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Are you creating Instagram Stories to engage with your target audience? Our Easil templates for Instagram Stories and IGTV are designed to help you create engaging content that attracts views and results. We've created single image, and unique multi-page Templates that allow you to tell Instagram Stories that are uniquely branded and engaging.
Retail Gift Guide Instagram Story Template

Retail Gift Guide Instagram Story Template

Promote your retail store offering for Mother's Day, or any other event by updating a pre-designed Instagram story template and posting on your profile! Easil has a huge range of the very best designed templates, and best of all, you can update them in minutes without the need for a professional graphic designer!

Just upload your own product images, and then drag and drop them into the placeholders that have been perfectly positioned already. Use the easy to use online graphic tools to change the colors of the text and background graphics, then download your story and schedule for posting with your favorite tool, or use the various graphics within your live broadcast.

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