How to Download & Order your Design in Easil

Downloading & Ordering your Design

Completing your order

Designs in Easil can be downloaded either within the editor, or through the cart. To access these options, open the Download panel while your design is open.

Open the download panel by either clicking the download button in the header, or via the button next to each design in the file tab.

If you require printed material, or if you have used any paid assets in your design, you are required to add your design to the cart for checkout.

If you do not need printing, and you have only used free assets, you can simply download your choice of a PDF, PNG or JPG file directly from this window.

Select the file type you want, and the file will begin generating. Do not close the window while your file is generating. Once generation is complete, your file will start downloading.

Or, click on the “ADD TO CART” button to order through the cart. Click the button again to remove the design from the cart if you would like.

If your design includes paid assets, then the regular download options will not be available.

Instead, you have the option to download Proof versions of your design, in either PDF, PNG or JPG format. These proof files are low resolution, watermarked versions, which you can use to ensure everything will look correct when you order your final files.

These proof files are intended to be used as a previews only, they are low quality renders including watermarks, do not use these as final files.

Once you have added your designs to the cart, continue by clicking the “Checkout” button in the header. Once in your cart, you will find a list of designs you have ordered, a list of additional assets used, (This includes both free & paid images) and a total summary of your order.

Here you can select quantities of items you would like, and some items will show additional options you can select as well. For example, if you have ordered an A size Poster, can you select which size you would like it printed on, from A0 to A5.

Below this, you may enter shipping & payment information. Once you are ready, click “Complete Order” to proceed. Read more about using the Easil Cart here.

Sections of the Easil Cart


Once you have entered your billing and shipping details below, you are ready to order.