs.


Set up templates and designs
in minutes with locking
and layers.

Our brand restrictions are so easy to use, it literally takes seconds to toggle features, tools and assets on or off – allowing or locking access for your team.  You can even provide users with multiple options within a template by adding or locking down layers within templates.




Ready to go Pro?

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