Create Customizable Halloween Flyer Templates with Easil



That’s Right, Easil is a Treat to Use.

Skip the blood-sucking (oops, time-sucking) process of working with graphic designers. With Easil’s customizable templates you can save time and money, avoiding the back and forth of design edits.  The Easil Dashboard is intuitive to use and easy to learn, with no hidden design skills necessary!   

In just a few short minutes you can create spectacular designs with minimal effort. It’s a treat to use, no hidden tricks. Whether it’s a change of font, using our color-palette tool or finding the perfect image, Easil makes it… well… easy. 

Create Halloween Promos with Bite


Posters & Flyers

Take the guesswork out of creating flyers for Halloween. Our designers have been working with hospitality clients for years, so they know the right balance of text/headings, images and color. In other words, we know how to get more BITE than DRACULA!


Design Assist

We have more than enough templates and tools for you to create your own unique design but if you get stuck, contact our team and use our Design Assist service. Quick, affordable and ready to help you any time. Use the time you save to go and carve some pumpkins.


Social Media

You won't run out of social media image ideas with our range of templates (and sizes). You can whip up a series of promotional images for Halloween with ease. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, tall Pinterest images.... we've got an image size to suit every social media post.

Easil helps you create Halloween Promotion Graphics Like a Pro

Save time and produce scaringly-good Halloween posters with Easil using these features:

Use your own branding on your new years eve flyers and store in the favorites tab

Upload your Venue brand elements

Upload your logos, fonts and brand elements straight into your Halloween designs. Easil's easy-to-use online editing tools make it a snap.

Check out Easil's range of creepy Halloween flyer templates

Use Our Exclusive Halloween Flyer Templates

Take advantage of our ever-growing range of Ghoulishly-Good Halloween templates. Add, change or remove elements as you go!

Use the color picker to personalise your hospitality / restaurant flyer templates

Perfect colors for your designs - every time

You'll love Easil's color palette picker. Whether it's zombie green or a brilliant blood red, your Halloween designs will catch attention!

Free Kids Scary Face Painting Halloween Flyer template


Want to change things up? We have 1000s of graphic elements, patterns, text and icons to choose from...including Halloween elements!

Fonts to use on your new years eve flyers templates


Be inspired by Easil's Halloween templates, or choose from our growing range of fonts. Upload your own fonts too!


Love your design? Save graphics into your brand kit for the next Halloween with Easil’s “favorite” feature.

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