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March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

Are you ready to create engaging social media posts with our March Content Calendar Ideas? Use this article to get your March posts scheduled and ready to go ahead of time with our ready-to-use template ideas. 

We’re rolling out monthly content calendar posts throughout the year, and then will review them annually. Now you get to benefit from a current selection of daily, weekly and monthly posts – and we’ve included local, national and international holidays or celebration “days” throughout our March Content Calendar. We’re thinking there’ll be a post or two for you to use, no matter what your type of business is!

Our team has done all the grunt work to get this March Content Calendar ready for you. It’s packed-to-the-brim with content ideas and templates as well as marketing tips to get you off and racing.  And if you love hashtags, you’ll love our hashtag suggestions for most of the holidays. 

And a special bonus is that some of the image suggestions are actually Easil templates, so you can click through and start designing if you have an Easil account (if you don’t, it’s super easy to set up and you can get started for Free).

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ve included in our March Content Calendar: 

  • Celebrations for every day in March – in most cases we’ve added more than one suggestion for each “day”. This way you can choose which one appeals to you most!
  • Extra bonus “Unique and Unusual” Holidays… these are the weird, wonderful and wacky holidays that make for engaging social media posts!
  • Week-long holiday celebrations for March
  • Month-long holiday celebrations for March

Now it’s super easy for you to celebrate the fun and important international, national and local holidays throughout March with our March Content Calendar Ideas. Or go straight for one of our weird and wacky celebration days and you’ll get people talking! 

Whether it’s International Women’s Day, National Napping Day or Popcorn Lover’s Day, now there’s no excuse to post boring content with our March Content Calendar. And of course, we’ve included important not-to-be-missed days of celebration like St. Patricks’ Day to remind your followers about! Not that we would ever forget St. Patricks Day, hehe.

Tips for Using our March Content Calendar Ideas

Here are our top tips and tricks for getting the most out of March Content Calendar: 

  • Choose the holidays or celebrations that are in sync with your audience. Think about the topics or interests that your audience might be interested in that are outside of your usual content types. Your audience might be interested in climbing but would also be interested in other types of outdoor adventures or maybe camping. Just because they like business advice doesn’t mean they don’t also love Cocktails or reading books by J.R.R Tolkien (yes, these are days in March!). So get really creative with the unusual and unique holidays we’ve included in our March content calendar. These types of posts make you relatable to your audience. You’re more human if you get excited about “Awkward Moments Day”. Step into the mind of your ideal audience and post about things they are likely to engage with. If the day in question is a good fit for your “ brand voice”, post it. Easy! 
  • Remember this is not an exhaustive list. We haven’t listed every single day of celebration for March. But it’s a comprehensive list that will get you started. Feel free to search for other types of celebration days to add to this list.   
  • Check the Day before posting. Despite double-checking every entry, we’d suggest that you check the Day in your region or country. Some of these days don’t change every year, and others do. For example, some of the days fall on the 1st Monday of the Month etc. So, despite our best efforts to check the dates we may still miss something. We recommend that you do a quick check yourself before posting. If we’ve made an error in our Calendar, please let us know! 
  • Check Instagram hashtags before posting. We aim to only share hashtags that haven’t been banned by Instagram. But we recommend that you use the tips in this post to check hashtags before you post. Over 100k hashtags are banned by Instagram at any time (temporarily or indefinitely), because the hashtag or content posted under that hashtag violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines. Unfortunately this also includes some “normal” hashtags like “Easter, Valentine’s Day, New Years”. They’re “banned” or removed when users post content that’s against Instagram’s guidelines. Banned hashtags may change, so it’s always best to double-check.  

Adding Images to Your March Social Media Posts

You can use our March content calendar in may different ways. You can start with one of our Easil templates or you can use your own photos or assets to create a post about the day of celebration. You’re only limited by your creativity in terms of how you illustrate the day.

You can also post a quote that relates to the day in question. For example, the 2nd of March provides a perfect opportunity for this, with Dr Seuss Day!

Month of March Content Calendar Ideas

Let’s Do this!  Here’s our mega-list of local, national, international (and don’t forget Unusual) holidays for the month of March:

1st March:

Pig Day

A day for celebrating one of the smartest domesticated animals … the humble domesticated pig. Whether it’s Charlotte’s Web and the wonderful Wilbur or pig memes or quotes, today is the day to post about pigs! A funny pig video will do well today!

Pig Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the design above to edit in Easil

World Compliment Day

Today is the most positive day in the world!  Fill it with compliments. Give compliments in real life, and it’s also a great day to post a happy, positive, complimentary quote. Find out more at this website.

2nd March

Dr. Seuss Day

Today is the birthday of Dr. Seuss, so what better day than to read Dr. Seuss books, share quotes or share lines from “Oh the Places You’ll Go” to lift up your fans!  Fun Fact: If Dr. Seuss was alive in 2019 he would 115 years old, so we had to celebrate him in our March Content Calendar!

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
— Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel)

Dr Suess Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

National Read Across America Day

In the same theme, National Education Association (NEA) started #ReadAcrossAmerica in America as an annual reading motivation and awareness program that encourages every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2 (which happens to be the day Dr Seuss was born!). Find out more here.

3rd March:

World Wildlife Day

A worldwide day to celebrate and raise awareness for the world’s wild animals and plants. Find out more at this website.

Find a huge range of free beautiful wildlife images to help spread the word on

International Irish Whiskey Day

International Irish Whiskey Day is all about Whiskey (of course). And it’s interesting to note that it’s exactly 2 weeks before St. Patrick’s Day. Consider it a warm up!

4th March

National Snack Day

We’re sure you can come up with something here – so many options for snacks from the healthy to the … errr.. not so healthy.

Click on the image above to edit in Easil

National Grammar Day

Today is about all things Grammar. Check out sites like Merriam Webster on social media. They’ll be sure to post something punny! Schedule a “grammar” post from our March Content Calendar!

National Grammar Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit this design in Easil

5th March

Absinthe Day

This mysterious spirit was favoured by artists and creatives alike and it’s hallucinogenic qualities most likely lead to it being banned in the early 1900’s – that part may be a myth but it’s certainly strong! Here’s a great article about the history of Absinthe. It might be time to experiment with an absinthe cocktail.

6th March

National Dentist’s Day

This day was created to say “Thank You” to Dentists and show appreciation. It’s one of those times you probably want to say Thank You if you haven’t had to see your Dentist at all, other than for a checkup!

National Dentist Day Teeth image with treats - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Download this Image for free from

National Frozen Food Day

Can we hear a chorus of “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream?”. Wait, what?… that’s not the only type of frozen food?

National Employee Appreciation Day

It’s time to celebrate your employees – feature an employee of the day (or the year!), reward your employees or do something special. Share it on social! Or try some of these ideas from HubSpot.

7th March: 

National Cereal Day

Love it or hate it, cereal has turned into a juggernaut for the food industry. Today is the day to talk about all things cereal. Here’s a great post about the history of our morning cereal!

National Be Heard Day

A great day to feature small businesses or entrepreneurs in your community. Today is all about “being heard” – over all the noise of marketing online. It’s the day to make your presence known, stand out, record a video, share a win in your business or give someone a shout out. Make it loud!

National be Heard Day image idea - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Download this Image for free from

8th March: 

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a big day of celebration and posting online, so we had to include it on our March Content Calendar. Write a post about women in your industry, feature a team member or just celebrate the women around you. The hashtag for 2019 is #BalanceforBetter and also use #IWD. For more information and inspiration, check out this website.

International Women's Day Instagram Story template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Edit the template in Easil, or just download to your phone & post on your Story!

National Proofreading Day

Today is also #NationalProofreadingDay. If it’s worth writing, it’s worth proofreading.

Daylight Savings (US)

This is the day the US sends clocks forwards by an hour in 2020 as they head towards summer and begin Daylight Savings.

9th March: 

National Meatball Day

Not merely just a second act to spaghetti, Meatballs have their own “day!”. Use the hashtag #NationalMeatballDay to celebrate the humble meatball.

National Napping Day

A day where Napping is encouraged… but maybe check with your boss first! #NationalNappingDay

National Napping Day Image Idea - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Download this Image for free from

10th March: 

National Pack Your Lunch Day

Today is the day to Pack Your Lunch whether you are at work or at school. Share lunch ideas, recipes or meal plans … all things yummy lunches.

National Pack your Lunch day image idea - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Download this image for free from

11th March: 

Worship of Tools Day

An obscure one but if you can build some content around tools – of any type – it could be interesting. You can swing your content focus from labour tools to tech tools. There are so many options so get creative! #WorshipOfToolsDay

12th March: 

National Plant a Flower Day

A US-based holiday to celebrate the idea that Spring is just around the corner. This day – March 12th – is the perfect day to plant a flower to get ready for a wonderful Spring.

Update an existing template in Easil to promote the event in a story:

Girl Scout Day

Girl Scout Day is part of Girl Scout Week and is observed annually to commemorate the day that Juliette Gordon Low organised the first ever Girl Scout troop meeting on March 12, 1912. Find out more about Girl Scouts here.

Popcorn Lover’s Day

You don’t need to be in a cinema to enjoy or post about #PopcornLoversDay. But if you want to Netflix or watch a movie… then it’s the perfect time. Post about best movies, fave Netflix shows or anything that partners well with Popcorn… you can even share some obscure popcorn recipes!

Popcorn Lover's Day Image Idea - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

13th March: 

National Good Samaritan Day

Observed on March 13th, this is also known as Good Samaritan Involvement Day. Today is a great day for unselfish actions which help those in need. Celebrate Kindness today!

National Coconut Torte Day

Coconut lovers and Torte lovers rejoice! This is what you’ve been training for.

World Sleep Day

Today is a great day to post about all things sleep. Or just sleep. #WorldSleepDay

Click on the image above to edit in Easil

14th March: 

Pi Day

Watch the Pi posts roll out on social media today. Anything that features the wonderful mathematical constant pi (π) … or just posts about eating pie. Take your pick! … Fun Fact: the digits in the date, March 14 or 3.14, are the first three digits of π (or 3.14).

15th March: 

World Consumer Rights Day

Celebrated on 15th March every year, #WCRD (this year #WCRD2019) is all about awareness of consumer rights and needs. It’s a good thing that this helps protect against market abuses and social injustices. This day was inspired by John F Kennedy who addressed the issue of consumer rights to US Congress in 1962 – the first world leader to do so. Find out more here.

16th March: 

Panda Day

Of course there’s a day for these loveable creatures. Organised by the WWF, this day is all about awareness and protection of the Giant Panda. Fun Fact: Did you know that in 2016 the Panda’s status was downgraded from Endangered to Vulnerable? It’s nice to see things going in the right direction! This post has some great fun facts you can share on your social media channels. And don’t forget, you can use Easil to create a fun image!

Panda Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Download this cute Panda vector for free from

National Freedom of Information day

National Freedom of Information Day is an American “day” that celebrates the birthday of President James Madison, the 4th US President. Madison is known as the “Father of the Constitution” and was the main advocate for openness in government. He had a pivotal role in the drafting of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. #FreedomOfInformationDay

17th March: 

St Patrick’s Day

It wouldn’t be the same without this day on our March Content Calendar. St Patrick’s day is a much-loved and beer-filled celebration around the world. It’s a cultural and religious celebration of the Feast of St Patrick, held annually on the 17th March – the traditional death date of St Patrick the foremost patron Saint of Ireland.

On the 17th March, the beer is green and Irish pubs are full! This is a great event to plan for, especially if you work in hospitality or tourism. Use the hashtag #StPatricksDay

St Patricks Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

18th March: 

Awkward Moments Day

Today is the day to recognize those awkward (and often hilarious if not cringeworthy) moments in time. The best part about Awkward moments is that we can totally relate to them. Post something funny that’s happened to you or your team … it makes you more relatable as a person, company or brand.

Fun Fact: Awkwardness is a type of embarrassment defined as an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself. Usually it makes other people feel a little of that discomfort too. lol. #AwkwardMomentsDay

National Biodiesel Day

Today is the birthday of Rudolph Diesel who invented the diesel engine and unveiled it at the world fair in 1900. The engine was originally designed to run on peanut oil and Diesel was a big believer in the role that plant oils could play in our future. Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning petroleum-free alternative to diesel that can be produced from animal fat, recycled cooking oil or vegetable oil. Wrap those fun facts up into a post!

19th March: 

Chocolate Caramel Day

Chocolate + Caramel. No further explanation needed. Go to town on finding great content to share today. You have lots of gooey, chocolately options.

Client’s Day

Today is the perfect day to celebrate your clients. Feature a client, do a client shout-out on social media or even reach out to some of your clients with a bonus or gift or something “extra”. You could even interview a client or create a case study to post online … or have them do an Instagram Takeover. Get creative!

World Client Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

20th March: 

World Storytelling Day

There is so much scope to share content around World Storytelling Day so we had to include it in our March Content Calendar. It’s a global celebration of oral storytelling. The goal is to have as many people as possible tell and listen to stories around the world – in as many languages and at as many places as possible. It’s all about promoting oral storytelling and building a “global campfire” of storytelling. Find out more on this official site. Use the hashtag #worldstorytellingday.

World Storytelling Day Graphic Template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

International Day of Happiness

Join the movement for a happier world and post something happy today – a quote, a message, a tip or a story. This day was founded by philanthropist, activist and statesman (and United Nations special advisor) Jayme Illien. The idea was to inspire, mobilize and advance the global movement towards happiness.

International Day of Happiness graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

21st March: 

World Poetry Day

Robert Burnss, Edgar Allan Poe, W. B. Yeats, Oliver Wilde, Roald Dahl, William Shakespeare. Today is all about poets and poetry, old and new. Declared by UNESCO in 1999, the 21st March is all about promoting the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetry. You should have no trouble finding a poem to quote and share on World Poetry Day! Use the hashtag #worldpoetryday.

International Day of Forests

This is a global celebration of forests, founded by the UN. The goal is to raise awareness of the importance of all types of woodlands and trees, and to celebrate the ways in which they sustain and protect us.

International Day of Forests Image idea - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Download this image for free from

National French Bread Day

Who doesn’t love French Bread? This is a day celebrated by millions around the US every year on March 21st. Also known as the Baguette, French bread is a long, thin loaf made from lean dough. Oh and that crust….. sooo crispy when you bite into it, revealing the yummy soft bread inside.

Fun Fact: Baguettes came about from labour laws in France many years ago. Restricted to baking only after 4am, bakers adjusted the shapes of their loaves so they would bake quicker – resulting in the much-loved long, thin, baguette. That’s a win for labour laws!

22nd March

World Water Day

This is another day founded by the UN. As the UN says, water is an essential building block of life. It not only quenches thirst and maintains our health, but it also is vital for “creating jobs, and supporting economic, social and human development”. It’s concerning to know that 663 million people are living without a safe water supply close to their home around the world. Use the hashtag #WorldWaterDay and find out more on the UN website.

Click on the image above to edit in Easil

As Young As You Feel Day

This is the day that the old phrase “You are only as old as you feel” comes into play. Flip it to “You are as young as you feel”. Talk about activities that make you feel young with your audience and post about how you can act and feel as young as you want! #AsYoungAsYouFeelDay

23rd March: 

National Puppy Day

Today is #nationalpuppyday and it’s all about a celebration of man’s best “puppy” friend… and about adoption of puppies that need a home. Of course we had to include this date on our March Content Calendar. Because puppies. Find out more on the official website.

National Puppy Day Image Template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

World Meteorological Day

Today is #WorldMeteorologicalDay which commemorates the 1950 Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization on this day. Content around this day usually involves the themes of topical weather, climate or water-related issues.

24th March: 

National Cocktail Day

Did somebody say “Cocktail”? This is a no brainer to include in your March Content Calendar creations. Go crazy with cocktail content, recipes and memes on #NationalCocktailDay.

National Cocktail Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

Of course there is a day for Chocolate Covered Raisins. This snack is loved by everybody, right? And… because chocolate. #ChocolateCoveredRaisins

World Tuberculosis Day

Today is all about bringing public awareness to the fact that tuberculosis remains an epidemic in much of the world, causing the death of nearly 1.5 million people each year, mostly in developing countries. It commemorates the day that Dr Robert Koch announced that he had found the cause of TB – the TB bacillus which lead the way to diagnosing and curing TB.

25th March: 

Waffle Day

Today is the perfect day to make Waffles. For breakfast, lunch or dinner… it’s #WaffleDay. While you might expect this to be a major day in the US, it’s actually a tradition celebrated primarily in Sweden on March 25th. The name Waffle comes from Vårfrudagen. Apparently in vernacular Swedish sounds a little like Våffeldagen.

Tolkien Reading Day

#TolkienReadingDay is an annual day that was launched by the Tolkien Society in 2003 to encourage the reading of J.R.R Tolkien’s books. It might be a good day to start reading Lord of the Rings!

Tolkien Reading Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

26th March: 

Purple Day

This date on our March content calendar is all about purple. But it’s a little more than a day about fun with the color purple. It’s actually a day to raise awareness for people with Epilepsy. You can find out more here. #purpleday

Purple Day graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Download this image for free from

National Spinach Day

If there ever was a day to start eating your spinach, today might be it! Use the hashtag #NationalSpinachDay. Popeye would be proud!

27th March: 

World Theatre Day

Celebrated by theatre organisations, professionals, universities, and theatre-lovers around the world – it’s all about the appreciation of theatre.

National Spanish Paella Day

Who doesn’t love Spanish Paella? This rice dish from Spain is now popular around the world. But it originated in the mid-19th century in Valencia on the east coast of Spain. Apparently workers in the fields would make a rice dish in a flat pan over a fire at lunchtime… mixing in whatever they could find from rabbit to snail to vegetables. On special occasions, chicken would be added! Use the hashtag #SpanishPaella.

Update an existing template to promote Paella Day, with just a few clicks:

28th March: 

Hot Tub Day

28th is National Hot Tub Day around the world – find the nearest hot tub near you… and indulge!

National Something on a Stick Day

As weird and wacky as this holiday sounds, it’s actually quite fun. It’s all about food. Now do we have your attention? Food on a stick! Yes… anything that can be served on a stick is part of National Something on a Stick day. This is definitely a day to eat kebabs or lollipops!

National Something on a Stick Day Graphic Idea - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

Earth Hour Day

This is the day that #EarthHour happens every year. Find out more on their official website here and switch off at 8.30pm today for Earth Hour to make a difference and conserve energy.

Earth Hour Free graphic template - March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates
Click on the image above to edit in Easil

29th March:

National Mom and Pop Business Owner’s Day

A day for celebrating the small businesses that support our economy the world over. Originally a day commemorated in the US, it’s a great day to support your local family owned businesses or shout out about them on social media!

Smoke and Mirrors Day

Today is all about the celebration of illusions and things that aren’t as they appear. When people can’t figure out how magicians do a trick they often say “It’s all smoke and mirrors.” If you can do a magic trick, today might be the day to pull it out of your hat, or share someone else creating an illusion! It’s a great day to share a magic video!

Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day is an Australian annual celebration designed to encourage people to connect with those that live in their neighbourhood. It could be a simple cup of tea, a picnic in the park or a message of support. Thank a neighbour or offer a lending hand. It might be a good time to ask your online followers to share a neighbourly story or post a neighbourly quote too!

30th March:

Doctor’s Day

#DoctorsDay is a day to recognise our Doctors, their work and their contribution to society. Thank your Doctor today!

31st March:

World Backup Day

We probably shouldn’t need a reminder to do this, but apparently we do! Don’t be a fool – use today as a reminder to back up your computer regularly. What would happen if you lost your files? Find out more at the official website and use the hashtag #WorldBackUpDay. A great day to remind your community to back up their files too!

Phew, that’s a whole lot of holidays and celebration days for you to commemorate in March! Are you excited and ready to create some awesome, engaging content from our March content calendar and list of ideas?

If you’re looking for more engaging content ideas, we have that for you too! Here’s a list of week-long and month-long celebrations in March that you can create content around: 

Week-Long March Content Calendar Ideas

Some celebrations in March need more than a one single day of celebration. This gives you more scope for creating content. Below is a round up of many of the week-long March holidays and celebrations for you to use in your social media posts.  

  • National Consumer Protection Week – March 1-7
  • Women of Aviation Worldwide Week – March 2-8
  • Girl Scout Week – March 8-14
  • National Introverts Week – March 16-22
  • Cleaning Week – March 22-28

Month-Long March Content Calendar Ideas

What about month-long holidays and celebrations? These run for the entire month of March. That means you have a whole month to creative and post about them:

  • Peanut Month
  • Women’s History Month
  • Craft Month
  • Umbrella Month
  • Dolphin Awareness Month
  • Caffeine Awareness Month (do we need a reminder?)
  • National Nutrition Month
  • National Kidney Month

That’s a March Content Wrap! 

Now you have all the March celebration and holiday ideas you need in order to prep your content with our March Content Calendar! And if you get stuck, consider some of the week-long and month-long celebration ideas too.

It’s time to create some engaging March posts with visuals!

Want More Easil Content Calendar Posts?

Try these posts for other months of the year:

Over to You

What’s your favorite March Day of Celebration? Have we missed any in our March Content Calendar?

Tell us in the comments below.

March Content Calendar Ideas + Templates

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