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How to Batch Upload & Schedule Pins to Pinterest (for Free!)

Pinning multiple pins to Pinterest – and especially ‘Fresh Pins’, is essential to growing your account and reach on the platform. However, the process of adding pins individually can become tedious, and often results in marketers avoiding the batch producing visual content, and instead creating one or two pins, and then moving on.

In this article, we walk you through the bulk upload option right within the Platform, which allows you to take your designed pins and batch upload up to 30 of them to Pinterest, bulk edit the Pin Titles, descriptions, and links – saving you even more time! And best of all, as it’s a Pinterest feature, there is no cost to users!

How to bulk upload & schedule pins in Pinterest

The entry point for creating bulk pins is the same as starting to create a single Pin:

  • Log into your Pinterest Account.
  • Select ‘Create’ from the top menu, and ‘Create Pin’.
  • From here, take note of the Image icon located on the far left, underneath the Plus (+) icon.
  • Drag and Drop your completed pin images onto that Image icon, and Pinterest will automatically create a new, individual pin for each image that you have uploaded. You can select up to 30 images.
  • Once all of your Pins have been created, you will have the opportunity to edit further details. Select each of the Pins that you want to create the same edits for. Do this by clicking the check-marks to the right side of each pin.
  • Then click on the Edit icon (pencil) located to the left of the Publish Button.
  • Fill out the details for Board to pin to, Pin Title, Description and Destination URL, and hit ‘Update Info’.
  • Deselect each Pin, and then go into each one to create a different Scheduling date and time. Best practice is to leave at least a couple of days inbetween pinning a variant pin.
  • Select all the Pins again, and then click the red Publish button at the top right.

Create bulk pin designs – super fast!

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to create bulk variations of your Pins for your blog content, make sure you take a look at our ‘Multi-Pin’ formats, here! With these templates, you can create 15 variations of one pin, in well under 15 minutes! Our designers have included 3 different collections to get you started.

Using these 2 features in conjunction with each other is bound to increase your Pinterest organic reach!

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