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How to craft your Facebook Persona

How to Craft Your Facebook Persona (And Have Fun Doing It)

Is your Facebook page supporting your brand, or tearing it down? Have you ever even thought of the impact that Facebook is having on your voice and persona?

If you haven’t considered this, then now is the time to start. Shaping your brand requires conscientious thought and strategy, but Facebook provides an easy and effective outlet for making your presence known. You can have two-way interactions with your audience, share company news and promote yourself all in one platform.

Ready for some tips on how to craft your Facebook persona? Here are eight ways to brand yourself and have a great time doing it.

Get Systematic

First things first: Get an organized approach down. Don’t just post stuff willy-nilly. Have hard goals in mind, and form a strategy for how you want to achieve them. For instance, set aside one month to gaining more followers, and create posts that encourage people to like and follow you on Facebook.

Having an intentional plan not only gives you a trajectory to follow, but also creates consistency from one post to the next – a critical component of a brand voice.

Never Stop Connecting with Your Target

Do the work required to get in touch with your target. You need to stay up on what’s trending to give you insight on how to reach your audience and keep their interest. Research their interests and current viral news, but most importantly, interact with your customers personally. If they comment on one of your posts, comment back! Welcome feedback, and engage people so that they know you’re listening and that you are willing to grow with them.

Give Something Back

Along these same lines, be generous in showing your appreciation for your followers. Throw an online party, do giveaways, run promotions – or just thank your audience. Demonstrate your gratitude regularly, and you’ll retain the customers that you have and show potential ones how much you value your followers.

Brag on Yourself

We all do it, so it’s nothing to be ashamed of! Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up a little bit. Put your achievements on display and plug your success. Once you have a rapport with your audience and they feel invested in you, showing your triumphs will get those people rooting for you and sharing in your victory. Don’t forget to be humble about it, and thank the people who are responsible for your success!

More Show, Less Tell

Get visual with your audience. Show them about yourself rather than telling them all the time. Regularly post graphics, videos, and photos to visually engage people and gain comments and likes. This is a great way to further your brand as you reveal products or provide behind-the-scenes videos of your operation. You can even use Easil to create your own graphics, utilizing images or fonts that are consistent with your brand and totally unique to you. Branding is about showing how you’re different, so get creative with the images you share and set yourself apart.

Be a Leader

Are you a thought leader? You should be! Share your innovations on Facebook to make yourself recognized as a thought leader. Let people know that you’re an expert in your field, and use your know-how to help others in your industry. Share your company blog posts across your various platforms, and encourage comments and input. Being a leader isn’t just about having the knowledge base; you have to be willing and able to share your knowledge with others as well, and Facebook is the perfect platform from which to do this.

Get personal

People want to know the names and faces behind the products they love, so let your audience see who you are and get to know you better. Post photos of employees and share staff accomplishments. You can even share videos of important moments happening in your business. The more customers see your faces, the more they will be able to relate to you and feel a personal connection that shapes their impressions of you.

Don’t forget the other side of this coin: User generated content. Ask your fans to take pictures of themselves using your products, then feature a smattering of them on your Facebook page. This makes all of your customers feel valued and important.

Network with Other Businesses

Branding doesn’t just involve you and your audience; it is also determined by the businesses you partner with. Networking with other like-minded businesses will help show others who and what you value. For instance, if you are an eco-friendly business, link up with other green companies; this helps you form symbiotic partnerships and reveals to your audience what kind of standards you have and who you will affiliate yourself with. These tactics can even expand your marketing horizons, as you and your partners promote each other across social media and help each other reach wider audiences.

Forming your brand image is a significant undertaking, especially if you’re just starting out. However, these points will help you craft the persona you’re striving for, without the expense of a massive marketing campaign. Now get branding!


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