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How to Make Your Brand Story Relatable With Visuals

If your engagement is stuck in a rut, then this post will help make your brand story relatable with visuals.  

We’ve got 7 ways for you to better connect with your audience with relatable, shareable content – content they will love to share. 

Sometimes we can get so caught up in each individual social media post that we forget about our overall brand story.

It’s not a single post or video that tells your story. It’s your content over time that builds your brand story.

These 7 tips (and infographic) will help your brand story become more relatable and shareable for your audience.

7 Ways to Make Your Brand Story Relatable with Visuals

1  Layer your brand story with visuals

Every social media platform has become more visual.  There’s more pressure to be “everywhere” and businesses feel they need to be posting on every platform.

But are you sharing content that matters? Wherever you are active, it’s important that you are building a brand story.

Layering your story with visuals can do just that.

People are snacking on content on their mobile phones and consuming images and video like “snacks”.

If you can create content that they can consume in these moments where they are “snacking” you can build affinity with them.  Think:

  • short form video
  • shareable images, graphics, photos, quotes
  • GIFs and animated visuals
  • small infographics

Anything that is easily processed can help to layer your brand story. Meet them where you are at and your content will be way more relatable.

Make your brand story relatable with visuals tip number 1 - layer your brand story with visuals such as images and video

2  Go behind the scenes

One of the best ways to be relatable is to help your audience to feel like they are part of what you do. Going behind the scenes can do this!

We like to feel that we know people, that we have insider knowledge, that we are getting a sneek peek or a backstage pass.

So start to share “behind the scenes” with visuals. Some simple ideas:

  • share photos of your team and the life of your business beyond your products and services.
  • Use Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories to take us on a tour or show behind the scenes of your business.
  • Encourage your team to share photos as employees.

Making your brand story relatable tip number 2- Go behind the scenes

3  Stand out with humour

There’s no better way to connect with someone than through humour.  It makes your brand instantly relatable and approachable.

If you can make someone laugh you’ll stand out and be remembered.  Make us laugh by:

  • sharing a funny photo or video
  • sharing a GIF
  • adding your own humorous take to captions or images when you share them.

Remember that the majority of your audience is on social media not to find out what their brand has posted, but to be entertained.   Humour gives them what they want – and helps them relate to you as a brand in the meantime.

Make your brand story relatable with visuals tip number 3 - stand out with humour

4   Get Consistent with your branding

Being consistent with your brand colors, fonts, logos helps to make your brand relatable.

Of course we love businesses who are “brand consistent” – our entire tool, Easil is all about helping you create content that is not only consistent with your brand but unique to YOU (leave the cookie cutter content for everyone else!).

But don’t forget about messaging and style. If being lighthearted and humorous is your style then be consistent with it. Your “voice” is as much a part of your brand story as your graphic style.

Make your brand story relatable with visuals tip number 4 - be consistent with your branding elements such as color and fonts

Save this infographic for later to remind you of these 7 keys to creating relatable, shareable content: 

7 tips for making your brand story relatable with graphics infographic

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5  Use native content

Each social platform is unique – so it’s important to tailor your content to the platform you are posting.

Put yourself in the shoes of your community and think about what sort of visual content they come to consume (and what they share).   Post more of that content.

Could it be short, social “square shaped video on Facebook?

Is it behind-the-scenes content on Instagram Stories?

Whatever it is, make your content less about your products and services and more about valuable content – entertaining, helpful, inspiring – that is relevant to the platform you are on.

Make your brand story relatable with visuals tip number 5 - use native content

6 Humanize Your Message

This last tip is simple. Let your audience get to know the people or team behind the business or brand, and not just the brand itself.

Whenever you get the opportunity, let them meet your team. Go behind the scenes, ask them questions, engage them and ask their opinion.

The more “human” interactions you have with your community, the more they will trust you and the more relatable your content will be.

Make your brand story relatable with visuals tip number six - humanize your message

7  Get Nostalgic

There is one type of image that instantly creates a connection with your audience:  visuals that make us feel nostalgic or emotional. Visuals that move us, and make us feel nostalgic.

Anything that makes us “feel” will make your content relatable to your audience.

So think about how you can include more:

  • feel-good content
  • content that encourages us to relive the fun parts of their childhood
  • #ThrowbackThursday content is great for this – anything that requires us to look back and remember.

And if you mix Nostalgia with humor you’ll get a double-shot of relatable, shareable content, that your community will love!

Make your brand story relatable with visuals tip number seven - get nostalgic

Your Turn

Do you relate to this kind of content, even from a brand?  

What content makes you stop and share on your favourite social network? 

Learn how to make your brand story relatable - get the tips

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