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How to make your own Meme for the Dolly Parton challenge (+free Templates)

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately (or avoiding social media..) you would have noticed the profusion of quad-graphics appearing; showcasing a profile photo for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder.

It’s all started with Dolly Parton creating her own entertaining meme, and has amassed 100’s of 1000’s of shares, likes, and people joining in on the viral meme fun!

This is what it’s all about:

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Get you a woman who can do it all ?

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It’s a hilarious meme that plays on the distinct ways we generally showcase ourselves on various social platforms, with Dolly’s own caption reading ‘Get you a woman who can do it all :)’ [and we LOVE that!].

Here’s one created by the amazing Vivian Kaye, in her usual style, of putting 100% effort in, and reaping the rewards of massive engagement:

If you’re not into posting your own images, why not try doing one with your pets, like this super cute one by Ken Watson, and his boy Toby:

Let’s run through how to create your own #dollyparton challenge image, using our free drag and drop templates and software, and get in on the fun!


We’ve created 3 free templates to help you get started – and with the right photos handy, you should be ready to post within a couple of minutes!

Dolly Parton Challenge Template 1
  1. Create a free account in Easil.
  2. Click here to open the free templates. There are 3 different designs contained in the one file.
  3. Delete the pages that you do not want to use, by clicking on the Trash can icon to the right of the page/s.
  4. Click on the ‘Images’ tab on the right sidebar, and then the ‘+ Upload Image’ button at the very top. Select the image/s you’d like to add, and then the blue ‘Upload’ button.
  5. Click and drag each image into the relevant section of the image quad, until it snaps into place. To further adjust, double click on the quarter, and use the crop handles to increase the size of the image, or click and hold to move the position.
  6. Repeat for all 4 sections of the template.
  7. Download your image as a PNG (preferred for best quality), or JPG file, and post to social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #dollypartonchallenge, tag @dollyparton, and get your friends involved!

Keep it fun! Choose highly contrasting images for each section of the meme, and watch the comment and engagement flow!


Which friend or celebrity has caught your attention with the best challenge meme? And will you be getting involved? Let us know in the comments below, or tag your memes with #madeineasil – we’d LOVE to see them! 🙂

Dolly Parton Challenge - How to make your own meme plus free templates
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