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Empower every-Zee to create on-brand marketing materials.
Stretch your Brand Marketing Fund dollars further by reducing frequent requests for graphic design tasks by Franchisees. Easil’s custom branded portals provide Franchisors with Local Area Marketing solutions that Franchise Partners love!

With powerful, yet easy to use editing tools, centralized assets, brand approval controls and overviews, plus the support of a friendly, knowledgeable team – Easil isn’t just a tool, but a partner that helps execute your campaigns across all locations on-time, and budget.
Local Area Marketing Portals that reduce overwhelm.
Say hello to the Tech + Team combo to make your Franchise Marketing production a breeze. Used by scaling brands, globally.
Franchisee Reports interface showing Order History, Download History and Popular Templates
Franchisor Settings & Locations Overviews
Allow approved Members of the Franchisor team to:
• View Franchisee In Progress Orders & History
• Review & collaborate on DIY Design Submissions
• Manage the DIY Brand Kit
• Build out out new creative for the Brand Catalog
• Manage Digital Assets
• View Stock Inventory Levels
• Action and Brief Custom Artwork requirements
• View Reports & oversights including Marketing fund credits

Shared Team Brand Kit & Assets
Team Templates are the heart of Easil, and the key to saving precious time for your marketing team. By creating a catalog of editable image and video templates you can eliminate a large number of tedious tasks that consume Graphic Designer hours.

And for your Franchisees, you can save the􏰀 the stress of having to read brand guidelines for visual assets, which for many is like a foreign language! Keep it simple by providing templates with their fonts, colors, images/videos and graphic assets already loaded, and set to brand standards.

Franchisor User Interface showing Brand Kit for team users in Easil
Local Area Marketing Portal Template locking UI example
Design Locking & Brand Restrictions
Allow your Franchisees to only edit parts of the design that you want them to update, with easy to use editing tools.

Perfect for designers, this feature allows your Franchise designer or brand manager to control how the whole tea􏰀 accesses and edits custom designs – while maintaining brand integrity.

You set the brand restrictions and define which elements, fonts, colors and images can be edited. Just toggle on each control – no developers or delays in getting your campaigns out to your Zees.

Optional Franchisee Design Approval Workflow
Let your Brand Managers sign off on any, or all Franchisee design drafts with the Design Approvals workflow.

Opt-in any team design template to go through a Design Approval to prevent downloading – until you apply the stamp of approval.

With this flexible level of individual template/campaign opt-in,
you can prevent excessive requests by combining with locking restrictions, and always keep your Franchise visual brand in check.

Franchisor User Interface showing Approval process for Franchisees
Flexible & Smart Template Editing Options
Easil’s cutting edge technology enables Zees to breeze through marketing asset production with these features, and more:

Smart Text enables Franchisees to set and reuse frequently used text elements to auto-populate templates. Text Input Mode & Collection Update provides updates to multiple graphic assets with the click of a button, and QR codes can be generated within the editor, in a flash.

Editing functionality is constantly being developed and enhanced by our in-house development team.
Print Marketing Materials & Management
We don’t stop with digital outputs. Easil’s editing tools and linked products in portal allow your Franchisees to create everything from social media graphics and digital screens, through to large format executions like exterior banners, posters, window clings, and floor graphics.

With print production facilities in the USA and Australia, our team ships to franchise groups on both sides of the globe, providing a one stop shop for your promotional requirements.

Offering flexible payment options for printed collateral orders; we can set your Zee payments from credit cards and/or Marketing fund credit allocations, and approved Zors on credit accounts.

Choose your feature set to build out your Local Area Marketing portal to suit your needs.
Custom Branding
Your portal branded with brand colors, imagery and logo to ensure your franchisees feel at home.
DIY Design
Build a library of editable digital & print templates with restrictions and approval workflows.
Print Catalog & Store
Non-editable or stock promotional items can be added to a print catalog for quick Franchisee access.
Order History
Visibility for Franchisee and Franchisors of all campaign and LAM spend with Easil, with reporting for audits.
Credit Allocation
Allocate and monitor marketing credits assigned to Franchisees to spend on print or campaign design.
Asset Library
Upload digital assets including images, videos and PDF guides for Franchisee download access.
Design Assistance
Lean on our experienced graphic design team to assist with overflow design, or template development.
Keep track of stock levels within the Easil Warehouses, and set automatic re-stock options.
Monitor user log ins/access, popular templates, downloads, marketing fund credit allocation and more.
What are the feature differences between Easil Plus and Easil Enterprise?
Easil Plus is built for teams to grow and maintain their visual brand with ease. Easil
Enterprise offers a branded portal, enhanced approval processes, bulk smart field management, agreed print pricing & fulfilment, marketing fund credit management, inventory controls, reports, and a dedicated account manager.
Is there a free Enterprise trial available for our Franchise brand?
A free trial for the Easil Enterprise platform is available following a demonstration with our team.

Get in touch with us using the link below to discuss your brand’s feature requirements and access to a trial portal for your evaluation.
How much does it cost to use Easil Enterprise for my Franchise Brand?
Every Easil Enterprise portal is tailored to the requirements of the Franchisors brand and workflows. We’ll create a package to suit your needs – whether that includes print campaign management, custom design and template build assistance, or simply the need for the software only.
Ready to Zee more?
Centralize your Franchise Partners content creation and marketing collateral production with us. Book a live demonstration to discuss your Franchise Brands requirements.
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