Design Basics - How to edit image properties

How to edit image properties

Modifying images using crop and filters

How to apply filters:

Filters are used to make an image better fit the style of your specific design.

  1. Simply select the image or background you would like to apply a filter to.
  2. Open the Filters popout in the Actionbar, where you can see a range of filter options.
  3. Click through the various preset filters to view. The filter is immediately applied to your image when you click on it.

Note – Both ‘Standard’ and ‘Cut Out’ images can have filters applied to them.

How to use advanced filters:

The ‘Advanced’ filter tab gives you the ability to further adjust your image.

  1. Select an image on your canvas.
  2. Open the Filters popout in the Actionbar and adjust the individual sliders listed below the Filter presents.
  3. Click “Show More” to reveal additional options, allowing for even more effects.

How to crop images:

How to crop images:

  1. Select an image on the canvas, then select the “Crop” popout in the Actionbar.
  2. Alternatively, you can double click on the image you wish to crop.
  3. Adjust the control handles on the top and bottom corners to your desired size
  4. Press “Crop” in the Actionbar popout to confirm your changes

Please note that this does not permanently delete the eliminated section of the image, and should you need to further adjust, you can enter the crop interface at any time.

Note – Crop is only available on photographic images.