Organising your Design - Easil

Organising your Design

The Layers Tab

You can organise your design to help simplify your workflow and make it easier to sort through especially complex designs. Click the bottommost button in the sidebar to open the layers tab.


These work similar to transparent sheets stacked together, as illustrated in the clip below: Layers allow you to modify a particular element/s in the canvas without affecting the others. As such, having a layer with text only allows you to modify the copy without affecting any images behind it.



These are a collection of Layers in a folder-like structure. Groups allow you to move multiple layers at once around the canvas, after you’ve selected them through the Layers panel. It is a good idea to keep your design organised so you can work on it with ease.

Layers & Group Labels

Layers and Groups are able to be renamed anytime you wish. This allows you to rename and identify the “Heading” from the “Copy” elements for easier selection when in the Layers editing mode.

Tip: Always call your layers and groups something obvious and meaningful (e.g. the “Heading”, or the price point called “Price Point”)

File Names

To change the name of your template, click on the current title in the navigation bar, enter the new name and press ‘Update’.

Organising your design will greatly help later on when you need to update, or resize the artwork. Proper grouping and layering will allow you to easily find what you need to change, and when resizing you will be able to easily rearrange sections of your design to fit the new size.