Design Basics - How to Edit Text

How to Edit Text

Text in Easil

When using a pre-designed template, there will be several text boxes placed on the design ‘canvas’ – the working area on the screen.

There are two ways to select text boxes, single clicking on text allows you to change the font, size, colour, as well as other variables, but double clicking on the text allows you to edit the text content itself.

The Basics

With a text box selected, the top of the edit sidebar will show all of the basic text editing options. Here you can select a new font, enter a new size, activate font styles, (Bold, Italic, Underline) select alignment, (Left, Right, or Centre Aligned) and pick a colour for the text.

Letter Spacing

To spread out the spacing between all letters in a text box, you can utilize the Letter Spacing slider located in the Text Edit sidebar. Select the text box you would like to adjust and move the slider to the right to increase the spacing between letters, or to the left to tighten up the spacing. The technical term for this is adjusting the ‘tracking’.


Line Height

When you have a textbox containing several lines of text, you may adjust the amount of space between each line.Select the textbox you would like to adjust and use the Line height slider to increase the amount of space by moving to the right, or reduce the spacing by sliding to the left.

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