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January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

Get ready for bucketloads of social media content ideas with our jam-packed January Content Calendar Ideas. They’ll have you inspired and ready to go (with templates) to create social media posts, prepped for January.

This calendar can be updated every year to give you a wide range of choices between daily, weekly and monthly posts. We have included throughout January, so this January content calendar is ready to be used worldwide.

We’ve done all the work for you. You’ll find events for content creation on social media as well as all sorts of marketing ideas. Even hashtags to use. But the best part is that we’ve included templates for many of the post ideas, so that you can click through and get started straight away.

And to make it even more useful and fun, we’ve included the following ideas for every day throughout the month of January:

  • Celebrations for each day of the month in January – more than one!
  • Bonus “Unique and Unusual” Holidays, if you’re looking for something different.
  • Extra Week-long holiday celebrations
  • Extra Month-long holiday celebrations

Now you can celebrate international, national and local holidays with ease. Or choose to post about something wild and wacky with our unique holidays ideas. Have fun with it!

Whether it’s Science Fiction Day, Bobblehead Day or Appreciate a Dragon Day, now you have no excuse about finding ideas to post. There’s something every day to spark your creativity.  And don’t forget we have all the major holidays too – from New Year’s Day onwards!

Tips for Using the January Content Calendar Ideas

Here’s are a few tips and tricks we’ve collated so that you can get the most out of this January Content Calendar:

  • Choose holidays or celebrations that are a good fit for your brand or your audience. Having fun with unique and unusual holidays can also be a be a fun way to make your brand seem more relatable to your audience. Think about what they like to talk about and use that to create your posts.  If it suits your “voice”, and your audience, post it!
  • This isn’t an exhaustive list. You can use it as a starting point to think of content ideas for your social media posts.  
  • Check the dates. We have done our best to check and double-check every holiday and date featured, please understand that holidays and dates of celebration (or even hashtags) may change at any given time. We’ll always do our best to keep this up to date, but please do your own check for changes before you publish.
  • Get creative with the content calendar. Use one of our Easil templates or add your photos or assets to illustrate the day you’re posting about. Maybe post a quote instead. Winnie the Pooh Day is in January – the perfect opportunity for some life quotes from Pooh Bear!  
  • Check hashtags first for Instagram. We aim to share hashtags that are not banned by Instagram, but we still recommend that you use the tips in this post to check hashtags before you post them.  Over 100k hashtags are banned by Instagram at a time (temporarily or indefinitely) – because the hashtag or content posted under that hashtag violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines. This, unfortunately includes some “normal” hashtags like “Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Years”. They are “banned” or removed when users post content against Instagram’s guidelines. These banned hashtags may change, so it’s always best to check.

Month of January Content Calendar Ideas

Let’s do this! Here’s our mega-list of local, national, international (don’t forget unique and unusual) holidays for the month of January:

1st January:

New Year’s Day 

One of the most popular calendar dates for the year. It’s a new year, and it’s the first of our January Content Calendar days for the year. Think resolutions, goals, and setting intentions. Or if you are in the southern part of the world it’s time for holidays and beach fun with family and friends.

Resolutions Template for Instagram Stories by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

National Hangover Day

We’ve seen this listed as National Hangover Day and also “Bloody Mary Day” which is the most popular “drink” for recovering from a hangover (in this case, a New Year’s Eve hangover).  Whatever you call it, this might be a good opportunity to share hangover remedies or cocktail recipes. You choose!

Z Day

Here’s a very unique and unusual January Content Calendar “day” for you. This one is for all the people who spend their lives at the end of alphabetical lists when their name starts with Z. Today they get to be upfront and center with Z Day.  Reverse the order and celebrate Z first. Or just celebrate the letter Z itself. It’s a fun version of Opposite Day!

Commitment Day

A nice twist on the idea of resolutions at the start of the year, Commitment Day is all about promising – to someone or to yourself – to do something for the long haul.

2nd January:

National Buffet Day

Who doesn’t love a good buffet?  And it’s fitting that we have this at the time of year when eating way too much in one sitting has become the norm.  We’re not sure it works all that well with the idea of New Year’s Resolutions, but it’s a ‘day’ and we’re including it here.

National Science Fiction Day

There are so many places you can go with this celebration of all things Science Fiction. Start by using the hashtag #ScienceFictionDay and take it anywhere you want … even a galaxy, far, far away.  Share your favorite SciFi movie or character. Create a quote.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars Quote Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

National Personal Trainer Awareness Day

This might seem good timing considering the number of us that consider getting a personal trainer again after an indulgent Thanksgiving and Christmas period. Post about getting fit, healthy and strong again for the new year.

Fitness Photos for Personal Trainer Awareness Day - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

World Introvert Day

Celebrate the amazing introverts of our world, but don’t expect them to stand on stage and do a song and dance about it like the extroverts would. Seriously though, there are a number of ways you can celebrate World Introvert Day. If you’re an introvert, talk about it in a post (your audience loves it when you are human and relatable).  Or make a joke about celebrating it at home, quietly, while reading a book. Or showcase a famous introvert who did great things!

3rd January:

Festival of Sleep Day

Who doesn’t love sleep? If you’re not a toddler that is. There are loads of opportunities for content around Festival of Sleep Day (not to be confused with World Sleep Day on 15 March). And let’s face it, we’re not in danger of getting too much sleep, right?

Post a joke or humorous post about how much we love to sleep (and don’t get enough of it). If you have a community of parents, sleep jokes always go down well. Or share some stats about sleep and how much we need it. Or skip the social and sleep in {wink}.

Early Bird Night Owl Quote by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

National Drinking Straw Day

Historically this day has been in celebration of the Drinking Straw. You could share a fun fact or cocktail recipe. But with so many animals damaged by plastics and drinking straws in the ocean, perhaps flip this to an awareness post about using them responsibly and using re-useable straws instead.

4th January:

National Trivia Day

Celebrate #NationalTriviaDay with a Trivia post or some sort of fun fact. Maybe you can hold a Trivia event.  Whatever you do, make sure you wow your audience with your trivial knowledge!

Trivia and Pizza Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

National Spaghetti Day

Celebrate all things Spaghetti from Spaghetti Bolognaise to using raw Spaghetti for crafts. But the food posts are more fun…. meatballs, parma cheese and all!  

World Braille Day

Remember the birth of Louis Braille who invented this life-changing system for reading and writing that is used by millions of people the world over.  This is a great opportunity if you’re a teacher or work in education to share content around World Braille Day and to raise awareness around the issues facing people who are blind or vision-impaired.

Pop Music Chart Day

Pick a day back in time and celebrate the pop music from that day. Or hold a countdown of top 5 or top 10 songs around a day or topic. This day is to celebrate all that we love about the music charts.

5th January:

National Bird Day

Birdwatchers unite. Create some content around birds, birdwatching, bird quotes or bird fun facts. Or just post a bird pun. Bird puns are a real hoot!

Toucan Bird Pun Quote Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Find this gorgeous toucan illustration and many more just like it in the Public Domain library curated by rawpixel.com

Illustrations from Raw Pixel Public Domain Library - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

National Screenwriters Day

A day to celebrate the people behind the world’s best movies… screenwriters. Subscribe to the Screenwriter’s Day website and you can even download Academy Award-Nominated Screenplays.    

National Whipped Cream Day

Need we say more? If you can’t think of a dozen ways to post about whipped cream – from desserts to drinks to cocktails – then we really can’t be friends.  

6th January:

National Technology Day

It’s time to celebrate all things technology with #TechnologyDay. Talk about technological advances, new inventions, your favorite app, game or tool… or the dangers of technology and issues like privacy and how to help children use tech responsibly.  Maybe go way back and look at some ‘old’ new technology like the invention of the wheel or the light bulb and post about that.

10 Predictions Pinterest Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

National Shortbread Day

Nom. Nom. Nom. It’s time to celebrate the humble but super tasty, Scottish Shortbread.

National Cuddle Up Day

If you really need an excuse for a cuddle, this is it! If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere talk about warm and snuggly ways to get cuddly like hot drinks and warm blankets and fires. Or just post about the healing power of hugs.

Hug Photos by Unsplash - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

Find these warm cuddly photos at unsplash.com

National Thank God It’s Monday Day

This falls on the 1st Monday in our January Content Calendar (and does so every year). It’s marked to celebrate (or commiserate) the first day back at work. Have some fun getting creative with content around it.

National Thank God It's Monday Image by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

7th January:

National Tempura Day

Here’s a unique and unusual day to celebrate. If you’re a lover of this Japanese way of deep frying food, then use it in your content.  The Japanese have enjoyed this dish for centuries, but did you know that they were introduced to Tempura by Portuguese Jesuit Missionaries?

National Bobblehead Day

Yes, there is a day for Bobbleheads.  Did you know that these iconic toys first appeared over 100 years ago? They didn’t just get invented recently to sell more Marvel superheroes.

8th January:

National English Toffee Day

Apparently this is the day to celebrate English Toffee. Ok, why not!

National Argyle Day

Here’s an unusual day for you to create content for – the Argyle pattern is famous in Scotland and appears on everything from sweaters to tartan to golfing socks.  Celebrated early by the Clan Campbell who used it in kilts and plaids, it’s been worn in various forms by various clans since the 17th Century before becoming popular in other fashion.

Bubble Bath Day

Bubbles, books and champagne.  Think quotes about time out, R&R and self-care.  Or if you’re creating content for kids and parents – talk about fun with bubbles!

Hot Bath Quote by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

9th January:

National Apricot Day

If you’re a lover of apricots, this is your day.  The word “apricot” in Laton means “precious” but also means “early ripe” as they ripen earlier than other summer fruits. Got a great apricot recipe?

Pantone 150 C Image - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

National Static Electricity Day

If you lived with siblings you’ll know all about static electricity pranks. This is a great day to share a science fun fact or sharing a funny quote or image of static electricity. Or what about a fun GIF, like this one:

National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

The day to celebrate those that protect and serve us – local law enforcement officers. Recognized in the United States.

10th January:

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

It’s time to cut your energy bill, so maybe share a fun fact or a tip for saving on electricity (if it fits your brand message).

National Bittersweet Chocolate Day

Did somebody say chocolate? If you need to post about chocolate in any form (and let’s face it, we really don’t need a special day to do so), then Easil has loads of chocolate templates. Just search “chocolate” in Easil and start editing.

All you need is love and chocolate quote by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

11th January:

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

A Human Rights Awareness day for survivors of human trafficking as well as prevention. It was announced by President Obama in 2010.

World Sketchnote Day

World Sketchnote Day was the brainchild of Mike Rohde and Mauro Toselli to celebrate this creative form of visual note-taking. Find a sketchnote artist on Instagram and share their content, or create your own sketchnote to illustrate an idea, tip or how-to post. Use the #WorldSketchNoteDay hashtag.

Sketchnote image - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

12th January:

Kiss a Ginger Day

Whether you are a fan of Outlander or want to celebrate your fave ginger-haired person (maybe it’s you!) this is the day to do it. Gingers have stunning red hair, pale skin and blue or green eyes. Historically they were revered as being holy as it was believed that their hair was fiery red because they had stolen the fire from the Gods!

And a Fun Fact for you: Ginger-haired people are rare genetically, representing only 1-2% of the population worldwide.

Oh, and of course, on this day, if you feel so inclined, go ahead and steal a kiss from a ginger-haired person.

Kiss a Ginger Day Image - Try our January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Pharmacist Day

A day to celebrate Pharmacists and all they do for us when we are sick.. or run out of deodorant! Say thanks to these guys that make us feel better!

13th January:

Sticker Day

This is all about stickers. If you’re posting online maybe do so with a modern twist, commenting with stickers on Facebook in your posts or sharing GIF stickers on Instagram Stories, for a modern twist. (Don’t forget to check out Easil’s Giphy stickers for your Instagram stories by searching ‘easilgif’!)

National Rubber Ducky Day

#RubberDuckyDay is held to celebrate one of the most famous childhood toys – the Rubber Ducky. In fact, the humble Rubber Ducky is one of just a few dozen toys to be inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame.

Peach Melba Day

This classic dessert was created for the famous Australian Opera Singer Dame Nellie Melba.  A mix of fresh, sliced peaches, raspberry sauce (thickened with icing sugar) and vanilla ice-cream.

Peach Recipes - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Clean off Your Desk Day

It’s time to do some desk spring cleaning. Also, a great time to take a #Deskie of your desk and post it on Instagram!

14th January:

International Kite Day

Who doesn’t love Kites in the Sky?  Share a quote, create fun fact or ask your audience if they had a fave kite in their childhood.

FunFact: International Kite Day originated in India in the state of Gujarat where millions of people visit every year to see the kites. (see week-long celebrations). Now there are kite festivals all around the world at different times.

Imagination is the Highest Kite Quote by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Dress up Your Pet Day

Random but fun – who doesn’t love a great pet photo for Instagram or Facebook. Take a photo of your pooch or pussycat looking super cute.  

Adorable Dog Image by Unsplash - Need January Content Inspiration? Try our January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

This adorable little guy found on unsplash.com

15th January:

National Hat Day

On #NationalHatDay you can get creative with this simple celebration of Hats. Share a hat quote, ask your audience to share a funny hat picture or share a fun fact.

Cock Your Hat, Angles are Attitudes Quote Image by Easil - Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Fresh strawberries, fresh cream….. yum. As your followers what their favorite ice cream flavor is. Who can resist answering that question? And of course, the answer is “all of them”.

Eat it all Icecream Image - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

16th January:

Nothing Day

Nothing Day has been commemorated since 1973 and is a fun day to post about on Social Media… because it’s literally about doing nothing at all! You can have fun with it or maybe discuss how we all work so hard that maybe doing nothing is the best therapy of all!

Appreciate a Dragon Day

Dragons have long held a lot of wonder and awe for us, especially as children. Celebrate the mythology of dragons on the 16th January, by discussing your favorite story or movie with dragons or share a dragon quote. Maybe learn to speak Dragonese, if you have the time.

It simply isn’t an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons” J. R. R. Tokien  

International Hot and Spicy Food Day

Think Chilli… and lots of it. This is actually quite a popular day around the world with chili-lovers uniting to sweat it out over super-spicy food. If it fits with your content message, a post on this day can range from Jalapenos to Vietnamese or Indian with a kick!

Spice it up Curry Night Template by Easil January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Get to Know Your Customers Day

This is an easy day to post about – post content that engages your customers! Ask them a question, ask their opinion or just simply celebrate them. Or do something nice for your customers in real life, at your place of business. After all, you’re in business because of them.

Enough about us Instagram Story Template by Easil - Try our January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Museum Selfie Day

It’s no surprise that we have a Museum Selfie Day. We have a temptation to snap a selfie next to our favorite piece of art. Founded 5 years ago, this ‘day’ even has a Twitter account with 10k+ followers.  Get busy sharing the fun side of museums and art galleries in January. Use #MuseumSelfieDay and #MuseumSelfie hashtags to post.

17th January:

Kid Inventors’ Day

Today is all about KID inventors. Did you know that the inventor of earmuffs was a 15 year old? Or that a teen invented water skis? Or what about the popsicle? It was invented when 11-year old Frank Epperson left a cup filled with powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick on his front porch in San Francisco. Find out more about Kid Inventor’s Day (KID) here. It’s all about encouraging the creativity of future kid inventors.

National Bootlegger’s Day

January 17th is the birthday of Templeton Rye Whiskey, bootlegger Al Capone as well as another person who was the son of bootletter , Meryl Kerkhoff. Did you know that the term ‘bottlegger’ was original used to describe the practice of concealing flasks of liqor in their boot tops when going to trade with Native Americans? Well it is, and the name stuck!

18th January:

National Thesaurus Day

It’s Thesaurus Day, so it’s time for some wordplay!

National Winnie the Pooh Day

On Winnie the Pooh Day, we celebrate the timeless story of Winnie the Pooh and his furry friends in the woods. Share one of dozens of popular Winnie the Poo quotes or one of these Fun Facts about Winnie the Pooh.

How Lucky I am Winnie the Pooh Quote - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

19th January:

World Religion Day

Celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of January every year, in 2019 it falls on the 18th of January. It’s designed to foster the establishment of interfaith understanding and harmony by emphasizing the common denominators underlying the world’s religions. Find out more here

National Popcorn Day

Movies. Popcorn. So much scope to post on social media about National Popcorn Day. Or maybe it’s a recipe with popcorn added for some salt and crunch. Get creative with it.  We all love popcorn so share a fun fact or two

Popcorn Image - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

Tin Can Day

#TinCanDay is about the humble tin can, patented in 1810. One creative way to mark this day is to run a donation drive for the homeless and ask your local followers to donate tin cans (or IRL in your place of business).

20th January:

International Day of Acceptance

This is a day dedicated to the social acceptance of disability and also to honor the late Annie Hopkins, founder of 3E Love and the creator of the International Symbol of Acceptance.

Penguin Awareness Day

A special day to celebrate these charismatic little birds and all of their quirkiness. International Penguin Awareness Day is also an important day to raise money and awareness so that we can protect them and bring awareness to climate change too. Fun Fact: of the 18 species of Penguins around the world, 8 are found in the Antarctic.

National Cheese Lovers Day

To Brie or Not to Brie. That is the Question. The answer is yes… we love cheese. Use the hashtag #CheeseLoversDay and go to town posting about cheese, cheese, and more cheese. Ask your followers if they are cheese lovers and start some chat around cheese.

Or just post a cheese pun. It’s a grate way to get some engagement rolling. And yes that was a cheesy pun, not a typo. Oh look, we did it again.

Say Cheese Neon Image - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

Martin Luther King Jr Day

Held annually since President Ronald Reagan signed a bill making the 3rd Monday in January Martin Luther King Day’ every year.  According to the King Center, this is about not only celebrating the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr, but also the hope and healing he brought to America and his inspiring words.

21st January:

National Hugging Day

Officially recognised in the United States, this is not a public holiday but is a day all about helping everyone hug and show more emotion in public. To celebrate Hugging Day, simply offer to hug anyone and everyone you want.  Whether you hug a family member, stranger or friend, the benefits are the same, so hug away!

International Sweatpants Day

This is a day to spend in your sweatpants (or tracksuit pants, as we say in Australia). Not to be confused with the awesome Tracky Dack Day that is held every year in August in Australia to raise money for sick children in hospitals by TLC for Kids. We say, do both!

We must use time creatively, Martin Luther King Jr Quote by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

22nd January:

Celebration of Life Day

This day is designed to encourage us to step back and take the time to appreciate our children and grandchildren… and celebrate life!

Hot Sauce Day

Think all things hot sauce. If you run a hospitality business then create something spicy for the menu, or run a ‘hot’ promo.  Or share a quote about hot sauce. There are many ways you can use this day to inspire your social content… even share your fave Red Hot Chilli Peppers Song!

23rd January:

National Pie Day

From Pumpkin to Banoffee to Pecan to the humble Aussie meat pie, today is all about celebrating the pie.  Fun Fact: the first pies appeared around 9500 BC in the Egyptian Neolithic period or New Stone Age.

National Handwriting Day

Handwriting is hot right now! We may be all using computers to type but there has been a huge swing back to artistic handwriting like calligraphy and lettering. You just have to look at Instagram to see lettering posts everywhere.

Bitter Rose Brush Font Image - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

Library ‘Shelfie’ Day

Founded by the New York Public Library, #LibraryShelfieDay is held on the 4th Wednesday in January. Library Shelfie Day is a great day to share a book-related image on social media.  Arrange and share your books on a shelf (or some other creative way), then photograph them and share them on Instagram.

24th January:

Global Belly Laugh Day

Held annually on January 24th, Global Belly Laugh Day is all about celebrating the gift of laughter.  So on this day, throw your arms in the air and laugh out loud until you contagiously cause someone else to laugh too. When it comes to social media posts, share that it is Global Belly Laugh Day or share a joke or pun … or some trivia about laughing.

A day without laughter is a day wasted Quote Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

National Peanut Butter Day

There’s nothing better than peanut butter. Crunchy or smooth?

25th January:

National Compliment Day

A great day for sending some love to partners, businesses or clients you love. Give a compliment-filled shout out to someone online!

Opposite Day

Kids in particular love #OppositeDay but adults can have fun with it too. It’s time to encourage rebel behavior and get us doing things the wrong way. Check out this article for some quirky ways to mix up your marketing due to “Opposite Day” – you’ll really get followers, and potential customers talking with these creative ideas.

Opposite Day Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Irish Coffee Day

For something a little quirkier, celebrate this iconic winter warmer drink from Ireland. Share the recipe or start a conversation about drinks… and whether the traditional Irish Coffee is better than the more modern Espresso Martini.

Seed Swap Day

Seed Swaps have been happening around the world since January 26th, 2006 in Washington DC. Promote your local seed swap and help improve biodiversity in your area.

Unsplash Image of hands holding seeds - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

26th January:

Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th of January down here in Australia. Easil has loads of Australia Day templates for you to create visual content. Search under Create New Design > Events > Australia Day.

Australia Day Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

National Spouses Day

This is an unofficial holiday to encourage couples to celebrate each other. It’s all about love, respect and appreciation. Maybe it’s a good time to introduce the significant other in your business (we love to know the people behind the business) or celebrate your spouse on an Instagram Story.

If you run a product-based business or sell “gifts”, run a promotion that helps your customers to buy something for their spouses. It’s not Valentine’s Day so it’s a great day to surprise a spouse!

National Green Juice Day

Yes, Green Juice now has its own day.  Celebrate with a green juice on Insta or share your favorite recipe!

27th January:

Chocolate Cake Day

Mmmmm chocolate cake. We probably don’t need an excuse but here’s one just in case!

Chocolate Cake Day Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Bubble Wrap Appreciation day

C’mon, admit it, you love to pop bubble wrap as much as we do, right? Posting about nostalgic things we loved to do as a kid always leads to engagement. We love talking about our positive childhood experiences.

28th January:

Fun at Work Day

Fun at work sounds… fun. Why not post an image or video to ask your community to share their past favorite “fun at work” days, and give each other ideas. Or maybe share a post like this

Data Privacy Day

An ever-increasing topic of importance in this age of social media and online profiles, Data Privacy Day might be a timely post for your January content.

Blueberry Pancake Day

Who doesn’t love Blueberry Pancakes? We don’t even care about the origin of this one – any excuse to have pancakes for breakfast is a good excuse. And it makes for great January content.

Blueberry Pancake Day Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Global Community Engagement Day

Community engagement is all about the process of working collaboratively with groups to address issues that impact their wellbeing. Today might be a day for talking about important issues in your community or acknowledging those doing great work in community engagement.  

29th January:

Puzzle Day

Share a post about your favorite puzzle games or give your audience a puzzle to solve. Find out more about Puzzle Day here and use the hashtag #NationalPuzzleDay

Corn Chip Day

What doesn’t taste good with a corn chip? Think Mexican, salsa and guacamole. Share a recipe, quote, or fun fact.  

Nacho Friday Instagram Story Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

30th January:

Croissant Day

We just had Pastry Day in December and now we have another excuse to talk about Croissants in our January Content.  

31st January:

National Backward Day

If it’s not too much for you after having Opposite day earlier in the month, now you get to go backwards!  It might be enough to share a fun fact. For instance, did you know that Penguins can’t walk backward? Or that the Beluga Whale can swim backward? And that the only bird that can fly backward is the Hummingbird?

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

A celebration of the arts, worldwide. It’s a day to think about how art impacts our lives. Go to your local art gallery, take a walk and take photos of local street or public art.  Take an art or music class, do some coloring, or go to the theatre. Share it on your social media platforms!

Pablo Picasso Art Quote Template by Easil - January Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image to edit in Easil

Phew, that’s a lot of holidays and celebration days to commemorate! Are you inspired to create awesome January content from our huge list of ideas?

If you’re still looking for something different, here are some more resources to love. We’ve compiled a list of week-long and month-long celebrations for January from around the world:  

Week-Long January Content Calendar Ideas

Some celebrations in January last more than a single celebration. So, we’ve compiled a few week-long January holidays and celebrations from around the world:  

  • New Year’s Resolutions Week – January 1-7
  • Healthy Weight Week – January 19-25
  • Sugar Awareness Week – January 20-26

Month-Long January Content Calendar Ideas

As you would know, some holidays and celebrations span the entire month of January. Here’s some for you to consider. You’ve got a whole month to get creative with them:  

  • National Braille Literacy Month
  • National Blood Donor Month
  • National Mentoring Month
  • National Slow Cooking Month
  • National Soup Month
  • National Hot Tea Month
  • National Hobby Month
  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month

That’s a January Wrap!

Now you have loads of January holiday and celebration day ideas you can prep your content for January. And don’t forget our week-long and month-long celebration ideas.

Create some awesome posts with visuals in January and watch your audience engage with your content.

Want More Easil Content Calendar Posts?

Try these posts for other months of the year:

What’s your favorite January Day of Celebration? Have we missed any, that we should include?

Let us know in the comments below.

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