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How to create a notification graphic for Instagram + 11 free templates

Notifications. We’re bombarded with dozens (or more) of them daily for everything from Social media messaging through to app updates. So what’s the attraction with using the notification graphic style in your social media feed?

Well, firstly, there’s something unexpected about seeing a familiar notification graphic, but within that placement in a social feed. It tricks our brains into thinking it’s important enough that we should pause and glance to check what it is. Because it does look urgent, it is an alert, after all!

Secondly, they’re also a savvy way to introduce text into a graphic, without it being overwhelming. This style of design doesn’t depend on branded fonts as a requirement. Generally, the opposite works better – by keeping the fonts used true to the user-interface created by the device or application you’re trying to mimic. You’d be surprised at how much you can communicate with a couple of lines of text and some faux button options!

But the reason they resonate most with us is that the best ones depict real-life scenarios, and thus are engaging. These posts often poke fun at the author or creator or struggles about just life in general.

We’ll go into more detail below on how you can inject your brand personality into your versions of these posts and encourage engagement.


  1. Sign up for a free Easil 30-day trial account, and then log into your account.
  2. Click on the image for the template you want to edit in the list below.
  3. Once the template is open, click on the elements you wish to change, starting with updating the text within the notification areas, and then any image changes. Keep in mind, these templates should be kept clean and simple, so refrain from adding more to the design.
  4. Click “Download” and select PNG or JPG format for your finished graphic.  Send to your phone via Dropbox or Email, or to your favorite scheduling tool.
  5. Stick around for engagement! If you’ve posted a question, or a poll, be prepared for answers and the opportunity to chat more with your community.


The amazing Easil-studio design team have come up with 11 different templates that you can update and customize yourself for free, within Easil! Just click on each design to open in Easil, and get your messages ready!


We’ve all been there. We are avoiding a phone call or an SMS because… we don’t want to acknowledge the situation. This template is a fun way to poke fun at those moments, whichever side of the call you usually sit on!

If you’re a Personal Trainer, a Dentist, or any other occupation where people are not overly excited to come to their appointments, you could modify this template to light-heartedly show the things you have to deal with day in, day out. Like excuses… but try to put a humorous or positive spin on it!

To customise this template, just drag a new image onto the background, and then double click to edit the text sections. If you need to add more space for text, click on the white boxes, and extend down using the center control handle.


With Instagram grid posts missing the ability to create a poll like you can on Stories, this graphic template allows you to create your own! Either make it a statement with three things that define your current mood or state or present the question to your community.

This template can be customised by double clicking on the text to edit, and clicking on the background shapes to apply a new color. Or you can add a photo background by dragging one across from the ‘Images’ tab on the right sidebar.


This conversational bubble template is a perfect modern option for showcasing a testimonial from a client, or even posting appreciation for a client, supplier, partner or friend on your own feed.

To edit this template, you can double click to edit any of the text, and drag & drop a new image from the right sidebar to update both the background, and also the profile image in the circle.


Showcase a strong message or statement by featuring quoted text, the author and their social handle, on your notification post. This style of notification post is open to any type of message – be it humorous, a tip or trick, or even an announcement.

Once you’ve posted, don’t forget to also tag! If you’ve gone to the effort of creating a custom graphic for a testimonial, most people will be super excited to see it, and no doubt want to share it too!


If you’ve exhausted the usual options of presenting a freebie via mockups and other graphic formats, we’ve got another way for you to get the word out to your potential clients, with this button option style alert template.

To customise this design template, upload an image that depicts the benefit of your freebie into Easil, and drag it onto the landscape placeholder photo to replace. Then just double click to edit the main text and button options.


This is another all-purpose style graphic style that can be easily customised. Use the Message style format to show off a received client testimonial, a motivational quote, what you’re experiencing or feeling.. the list really is endless. Follow it up with a strong caption to get the conversation going with your community.

To update the graphic for your own use, drag and drop a new image onto the background, and double click to edit the text component. If you require more space for text, click on the white background of the shape, and drag it downwards to extend, and then also move the ‘Open’ text down, or delete it altogether.


This calendar notification template is perfect for communicating all the relevant aspects of a sale or promotion but in a stylish, non-OTT way. Consider adding a modern styled lifestyle image into the background, and then update all the applicable information.

Tip: If your background image is dark in color, click on the white notification graphic element, and bring the opacity up higher to allow enough contrast to read the message.


Everyone has a to-do list longer than they’d like to admit. But often, self-care and things for ‘you’ are not included in those lists, so this type of urgent reminder message is perfect for pointing that out. If you’re in retail, use it to prompt your audience to buy themselves something special, or likewise, if you’re in a B2C service industry, remind them to treat themselves – today!

To update this template, you can update the pattern background colors, or replace with your own brand colors or imagery, and simply double click to edit any section of the text.


You may have seen the popular style of post going around, that mimics (or actually is) a screenshot of a Twitter message? This style of notification template imitates that style, allowing you to add an account social handle, short amount of text, and featured hashtags.

To edit this template, you can drag and drop to replace both the background image and the social profile image placeholder, with a new photo from the images tab on the right sidebar. Then just double click on each text box to update the content, and keep the font the same if you would like to retain the user interface styling.


Want to post a motivational quote for your audience? This reminder notification format is perfect for doing so. Quite possibly, one of the most straightforward templates to update for your own messaging (and post regularly) ~ drag in a new image for the background and edit the two lines of text. Easy!


Whilst this template isn’t essentially a notification, who can resist reading a conversation between two people? The visual indicates a story is taking place so it’s a great format to get engagement, and is flexible for showcasing pretty much any type of message! Try anything from a funny conversation with a client through to a testimonial/appreciation chat.

This template has a bit more going on than the others in this series, but it’s still fully editable!

Keep in mind for the chat to look authentic you should:

  • Locate all the text within a bubble, and neatly spaced.
  • Stick to one color for each person – mimic what is on your phone, which could be blue & white as per our template, or another combination of two colors.
  • Ensure there is even spacing between each bubble. Multiple select graphic elements by holding shift and clicking on the design canvas, or open the layers palette to select, and then move up or down as a group.


Once you have finished editing your notification graphic, you’ll need to download it as a PNG file for the best resolution. (JPEG format can be a little pixelated – or grainy – when there is text included at a small size, and the social networks further compress). Then post to your Instagram or Facebook feed directly, or share to your favorite scheduling tool.


How do you feel about using these notification style graphics in your Instagram or Facebook feeds? Are you already suffering from notification-overwhelm? Let us know via DM, or tag us in your posts with #teameasil or #madeineasil

Alert / notification style graphics how to with free templates

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