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7 Ways to use the Instagram Story Quiz Sticker (+ Free Templates)

Meet the latest interactive sticker to boost engagement on your account; the Instagram Story Quiz! It’s now available in your Sticker Tray and created to facilitate multiple-choice quizzes on your Stories – and drive more audience interaction.

In this post we’ll break down what it is and give you some Instagram Story Quiz templates so that you can start using it straight away.

What is the Quiz Sticker?

The Instagram Story Quiz Sticker allows you to add pre-filled answers in a Quiz format, bringing more opportunity to interact with your audience on Instagram Stories.

It also opens up many creative ways to use Instagram Stories to promote your products and services without being “salesy”.

Setting up your Quiz:

To add the Instagram Story Quiz Sticker to your story, open the Sticker options (the smiley face with curled corner). Then, select the Quiz sticker, which looks like this:

Example Instagram Story Quiz - 7 Ways to use the Instagram Story Quiz Sticker (+ Free Templates)

Set up your Quiz by adding the Quiz Question and then inserting the multiple-choice responses. You’ll also need to select the “correct” response/answer so that Instagram can give feedback to your viewers about whether their selection is correct or not.

Posting Your Instagram Story Quiz

When you have finished setting up the Quiz, add it to your Story as you would for any other Sticker. Your viewers can now start to participate in your Quiz, selecting the answer they think is correct.

If they guess correctly, they will see a green tick. If they guess incorrectly the viewer’s response will be marked red and then the correct answer highlighted. Essentially, viewers get instant feedback about whether their selection was correct or now.

Viewing Your Quiz Results

Viewing your Quiz results is simple; swipe up to open the Viewers list. This is where you’ll find the following:

  1. a total tally of responses for each of the choices.
  2. individual responder answers for the quiz. You’ll see the name of each person responding and what their choice was. You’ll also see an option to send a direct message, and whether or not you are following that person on Instagram.
  3. a list of your Story viewers below that.

With this data and the engagement possibilities, we know that the Instagram Story Quiz will be a popular part of Instagram Stories. So of course, Team Easil had to create some fun templates for you to get creative with it!


Here are 7 great ways to use the Instagram Story Quiz sticker to raise the engagement rate with your audience (+ Free Templates, so you can get started with straight away!).

To edit the templates you just need to log into your Easil account and click on the template link. You’ll be taken straight to the editable template. If you don’t have an Easil account yet, you can set it up here.


The Instagram Story Quiz Sticker allows you to add between 2 and 4 options for your responses. This “3 Truths and a Lie” template is a fun way to engage with your audience by including 3 facts about you, or your business, ….and one lie!

You can also switch it up and get creative by adding 3 lies, and just one truth to uncover – ask your audience to guess which one is the truth!

Instagram Story Quiz Sticker template - 3 Truths and One Lie

Click here to edit the image in Easil

Hot tip: When creating your quiz, you’ll see a color wheel at the top of the set-up area. Use the color wheel to change the color theme of the text header to match your background image or video. Or, if you’re using one of our Easil templates, choose a color to contrast with the template background.


Create a Quiz that rewards the correct responders with a free digital download of one of your normally-charged items. Who can resist participating in a Quiz when there’s something to win?

This one will take some commitment, as you’ll need to reply to each correct responder via Direct Message on Instagram. But this provides an awesome opportunity to start conversations directly with your audience.

Click here to edit the image in Easil

Hot tip: If you have a lot of DMs to respond to, use Instagram’s Quick Reply which is a text expander that allows you to easily respond to common messages or questions. It can work perfectly in this situation when you need to reply with a lot of codes or links for “winners”. Here’s how it works:

  • Open up a Direct Message that you’ve received and click the + button to open up more options.
  • Choose the speech caption icon that contains 3 dots. This will open up Quick Reply.
  • If you haven’t set up Quick Replies before, you can go in and set up your messages and your shortcuts (ie the keyboard shortcut that you will use in Instagram to add the correct message). Add a Quick Reply and Shortcut for your Instagram Quiz Sticker responses. If you’ve already set this up, then you’ll know how to do this!

Now you’ll be able to reply to multiple DMs quickly and easily, or have a team member do it for you.


This is a clever twist on an Instagram Story Quiz Sticker for Dish of the Day. Quiz your audience on their guess for Dish of the Day, to find out which one is available for a discount on that day. Add some skin to the game by offering them a 50% discount on the Dish of the Day if they choose correctly.

The added bonus is that you might also find out what they really like on your menu!

Instagram Story Quiz Sticker template - Dish of the Day Discount

Click here to edit the image in Easil

Hot tip: Engage with responders that didn’t guess correctly to let them know which day you’ll be offering a discount on their chosen meal. Or perhaps offer them a free drink if they visit today, anyway!


Set up your Instagram Story quiz sticker with 3 multiple choice options for discount codes. This will drive immediate sales to your e-commerce store.

Instagram Story Quiz Sticker template - One day sale code

Click here to edit the image in Easil

Hot tip: Enter your actual discount code as the ‘highest’ discount option that you place, to prevent your viewers from getting disappointed or feeling let down when they expect more. Another alternative is to offer several codes like in our template example above.


Build anticipation for an Instagram Takeover, or Instagram ‘Live’ guest by providing a list of 3 or 4 potential guests and asking your viewers to guess!

A fun way to introduce (and tease) this, is to use Easil’s text masking tool to show just a hint of your upcoming guest’s image. Then add the Quiz sticker to the second page of the template.

Instagram Story Quiz Sticker template - Guess the Guest

Click here to edit the image in Easil

Hot tip: Follow up with a photo or video of the person you’ve just revealed, or add more information about the date and time of the takeover or Live event.


Working on something new? Do a product or service feature reveal in Instagram Story Quiz format. Share four features of your tool or product or service that you haven’t offered before, and ask your audience to check which of the four you are working on right now.

This is a fun combination of sharing behind-the-scenes content mixed with teasing new offerings and promotion of your product or service – without being overly promotional. We recommend that you add a video after the Quiz slide, to show more about what you are working on!

Click here to edit the image in Easil

Hot tip: If you are offering early beta-access or early-access to a new product or service, DM the people who reply to this Quiz to give them the option to try it before everyone else!


Breaking News is very popular on Instagram Stories and we love to be the first to know about new stories or events.

When you mix this with a Quiz it can add a great opportunity to engage with your audience. Share a teaser image to say that you have ‘Breaking News’ and then share the Quiz, giving four choices including the correct “news” item:

Click here to edit the image in Easil

Hot tip: Don’t just leave us hanging! Always expand on the Breaking News after your viewers complete the Quiz. Whether they get it right or not, they will want to know more. So, make sure that you share more about the news with a video or photo on the next slide.

Ready to Create An Instagram Story Quiz Sticker?

With these examples and our fun templates you’re ready to create some engaging Quizzes in your Stories. Get creative with it and tag us at @teameasil on Instagram with #MadeInEasil. We’d love to see what you create!


Do you have other template ideas you’d like to see designed for Instagram Story Quizzes? Let us know in the comments. Our designers are keen to create more of these so this is your chance to get creative with us!

Instagram Story Quiz Sticker - 5 Ways to use stickers plus free templates

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