Brand Restrictions - Easil
Protect your brand with design locking & restrictions.
Brand restrictions and locking permissions let you easily create and control how the whole team accesses and edits custom designs – in seconds. Use design locking to define which layers, elements, fonts, colors and images can be edited, added or removed – and by which team members.
Fine-grained editing control, without the coding.
Start fast with our simple to use restrictions interface.
Simply toggle each option on or off – no coding required.
Control the layout.
Available in Easil for Plus users, brand restrictions is easy to use. In just seconds you can toggle features, tools and assets on or off,  allowing or locking access for your team. You can even add and lock down Layers in a template giving users multiple options to edit your designs with different access levels.
Control the fonts.
Got branded fonts? Easil’s brand restrictions are here to protect them to ensure the right fonts are used in the right way, every time. Control multiple fonts across multiple layers of your design including how text can be edited, added or removed.  Now everyone in your team can nail your typography every time!
Control the Images.
Image locking allows your designer or brand manager to control what images [or videos] can be added, swapped or deleted from your designs – even restrict changes altogether. Need users to edit filters? You can do that. Want them to replace images? You can do that too. Need an image to stay in place? Lock it in!
Next level graphic control with design approval workflow.
Designers and brand managers looking to protect brand integrity, rejoice! Now you can add a final level of brand protection to your team templates. Create restricted, branded graphic templates that teammates can edit and submit back to you for Approval. No more DIY design disasters that detract from your visual brand.

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