What's in a Template? The Upsides of Pre-made Graphics
The advantages of Pre-made templates

What’s in a Template? The Upsides of Pre-made Graphics

Though sometimes frowned upon in the graphic design world, pre-made templates are becoming a popular way to create images and advertisements. And with a host of resources and customizing options, it’s no wonder! These frameworks are an easy and effective way to get a message out, further a brand or otherwise communicate in the social media realm. Here are some of the top reasons that marketers consistently fall back on this helpful and multifunctional tool.

1. Inspiring

When originality is a struggle, a template can inspire a designer and get the creative juices flowing. Say you need an advertisement for an upcoming event, but you only have a vague idea of what it should look like. You may be able to express verbally what it is you’re looking for using adjectives such as “sleek” or “exciting,” but how do these words translate into images?

Enter the template. Scrolling through ready-made designs can give you concrete ideas of what you want — and what you don’t want. You’ll quickly get the inspiration you need to form your own image, with characteristics that correctly express your message.

2. Time-Saving

When you’re trying to quickly put together a campaign or need an ad for a last-minute event, every shortcut makes a difference. Customizing a template is far less time-consuming than starting from scratch. You can either use the template as is, only making minor adjustments for text, or you can spend a little bit more time on personal detailing by changing color and graphics. It can be as detailed or as low-maintenance as your schedule allows.

This time-saving aspect is also a huge asset when small adjustments need to be made last-minute. Easil tools provide you with the ability to drop in images over others as well as use “undo” or “redo” for super-fast changes and no hassle.

3. Customizable

Templates give you a basic idea — but then you get to run with it. You can customize every single aspect until it’s totally unique and expresses your brand message perfectly. In fact, you can make changes until your creation doesn’t even resemble a template anymore!

Easil allows you to really get personal with your graphics, with a huge library of resources at your disposal. Swap a background, or upload your own. Add patterns and photos, change color schemes, replace text or move it as you so desire. These options allow you to shape your images in innovative ways so that your ads are truly your own.

4. Create Consistency

If there’s one thing we all know about branding, it’s that consistency is crucial. So when you’re sharing graphics, it’s good to have something that’s uniquely you but also has recognizable elements for a sense of unity throughout your work. Whether it’s your font choices or color schemes, or simply the tone of your writing, this unity across your advertisements is what shapes your brand and makes you stand out.

Using Easil templates for your graphics can provide consistency in several ways. First, you can save each project and see them all at a glance so that what you’ve done in the past becomes a springboard for future ads. Secondly, if there are certain elements that you’ve chosen to be part of your brand identity (i.e., a logo or photograph), you can save them in Easil so that you can access them at any time and add them to every image you create.

5. An Aid to Those With Less Experience

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of templates is their accessibility and ease of use for those with little design experience. A template empowers those who may not have graphic design skills to make astounding images in little to no time. This eliminates the need to hire an outside graphic designer, which is ideal especially for smaller businesses or startups with tight budgets.

6. Share and Print With Easy Reformatting

Have you ever created an image for a poster, only to decide you want to share it on Instagram as well? Instagram ads are in a slightly different format, which means you need to go back and adjust your original file to get it to look right. When you use an Easil template, you can resize quickly by simply clicking on the type of ad you want to create. Your entire graphic will automatically resize, so nothing gets cropped or compressed. This enables you to make significant changes — you can even go from a large format poster to a business card with just a few clicks. This also smooths the printing process, as you can adapt your image to a custom sizing to suit a flier or handout and be assured that your outcome will be sleek and professional.

In a world where digital advertising and print need to work seamlessly to give you the best results, you need to be able to create incredible graphics affordably and easily. Ready-made templates allow you to get the designs you need without sacrificing quality or over-spending your marketing budget.

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