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There is a lot to be done when running a restaurant or food truck. So the last thing you want to do is briefing in designs or update your restaurant menu, takeaway menu or table tents. You’d much rather be in the kitchen or attending to customers.

For a long time designing menu’s has required hiring a graphic designer or having graphic design skills to mesh your mouth watering food photos and sentences into a professional menu. Even edits and updates required graphic design skills.

The Easil menu maker makes that a thing of the past. In fact, you can have a stunning new menu in as little as a few minutes so you can focus on your customers and getting those orders out.  

How to create stunning restaurant menus in minutes without a graphic designer


Showcase your specials

Present your high GP menu items in a highlighted box to make them stand our to your audience. Adding a shaded color box behind the items and increasing the font size will capture your readers attention.


Pick the right colors

Set the tone of your menu to attract the right kind of customers. Select one from our huge range of menu templates to convey the right impression, from budget friendly lunch specials, through to high end restaurant menus.


Add high quality images or illustrations

Ensure the images you choose for your restaurant menu are of the highest quality. Choose shots that emphasise the quality of your meals and in bright daylight, or with moody night time feel. Alternatively, use illustrations to give your menu some character.


Encourage your audience to take the next step

Use graphics and messaging to direct your patrons to take the next step. Add a suggested glass of wine to match each meal, highlight specials areas with a feature border or box, and ensure your descriptions leave them wanting to taste them all.

How Easil helps you create beautiful restaurant menus like a pro

Save money and get a beautiful, professional looking menu with Easil. Here’s how Easil helps you to design menus like a pro anytime and everytime:

Menu Template graphic elements for customization

Upload your Restaurant brand elements

Add your logo, fonts and other brand elements to your menu design. Easil’s menu editor tools make it quick and easy.

Range of printed menu templates

Use exclusive restaurant flyer templates

Access our growing range of menu templates which also provide you with fine control over each element or any that you wish to add.

Use the color picker to personalise your hospitality / restaurant flyer templates

Pick complementary colors perfectly

Easil’s integrated color palette generator will always present a palette of matching colors for you to achieve that professional look.

Add graphic elements to your menu template to customize


Use one of the many graphic elements Easil offers including patterns, text and icons to help make your message stand out from the crowd.

Personalise your instagram story templates with these range of fonts in Easil


Fonts are a key part of your brand personality and Easil’s growing range of fonts have you covered. Take control of the finer details via the editor to reflect your brand.

Keep your menu templates organised in folders for easy amendments


Keep your brand kit easily accessible and available with Easil’s “favorite” feature. Use the layers function to organize your files efficiently.

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