Are you ready to create eye-catching social media posts with our May Content Calendar Ideas? Use this article to prep your May content and have it set to post ahead of time with Easil’s easily editable template ideas. 

It’s time for another regular monthly content calendar post – coming at you throughout the year. We review these posts annually, to that you’re set to go each month. 

Now you can access a full selection of daily, weekly and monthly posts. At your fingertips. 24/7. You’ll also find national and international holidays (we like to call them celebration “days”) throughout our May Content Calendar. Whatever your industry or business, there’ll be a few posts (if not a whole month’s worth) in here for you to use. You’ll never be stuck for ideas again! 

TeamEasil has researched, checked and double checked loads of resources to create this May Content Calendar so it’s ready for you and your team. It’s (as we say in Australia) “chockas” full of content ideas and templates. 

We’ve also added a few marketing tips to get you started. And if you love hashtags like we do, then you’ll see that we have added in hashtags too.

Bonus: Some of these image suggestions can be found in our  Easil templates. All you have to do is click into your Easil account and get designing! Don’t have an account yet? It’s super simple to set up an account. When you open a trial account, you can get started for free! 

What’s in our May Content Calendar:  

  • We have a day of celebration for every day in May – often more than one suggestion. Choose the holiday that appeals to you most and convert it into content for your brand. 
  • Additional “Unique and Unusual” Holidays. These are the wacky and weird (and wonderful) holidays that are awesome for fun posts – more likely to engage your audience.
  • Suggestions for Week-long holiday celebrations for May.
  • Suggestions for Month-long holiday celebrations for May.

Whether it’s Lei Day, World Turtle Day or Star Wars Day, you’re loaded and locked with content using our May Content Calendar. And don’t forget the popular and well-known days of celebration like May Day and the Easter holidays to remind your followers about!  


Let’s look at a few top tips and tricks for leveraging your May Content Calendar for best results: 

  • Firstly, choose the “days” or celebrations that most suit your audience. This is where you need to put yourself into the shoes of your ideal customer. What might they be interested in outside of your usual business or core topics of conversation? Perhaps they love technology but crave the outdoors. Maybe they love camping but a side characteristic of that is that they also love cooking. Just because they signed up to hear from you about social media tips and business doesn’t mean they are not a lover of red wine.  Get creative with all of the unique or unusual holidays included in our May content calendar. The posts you’ll see in here might also make your business more relatable and “human” – especially if you get as excited about the 4th of May (Star Wars Day) as your customers do! Think about what they like and post about things they are likely to engage with. 
  • This is by no means an exhaustive list. It’s impossible for us to list every single day of celebration for May, but this will get you started for sure! And you can always search for more/extra celebration days to add to this list.  
  • Check the entries first. Our team double-checks the entries but we would still suggest that you check the dates for these holidays in your region or country too – you might find some new regional holidays when you do. Also note that some of the holidays stay the same every year, while others don’t. For example, a day of celebration might fall on the 1st Friday of the Month, so the actual date will change every year. So it’s always better to do a quick check before posting. And if you spot an error, please let us know so we can fix it. These are very dynamic posts, designed to be updated. 
  • Not all countries are covered. Please note that Easil is based in Australia, but the holidays in this post are from around the world. Many of them are North American Holidays with some from Australia, some international holidays and others from various countries. Although we endeavour to have holidays from many areas, this post would be like a book if we included every country. But if you use the list as a base, you’ll be off and racing with ideas. 
  • Hint Hint – you an always come back to Easil to create images for the content you decide to post. There are images and templates in this post to get you started.


You can use our Easil May Content Calendar in may different ways. Start with one of our Easil templates to edit and create your own design. Or, upload your own photos or assets to create something unique and custom. You are only limited by your creativity when illustrating the day for your audience.

HOT TIP: Post a quote that relates to the day in question – for example, in May, you could post a quote from one of the Star Wars characters for May 4th (Star Wars Day). 


Ready to get started? Here’s our list of holidays for the May, in date order: 


May Day 

First up on our May Content Calendar is #MayDay. This is a spring holiday (celebrated in the northern hemisphere). It’s a national holiday across many European countries, so it’s worth considering for your content calendar if you have a European audience.

Hashtag to use #MayDay

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International Worker’s Day

International Workers’ Day (sometimes known as Workers’ Day, May Day or Labour Day in some countries) is a celebration of labourers and the working classes.

Hashtags to use #InternationalWorkersDay #IntWorkersDay #WorkersDay

Lei Day

Lei Day is a statewide celebration of all things Hawaii. It was established as a holiday in 1929 and continues to this day, with people of each Hawaiian island wearing a different Lei. 

Hashtag to use #LeiDay

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National Truffle Day

This day, observed annually on May 2nd is all about the sweet, chocolate truffle (not the dig-from-the-ground fungus that adorns the plates of very, very expensive meals, world wide). This day is all about the chocolate variety (just to be clear!). 

Hashtag to use #TruffleDay

Laughter Day

What do they say is the best medicine? Laughter, of course! Founded back in 1998, World Laughter Day is an initiative from the Laughter Yoga movement in India. They say laughter can help you live a happier and longer life, get cracking some good jokes and watch some comedy!

Hashtag to use #LaughterDay

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National Teacher Day

Today is a great day to thank a teacher in your community or share a great teaching moment on your social media channels. 

Hashtags to use #ThankATeacher #TeacherDay

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World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day is an annual event organised by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). It’s designed to spread the word about asthma awareness. You can find ideas for World Asthma Day activities here.

Hashtags to use #WorldAsthmaDay #AsthmaDay


World Press Freedom Day

Declared as an official day by the UN General Assembly in December, 1993, World Press Freedom Day is an opportunity to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom and access to press freedom around the world. It’s also a day to pay tribute to the journalists who have lost their lives in the line of duty. 

Hashtags to use #PressFreedom #WPFD

Garden Meditation Day

Every May 3 is Garden Meditation Day. It certainly speaks for itself what you can do on this peaceful day. Whether you have your own garden at home, or even a few pot plants, or can you head to a local park or botanic garden in your area? Sit, slow your breathing down, relax and slip into a blissful state today.

Hashtag to use #GardenMeditationDay

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Chocolate Custard Day

What’s better than custard? Chocolate custard. Buy some. Make some. Pour it on your favorite dessert. Share the results. Simple. Delicious.

Hashtag to use #ChocolateCustardDay

Melanoma Monday

Melanoma Monday is held the first Monday in May and is a great opportunity to remind your audience to get their skin checked. Share an article like this about what to look for … or even better, use Easil to create a checklist image that you can share on social media and hopefully be shared beyond your community. 

Hashtag to use #melanomamonday

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Star Wars Day

Our May Content Calendar wouldn’t be complete without “May the 4th”.

Also known as Star Wars Day. If you’re a fan of Star Wars we don’t need to tell you this, but if you’re not, then still consider posting about this as the chances are your audience is full of Star Wars fans.

Check out the official site here from Lucas Films to get some ideas for celebrating Star Wars Day and… May the 4th Be With You!

Hashtags to use #StarWarsDay & #MayThe4thBeWithYou

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International Firefighters Day

International Firefighters Day is observed every May 4th to celebrate our brave firefighters who dedicate their lives to the protection of life and property.  This day is to recognise and honour the sacrifices that firefighters make. Find out more on their website here.

Hashtags to use #internationalfirefightersday #firefightersday

World Password Day

#WorldPasswordDay is observed on the 1st Thursday in May every year.  it’s all about promoting better password habits in this day of technology and online data. So… remind your audience to tighten up their password habits today! Or post a funny meme about passwords. Either way, it will help them to remember. 

Hashtag to use #WorldPasswordDay


Revenge of the Fifth

After May the 4th, we have the Revenge of the 5th. So if the 4th is dedicated to the Jedi and the light side of the force, the 5th is dedicated to the Sith, or the dark side of the force. Don’t have your lack of faith found disturbing, come to the dark side… we have cookies 😉

Hashtag to use #RevengeOfTheFifth

Cinco De May

Cinco De Mayo is an annual celebration on the 5th May that you have no doubt seen on social media before. The posts are hard to miss – Cinco De Mayo memes, puns and all things tacos, margaritas and mexican-themed frivolity. But did you know the history of this holiday? It’s a date observed to commemorate the Mexican Army’s victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862.

And fun fact: It’s more popularly celebrated in the United States than in Mexico. In America, the date is a celebration of Mexican-American culture whereas in Mexico it’s more ceremonial with military parade and battle re-enactments around Puebla. Find out more here.

 Hashtag to use #CincoDeMayo

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International Day of the Midwife

A day to celebrate the amazing profession of midwives who selflessly commit to bringing babies into the world with dedication, patience and sometimes lack of sleep. Find out more about the International Day the Midwife here.

Hashtag to use #InternationalDayOfTheMidwife

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Space Day

The first Friday in May is Space Day – founded back in 1997. It’s one of a few different days throughout the year that celebrate all things ‘space’.   This one tends to be celebrated in the US and coincides closely with the 4th May and Star Wars Day.


National Beverage Day

Today is the annual celebration of the humble beverage and a great day to kick back with your favourite drink!  The inspiration for this day began back in 1921 with the earliest recorded mention of National Beverage day – originally called Bottled Carbonated Water Day. Post about alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. Find out more here

Hashtag to use #BeverageDay

No Diet Day

Good time to coincide with National Beverage Day, No Diet Day is a day where we get permission to ditch the diet!

Hashtag to use #NoDietDay

International Drone Day

You may well have noticed that we’ve flipped our perspective to an aerial view over recent years with the advent of commercial and then personal drones. Drone photography has become the pastime of many keen pilots and we can’t get enough of stunning aerial views on social media. What we’re trying to say here, is that it’s a great to post an aerial drone photo. Or just post about the tech or opportunities we have with drones. Either way, there’s nothing boring about drones. 

Hashtags to use #InternationalDroneDay #DroneDay

Free Comic Book Day

1st Saturday in May every year is Free Comic Book May. Comic books are handed out at comic-related events and comic stores around the world. It’s designed to attract new readers and new fans as well as showcasing and previewing new comics – even meet writers or illustrators from your favourite comics! There’s more to comic books than heroes and capes!  Find out more here.

Hashtag to use #freecomicbookday


Lemonade Day

Whether fresh or carbonated, lemonade is a classic sour and sweet treat of a beverage. Great as a base for cocktails, mocktails, or refreshing just on it’s own. Ever had homemade lemonade? Set up a stand today – you only need lemon juice, water, and something to sweeten it with, like sugar or honey. Yummo!

Hashtag to use #LemonadeDay

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Check out these amazing glittery Nasa images. Perfect for posting on their own, as a whole background, or use inside text using Easil’s Text Mask Tool – all completely free public domain images found on RawPixel.com

Hashtag to use #SpaceDay


World Ovarian Cancer Day 

Ovarian Cancer Day is a day for raising awareness for Ovarian Cancer – from the women living with ovarian cancer to their families and health professionals around the world.

Hashtag to use #WorldOvarianCancerDay

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Moscato Day

May 9th is National Moscato Day – it’s the third most popular wine in the US, and a great day to have a glass. A recent unofficial holiday, Moscato Day began in 2012 by the Gallo Family Vineyards in California. 

Hashtag to use #MoscatoDay

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Lost Sock Memorial Day – there’s a day for all those lost socks!  Silly we know, but if there is a universal conversation you can have anywhere in the world, it’s about where the lost socks go. Or maybe it’s a day for finding the other sock! Now if only we knew where they went… 

Hashtag to use #LostSockMemorialDay

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Receptionists’ Day

Today is a day to celebrate and recognise the role of the Receptionist. If you have a great story to share or a Receptionist to give a shout out to, today is the day to do it!

Hashtag to use #ReceptionistsDay

National Clean Up Your Room Day

From bedrooms to boardrooms, today is about cleaning up your room.

Hashtag to use #CleanUpYourRoomDay

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Eat What You Want Day

From eating your fave foods to dining out for some gastronomic splurge, or maybe taking a a break from workouts and counting calories.. today is all about eating what you want, no reason necessary.

Hashtag to use #EatWhatYouWantDay.

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World Belly Dance Day

It’s time shake your body – in particular your belly! Today is World Belly Dance Day. It’s observed annually on 2nd Saturday in May.

Hashtag to use #WorldBellyDanceDay

International Nurses Day

Held on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday in 1820, International Nurses Day celebrates the contribution of nurses around the world.

Hashtag to use #NursesDay

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World Cocktail Day

World Cocktail Day is held annually on May 13th and is a celebration of cocktails around the globe. It marks the date a definition of the humble cocktail was published … May 13th in 1806. Find out more about World Cocktail Day here.

Hashtag to use #WorldCocktailDay

National Apple Pie Day

It’s time to eat Apple Pie – or at least talk about it on your social media channels. Apparently the first apple pie recipe was printed in 1381 in England. Ingredients quoted included apples, spices, figs, raisns and pears as well as spices – saffron. It even had (apparently) a pastry crust called coffyn. If you look at this medieval dictionary definition, coffyn is referred to as: A pastry crust, often freestanding and rectangular.

Hashtag to use #ApplePieDay

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Mother’s Day

One of the most celebrated “Days” of the year (and our May Content Calendar), today is #MothersDay (US and Australia only).

If you have a cafe or restaurant or any business in the hospitality industry you’ll be planning ahead for this day a few months beforehand.

Hashtag to use #MothersDay

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International Dylan Thomas Day

Today is a day to celebrate the life and poetry of Welsh Poet, Dylan Thomas. Held annually on the 14th May it’s the anniversary of the day that his poem “Under Milk Wood” was first read on stage at 927 The Poetry Centre in New York, 1953. 

Hashtag to use #DylanThomasDay

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International Day of Families

The United Nations recognizes the ‘family’ as the basic unit of society – in various forms on International Day of Families. This official day provides a great opportunity to promote more awareness of issues relating to families around the world. According to the UN, it also ‘aims to increase knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting them’. This has generated a number of awareness-raising events around the world including national family days.

Hashtag to use #InternationalDayOfFamilies

National Chocolate Chip Day

Not sure about you, but TeamEasil generally agrees that you can’t have too much chocolate on any given day. If you search on ‘chocolate’ in Easil you’ll get loads of templates, stock photos and more popping up in your search results. We like chocolate, so #ChocolateChipDay seems like a good enough reason to celebrate. So we had to add it to our May Content Calendar.

Hashtag to use #ChocolateChipDay

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Love a Tree Day

Step 1: Find a tree. Step 2: Hug your tree.

Trees are an incredible gift from nature and our protectors (and our clean air warriors) – there’s always great content to share about trees!

Hashtag to use #LoveATreeDay

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National Mimosa Day 

Part orange juice, part champagne, mimosa’s are enjoyed for brunch around the world, especially on the 16th May annually for Mimosa Day. The humble Mimosa was invented at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Paris in 1925 by the head bartender, Frank Meier. Fun Fact: It’s named after an Australian shrub with a yellowish flower, called the Mimosa Flower. 

Hashtag to use #MimosaDay

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World Baking Day

Feel like cooking up a batch of something? Or asking your audience what they like to cook up? Today is a fitting day to talk about Baking. From cupcakes to crossaints and brownies to bundt cakes… get baking!

Hashtag to use #WorldBakingDay

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Work From Home Day

Work From Home Day is pretty self-explanatory, and getting more and more popular thanks to the advancement of technology in recent years. More time working productively, less time commuting, get more out of your day? It’s a pretty good deal!

Hashtag to use #WorkFromHomeDay

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No Dirty Dishes Day 

No one enjoys doing the dishes so this is a great chance for a night off! Here are some ideas for celebrating No Dirty Dishes Day and proof if you need it for a loved one to accept that you’re taking the night off. Poll your audience – dishes or dishwasher? love or hate?

Hashtag to use #NoDirtyDishesDay

International Museum Day

IMD or #MuseumDay is a day for the awareness of the fact that museums are an “important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples”.  It’s held on May 18th each year or around this date, and events can last for a weekend or entire week.  IMD was celebrated for the first time 40 years ago and annually more than 37,000 museums participate in over 158 countries and territories. Find out more here.

Hashtag to use #InternationalMuseumDay

Hummus Day

Celebrated every third Thursday in May, it’s a great day to talk about all things hummus. Hummus is a dip made from cooked and pureed chickpeas (sometimes other beans are substituted) then blended with tahini, olive oil, salt garlic and the magic ingredient.. lemon juice. It’s super popular in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries and around the world.

Hashtag to use #HummusDay


Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day is a day for people globally to learn about the importance of protecting our endangered species and how we can do so. May 15th 2021 marks the 15th annual celebration of this day. Go to the official website to find an event or to download the Toolkit.

Hashtag to use #EndangeredSpeciesDay

May Ray Day 

A day for getting outside and catching some May Rays. Step out of the office and get some sun. It’s also a day to celebrate the warming of the weather in Northern Hemisphere countries. 

Hashtag to use #MayRayDay

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Be a Millionaire Day 

National Be a Millionaire Day is observed each year on May 20. If you happen to be a millionaire, celebrate your success today… of if you are an aspiring millionaire… act as if! It might also be a good time to start investing, review your financial portfolio and investments or take steps to achieve your big goals… or to or to just daydream.

Hashtag to use #BeAMillionaireDay

Eliza Doolittle Day

If you’ve ever seen the musical “My Fair Lady” you might know this quote:

“One evening, the king will say ‘Oh, Liza, old thing, I want all of England your praises to sing. Next week on the twentieth of May, I proclaim Liza Doolittle Day’.

As such, the 20th May is celebrated annually by theatre fans as Eliza Doolittle Day: and it incorporates all things musical theatre, not just My Fair Lady. Here are some sites in England that are featured in My Fair Lady.

Hashtag to use #ElizaDoolittleDay

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Quiche Lorraine Day

The humble Quiche Lorraine gets its own day. It’s probably because bacon is often involved. But there are also eggs… and the most important ingredient (if not bacon) … cream! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Find out more (including some fun facts) here.

Hashtag to use #QuicheLorraineDay

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Quiche Lorraine Day

The humble Quiche Lorraine gets its own day. It’s probably because bacon is often involved. But there are also eggs… and the most important ingredient (if not bacon) … cream! Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Find out more (including some fun facts) here.

Hashtag to use #QuicheLorraineDay

Search our free image library for awesome Hummus Images!


National Memo Day

Today is the day to send a memo or maybe send a virtual memo to your audience on social media!

Hashtag to use #MemoDay

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National Waitstaff Day

Also called National Waiters and Waitresses Day – this day is observed each year May 21. It’s time to give yourself the day off from cooking to dine out. Waitstaff are big part of a wonderful dining experience, so this was worthy of adding to our May Content Calendar.

Hashtag to use #WaitstaffDay

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National Maritime Day

Maritime Day is a holiday in the United States created to recognise the Maritime Industry. It’s celebrated on the day in 1819 that the steamship Savannah set sail from Savannah Georgia on the first ever transoceanic voyage. All powered by Steam! The holiday was created by the US Congress in 1933.

Hashtag to use #MaritimeDay

World Goth Day

A day to celebrate the weird and wonderful world of Goths – held annually on the 22nd May every year. It’s a day where the goth scene celebrates all things goth!

Hashtags to use #WorldGothDay #GothDay

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World Turtle Day

Founded by the American Tortoise Rescue (a nonprofit organization established in 1990 for the protection of turtles and tortoises) World Turtle Day is a day for celebrating and protecting turtles and their tortoise relatives (and their habitats) worldwide. Find out more here.

Hashtags to use #WorldTurtleDay #TurtleDay


National Scavenger Hunt Day

Celebrated in the US this is all about getting outside for a good, old-fashioned Scavenger Hunt…. Get your inner adventurer outside or post some content around adventures, challenges and scavenger hunts.

Hashtag to use #ScavengerHuntDay


National Wine Day

National Wine Day is one of many days to celebrate and drink wine throughout the year. Like we need an excuse!  National Wine Day started in the US in around 2009 and there are many unofficial official wine days to choose from.

Hashtag to use #WineDay

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National Tap Dance Day

Tap Dance Day falls on May 25th every year to celebrate tap dancing as an art form. It might be a great time to share a Fred Astaire movie or video.

Hashtag to use #TapDanceDay

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

The goal of Australian’s Biggest Morning Tea is to have fun with friends and family in the name of cancer fundraising and awareness – all over a tea or high tea or just some treats. This day is about helping to raise funds to support those impacted by cancer. Find out more here.

Hashtag to use #BiggestMorningTea

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 National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

May 26th is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day. Blueberries not your thing? Eat any kind of cheesecake. Because cheesecake.

Hashtag to use #BlueberryCheesecakeDay

Dracula Day

26th May is World Dracula Day – the celebration of more than 120 years since Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ was written on May 26th, 1897.

Hashtags to use #WorldDraculaDay #DraculaDay

Heat Awareness Day

The last Friday in May brings us to Heat Awareness Day, or “No Fry Day”, which is a day for skin cancer prevention, based around the US. Find out more here.

Hashtags to use #HeatAwarenessDay #NoFryDay


National Gray Day

A day for Brain Cancer Awareness held annually in the US on 27th May.  It’s also Brain Cancer Awareness Month in May.

Hashtag to use #GrayDay

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International Hamburger Day

Do hamburgers really need a day for us to love the? Sure, why not! Today is a day for all things hamburger!

Hashtag to use #HamburgerDay

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Paperclip Day

One of those items we can’t do without, #PaperClip day is all about the humble paperclip. Topics around being organised and ‘keeping things together’ might be relevant today!

Hashtag to use #PaperclipDay

International Coq au Vin Day

In France, the French word for a “rooster” is Coq. Vin is French for “wine”. So essentially Coq au Vin is Rooster with Wine. Historically poor families would eat Rooster (not the most tender of meats) but years later, it’s generally chicken. Coq au Vin was considered as “Peasant food” or food that poor people would eat. They would slow cook it with wine to make it more palatable.

Hashtag to use #CoqAuVinDay

Memorial Day (US)

A day for honoring people who have died serving in the military. This is a US based holiday commemorated around the country. It’s one of the first holiday weekends of the summer so it’s celebrated with BBQs, days spent by lakes and Veteran parades.

Hashtags to use #MemorialDay #MDW

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World MS Day

Highlight World MS Day and raise money for the prevention and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Hashtag to use #WorldMSDay

Mint Julep Day

Another drink for another unofficial holiday – this one calls for Mint leaf, bourbon, sugar and water. Cheers!

Hashtag to use #MintJulepDay

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World No Tobacco Day

An initiative of the World Health Organisation, No Tobacco and No Tobacco Day is all about the negative impact that tobacco has on the health of our worldwide community. This day is about advocating for reduced tobacco consumption and engaging the wider community to fight for stricter tobacco control.

Hashtags to use #NoTobacco #NoTobaccoDay

That’s a lot of fun “May” holidays to use in your content for social media marketing. Before we finish, let’s take a look at a few month-long and week-long content calendar dates:


Some celebrations in May warrant more than a one single day of celebration – which is why there are week long celebrations on our list. This gives you more scope for celebration! Here’s a round up of some week-long May holidays and celebrations that you can feature in your social media posts.  

  • National Nurses Week – 6th-12th, 2020.
  • Sleep Awareness Week – 8th to 14th May, 2020.
  • Wildflower Week – first full week in May annually.
  • National Police Week (US) – May 10th to 16th in 2020.
  • Emergency Medical Services Week (US) – May 17th to 23rd in 2020.


How about some month-long holidays and celebrations in May? These celebrations span an entire month during May. Now you have a whole month to get creative and post about them:


With all of these fun May celebration and holiday ideas you’ll be set to create content with our May Content Calendar. And if you get stuck, just tap into the list of week-long and month-long celebration ideas too!

It’s time to create some awesome May posts with visuals!


What’s your favorite May Day of Celebration? Have we missed any cool holidays in our May Content Calendar?

Let us know by sending us an email, or message on social!

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