Learn how to use color palettes in Easil

Color Palette in Easil

Using Document & Image Colors

Color plays a very important part of good design. Using a consistent and cohesive color palette assists with maintaining a theme across all artwork in your campaign. (You can read more about using Color here, there are also several other posts about color combinations and best practices on our blog.)

Easil provides an easy way to keep track of colors used in your design, via the Document Colors display area. This area will show all colors currently in use by Text, Graphic Elements, and the Background in your design. You can apply document colors quickly and easily to text boxes, the background, or any color editable graphics. Keeping your design color palette to 3-5 colors will keep it looking professional, and clean.

However, graphics are not the only source of color in a design. Images may make up a large area of your design. To accomodate this, Easil also features an Image Colors selector, which automatically generates a color palette for your design template, from any uploaded or included photographic images.

You can view your Image Colors by expanding the “Image Colors” section of the Color Picker.

Next to each image, there will be a list of up to 6 colors, which have been picked from the image. You can set any of your graphic & text elements to use these colors, to help keeping your palette consistent between both graphics & images.


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