[VIDEO] How to Select Colors for your Design - Like a Pro! - Easil

[VIDEO] How to Select Colors for your Design – Like a Pro!

In just under a minute, you’ll learn how to select colors and tones from your uploaded images to work perfectly in harmony in any design. 

Your secret weapon for making this easy is our Color Palette Generator.  

Check it out in action in the following video, then try using the Color Palette Generator in Easil!


How to Select Colors with the Color Palette Generator

The color palette generator is available in all subscription levels of Easil, including the Free plan.

To get started, simply follow these steps outlined in the video:

  1. Upload your photographs to the editor.
  2. Then select a graphic element, or text box, that you’d like to complement in color.
  3. Go to the color picker, and underneath the spectrum you’ll find thumbnails of your image and a corresponding suggested color palette.
  4. Click on any of the color chips, and apply to your selection.

It’s that easy!  Now you can select colors for text and titles that complement your image.. every time!

Want more tips to Select Colors for your Designs?

A color tool is a great first step but there are a few tips you can refer to if you still find it difficult to select colors.

  1. Look for inspiration around you – If you see a color you love out in the real world, take a photo so you can refer to it later.
  2. Use the color suggestions as a guide –  The suggestions in our color palette tool will be stunning (of course), but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment and try variations around those suggestions.
  3. Don’t get too complicated too quickly.  Start with just one color and then add a second one. Add colors from there.  Adding too many colors will complicate your design.
  4. Use old-school magazine inspiration – When all else fails, look to interior designers. They know how to match and contrast colors and you can easily find great combinations in beautiful interiors.   
  5. Think about seasons – what colors inspire you at this time of year?
  6. Head to Pinterest – Pinterest is a smorgasbord of color. Search for color palettes on Pinterest and you’ll be served up dozens (hundreds) of amazing color combinations. Start a Color Palette Board on Pinterest to keep the ones you love for later, when you need to select colors!
  7.  Save color combinations you love to use later. If you create something you like, screenshot it or record the hex codes for later.
  8. Play with color – the more you play with color, the better you will understand it.  Use our color palette generator as a start, and go from there!

Ready to Play with Color?

Now that you have the tool (our color palette generator) and some ideas to inspire you, it’s time to create some color-inspired designs.

Sign up for your free account on Easil and get started with the Color Palette Generator!

Your Turn

What inspires you when it comes to selecting colors for your designs? Send us a DM on social and let us know!

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