Design Basics - How to Resize your Design in Easil

How to resize your design

Resizing your Design

Easil provides an easy way to resize your design templates to a variety of formats. This functionality is available in ‘Plus’ and above subscriptions.

To resize a design, simply follow the steps below

1. Click the ‘File’ tab

2. Click the “Resize this design” button

3. You should now see the resize options available for the design you are working on

4. Click on any resize option you wish. For this example, we are using the ‘Documents and Presentation’ Category.

5. With the size options displayed, Simply click on the size you would like to add.

Note – Alternatively, you may want to use specific measurements in your design.  If you wish to do so, simply click on the “Custom Size” button and enter your measurements. 

6. You will be directed to the newly created resize. Continue to make adjustments if required to the graphics on the canvas, to fit into the new space.