Design your own invitations for weddings, birthdays and events
DIY your own invitations with these great templates

How to Design Your Own Invitations

You’ve got a big event coming up. Time to rally your people! Invitations are a must-have for any pre-planned soiree, but the cost to special-order custom invites can rack up quickly. Who has the time – not to mention the know-how – to design and print their own invitation?

You can resolve this predicament using a simple Easil invitation template. They’re pre-designed for you, so all you need to do is drop in your own text and other details to make exquisite invites that are truly your own. Here you’ll discover all the different types of graphic design templates Easil offers, along with how to personalize them to create the perfect accent for your event. Experienced designers and complete newbies – you’ll both be ready to craft professional invites that are fit for even the classiest of festivities!

Get Acquainted With Invitation Templates

The type of invitation template you’ll use will be entirely based on the theme of your event as well as your personal preferences. For formal events, consider more sparse design with neutral colors and plenty of white space, as in this save the date:
Design your own invitations with this Save the date template in Easil

It emphasizes the date and the subdued details convey a sense of class, while the silhouette leaf graphic adds a touch of personality.

For fun and casual parties, go bold! Splashes of color, decorative fonts and giant lettering sets the tone for this lively kid’s birthday invite:

Design your own invtiations with this Birthday Party Invitation Template

You’ll find templates for everything from baby showers to bachelor parties, so scan through and find the invitation that fits not only the type of event but the tone and personality of your bash as well.

Design your own invitations with this Birthday Party template

How to Design Your Own Invitations

To select the theme of your invite, hit “Create New Design” in your Easil dashboard. Next, on the left side of your screen under the “Themes” heading, you’ll see a selection for “Invitations.” Clicking on this will bring up all of this graphic design tool’s invitation templates, which you can then peruse until you find one that meshes with the event in question.

Once you’ve made your choice, you’re ready to adjust the text. You can add your own wording into the existing text boxes, and play around with the typography here as well. You have options of every type of font from decorative scripts, through to modern print.

Design your own invitations with this cocktails and dinner template

Next, get creative and start adding in some of your own graphic elements! You can upload your own photos for an even more personal touch to a save the date. Simply size it to fit your invite, and you’ve got the perfect romantic background.

Design your own invitations for your wedding with this pre-designed template

If you’d rather use a more general image, search through Easil’s photo library for a high-quality stock photo that will supply the missing piece for your invite. Then, tie it all together with those extra little details: borders, lines or text banners that keep your eyes engaged and drawn to the important information on the invite.

NYE Party Template - design your own invitations with this graphic element template

The Perks of Designing your own invitations

Even the most inexperienced user can create sleek, professional looking invitations with Easil. Though the process may seem daunting at first, the benefits of designing your own invitations far outweigh the few minutes you spend learning the intuitive process. Here are just a few of the perks you can expect from taking the leap and creating your own designs:

  1. You’ll have complete control over the finished product. For those with a very specific image in mind, creating your own invitations allows you to be in charge of every aspect so your vision can be realized. There’s a background you don’t care for? Take it out! A border that doesn’t suit your taste? Swap it! You don’t have to settle for an invite that’s only sort of what you wanted. You can make changes until it is exactly as you prescribed.
  2. Save time. Designing anything from the ground up takes hard work and time – and lots of it. You have to brainstorm a concept then add each element and arrange them from scratch. The whole process can be incredibly frustrating, and when you’re already putting in time and energy on organizing an event, the last thing you need is to waste time working out a complicated design. Using a template shaves hours of time – and headache – off of invitation creation.
  3. You save money. Whether you choose to hire a graphic designer or go through a service for your invitations, you can spend a great deal before you even get to the larger party necessities. When you design through Easil, you can eliminate a great proportion of these costs.

Invitations You Can Brag About

When planning a big day, the last thing you need to stress about is invitations. Easil takes all the hassle out of the operation, as you can create and download gorgeous invites in a matter of minutes. Don’t settle for sub-par invitations or overspend your budget. Instead, take designing into your own hands and create a knock-out invitation with Easil!


How to design your own invitations with Easil

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