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Empower every Franchisee to create on-brand marketing materials.
Easil’s custom branded portals provide Franchise brands with Local Area Marketing solutions that Franchise Partners love!

With drag and drop editing tools, centralized assets, brand approval controls, and the support of a friendly, knowledgeable team alongside the software – Easil isn’t just a tool, but a partner that helps execute your campaigns across multiple locations on-time, and on-budget.
Smart template creation; with no coding required.
Easil’s editing tools provide you with all you need to create digital and print marketing templates to distribute to your Franchise Partners, quickly. Toggle on brand locked or restricted options such as font selection, image options, plus many more, and you’ll be launching campaigns to market faster than ever before.

Coupled with smart text fields that automatically populate your templates with Franchisee details at their local level, and optional approval workflows – Easil’s suite of tools save time, decrease errors, and always keep you on-brand.

Customized Local Area Marketing Portals for every brand.
Centralize your Franchise Partners content creation and marketing collateral production with a custom branded local area marketing portal that feels right-at-home to your Franchisees.

Populate with editable graphic templates in featured tiles, and choose from further enhancements including Print Management, Budget Allocations, Inventory and Warehousing Controls, Reporting, Design Assist and more.

Scale with an experienced team by your side.
Easil’s team are by your side to take care of the logistics in executing multi-site campaign roll-outs. With our dedicated Account Managers, Graphic Designers, Pre-press and Production professionals to assist, you can eliminate the stress of print management.

Each template in your Easil portal can be linked to custom stock options, and locked-in, agreed print and production pricing to ensure you stay on budget, and provide the best value to your Franchise Partners.

From pixels for digital, through to large format print – we’ve got you covered.
We don’t stop with digital outputs. Easil’s editing tools and linked products in portal allow your Franchisees to create everything from social media graphics and digital screens, through to large format executions like exterior banners, posters, window clings, and floor graphics.

Brand protection, design locking and team controls.
From emerging franchises, to international brands with 100’s of locations, Easil will ensure your designs are used in the right way, every time.
Collaborate with your teammates on work-in-progress
with design sharing.
Share draft documents and designs with team members you want to collaborate with, whilst only allowing them editing permissions within their assigned role. Then convert designs to custom team templates that will function as master designs that are available to the whole network.
Allow your Franchisees to edit parts of the design that you want
them to edit.
Perfectly flexible, the locking feature allows Brand Marketing teams to easily define what the Franchisee accesses and can update – while maintaining brand integrity. You set the brand restrictions and define which elements, fonts, colors and images can be edited; all with a click.
Enable the Approvals Workflow on designs to allow Brand Marketing to sign-off.
Opt-in any team design template to go through Design Approval to prevent downloading – until you apply the stamp of approval. Approval workflows include submission history so you can easily monitor change requests and messaging from Brand, and the Franchisee.
What are the feature differences between Easil Plus and Easil Enterprise?
Easil Plus is built for teams to grow and maintain their visual brand with ease. Easil
Enterprise offers a branded portal, enhanced approval processes, bulk smart field management, agreed print pricing & fulfilment, marketing fund credit management, inventory controls, reports, and a dedicated account manager.
Is there a free Enterprise trial available for our Franchise brand?
A free trial for the Easil Enterprise platform is available following a demonstration with our team.

Get in touch with us using the link below to discuss your brand’s feature requirements and access to a trial portal for your evaluation.
How much does it cost to use Easil Enterprise for my Franchise Brand?
Every Easil Enterprise portal is tailored to the requirements of the Franchisors brand and workflows. We’ll create a package to suit your needs – whether that includes print campaign management, custom design and template build assistance, or simply the need for the software only.
Ready to see more?
Book a live demonstration with one of our team to discuss your Franchise Brands requirements.
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