What marketing elements do I need for a successful campaign?

What marketing elements do I need for a successful campaign?

A successful marketing campaign is budgeted, researched, planned and well executed. 

Multiple communication channels can be used to generate awareness and attract your target audience, including a mix of traditional media (print), digital marketing (email and online), social (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+) and mobile (SMS).

However, budgets may dictate you are unable to use all the channels available.

The following steps can help you refine a marketing campaign to bring people through your doors.

Elements to consider:

Traditional media (print)

In-venue print media is essential to reinforce your messages with your current customers.  Ideas include large format posters, A4 posters in the amenities, light boxes, table top DL, coasters, bar mats, outdoor and indoor banners.

You can read more about large format printing in our blog here.

You may also wish to consider out-of-venue print marketing, such as advertising in your local paper and free magazines or billboards and bus shelters.

Digital (email and online) –

The benefit of digital marketing is how quick it is and in many cases, the only cost is your time.

Email newsletters are a great way of staying in touch with your customers.  But you need to have a database to start with (or willing to put the work in to grow one!)

Keeping your website up to date is mandatory.  The majority of your customers and potential customers will seek out your website for up to date information, including specials, your menu, pictures and operational information.

By using the assets you already have, can help boost your marketing and be an essential element of every campaign or promotion you run.

Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+) –

In our digital age, social media has become a compulsory element of every marketing campaign.  In some cases, the only way some businesses communicate with their audiences. 

Using social media platforms effectively can harness new audiences and attract people to your venue who may not have considered before. 

Social media is also instant and can allow you to fill holes in bookings when you need to.

You can read more social media tips in our blog 

Mobile (SMS) –

Sending SMS messages through a third party can be expensive.  But your message is getting directly into the hands of your audience and is hard to ignore.  Like digital and social media, it is instant and can convey time-sensitive messages.

And how do you choose which elements to chose?


Probably the most important step.  Who do you want to attract?  Families?  Couples?  Sports lovers?  There is an audience for every venue and a way to reach them.

No matter what marketing channels you choose, ensure your message to your audience is consistent. 

Poster, flyers and banners all help to increase attention.


Repetition is key to ensuring your target audience remembers your message.


Not everyone sits for hours on their smart phone waiting for you to post something interesting.  Think about ways you can convey your message in a surprising and unexpected way.   

If you wanted to attract families, how about handing out sliders after Saturday morning kids sport (with permission of course!)?


Do you offer afternoon tea?  How about a pop up shop in your local shopping centre with samples of your high tea?


What makes you different from your competitors?  If you don’t have something, CREATE something and promote it. 

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