Ready to take your social posts to the next level with our June Content Calendar Ideas? Keep this article at the ready to prep your June content ahead of time with our easy-to-edit template ideas.

These monthly calendar posts come to you throughout the year on our Easil Blog. We review them annually so that you’re always set to go.

Daily, weekly and monthly post ideas are at your fingertips… 24/7. From national to international holidays (let’s call them celebration “days”) you’ll find loads of holidays in our June content calendar. You’ll never be stuck for ideas again!

As we say in Australia, this content calendar is “chockas” or FULL of content ideas and templates. You’ll also find some handy marketing tips inside to get you started. And if you love hashtags you’ll LOVE using our suggested hashtags for different events and celebrations.

HOT TIP:  Some of our suggested holidays and celebrations below come with Easil templates. All you have to do is click into your Easil account and start designing. Don’t have an account yet? It’s really easy to set up an Easil account. Get started for free with one of our trial accounts.

What’s in our June Content Calendar:  

  • There’s a day of Celebration for every day in June – sometimes more than one suggestion.
  • Choose the holiday you want to share, and convert it into social media posts or brand content.
  • Additional “Weird and Unusual” Holidays. Think wacky, weird and wonderful holidays. These are the holidays that make for fun posts. They’re also more likely to engage your audience.
  • Suggested Week-long holiday celebrations for June.
  • Suggested Month-long holiday celebrations for June.

Whether it’s Donut Day, Sunglasses Day or Superman Day, you’re ready to roll with our June Content Calendar. Oh and don’t forget the popular, official and well-loved holidays like Father’s Day (US) and World Sea Turtle Day, to remind your audience about when you create content.


Let’s look at a few top tips and tricks for leveraging your June Content Calendar to get results:

  • Start by choosing the “days” or celebrations that your audience will relate to. Put yourself into the shoes of your ideal customer. What are they interested in, outside of your business or core topics of conversation? Do they love technology? Do they love being outdoors? Do they love eating at food trucks? Just because they signed up for your marketing tips or business-related content, doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk about sport or books or wine. Get creative with this using our weird and unusual holidays. After all, doesn’t posting about something like Donut Day make you more human and relatable? Everyone likes Donuts, right?
  • This is not an exhaustive list. It’s a big list, but not exhaustive. However, it will get you started. Use it as a starting point then search for extra celebration days of your own.
  • Double-check the entries. Our team checks and rechecks these posts, but you should always check the dates for yourself.
  • Add in your own regional holidays. Most of these entries are national and international, but posting local events is a great way to build community.
  • Some holiday dates move every year! Others don’t. For example, a day might fall on the 1st Sunday of every month such that the actual date changes every year. We try to catch these but may miss some. If you spot an error, please let us know so we can fix it. The goal is to update these posts annually or as required.
  • We can’t include holidays for every single country. Easil is based in Australia, but the holidays in this post are from around the world. Many of them are North American Holidays, as well as some Australian, some international holidays and other various countries.


You can use Easil’s June Content Calendar in many different ways. Start with one of our Easil templates to edit and create your own design. You can also upload your own photos or assets to create something unique and custom. You’re only limited by your creativity when designing an image for your audience.

HOT TIP: Post a quote that relates to the day in question – for example, you could quote some song lyrics for Beatles Day on June 25th.

Hint – you can come back into Easil to create images for your posts. See some of the suggested templates below to get you started:


Ready to get started? Here’s our list of holidays for June, in date order:


Global Day of Parents

#GlobalDayofParents is a United Nations day of recognition observed on the 1st of June annually – declared by the UN General Assembly in 2012 with the goal of honoring parents throughout the world. Share about this day to mark the selfless commitment of parents to their children and lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing the parent-child relationship.

World Milk Day

A day started by the World Health Organisation all about milk. Find out more on their website here. This day originated to celebrate the important contributions of the dairy industry to sustainability, world economies and nutrition around the world.. and the fact that the dairy industry supports the livelihoods of over 1 billion people worldwide. Hashtag to use #WorldMilkDay.

Click here to edit the image in Easil

Dinosaur Day

Roar-some news, dino devotees! For over 300 years, these colossal creatures have sparked our curiosity, fueled fascination, and even stirred a sprinkle of mysticism since scientists unearthed the first dino bone. And guess what? It’s time to party like it’s the Mesozoic Era because Dinosaur Day is here! Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or just a fan with a T-rex-sized heart, it’s the perfect occasion to dive deeper into dino lore and celebrate these prehistoric rockstars the way they truly deserve! 🦕🎉

Hashtag to use #DinosaurDay

Rocky Road Stock image by Getty Images - June Content Calendar Ideas and Templates


Rocky Road Day

Who doesn’t love Rocky Road? This super-sweet dessert is popular around the world.

We couldn’t resist sharing this very Australian Rocky Road Recipe with you, courtesy of our friend Amanda at the blog Cooker and a Looker. Share your favorite Rocky Road with your audience! Hashtag to use #RockyRoadDay

National Cancer Survivor’s Day

National Cancer Survivor’s Day is held annually on the first Sunday in June, this day is about those who have survived cancer and provide an inspiration to those who are recently diagnosed. It’s also about support for families and outreach to the community of people who are fighting cancer. Hashtag to use #NCSD


Leave the Office Early Day

Leave the Office Early Day is all about leaving the office early. Show this June Content Calendar to your boss! Perhaps share some social media footage of how your team takes advantage of leaving early! Fans love behind-the-scenes content.

Hashtag to use #LeaveTheOfficeEarlyDay

National Chocolate Macaroon Day

Today is National Chocolate Macaroon Day. Go forth and eat macaroons! Note that Macaroons are not to be confused with Macarons – an entirely different dessert. A Macaroon is a coconut-based dessert and a Macaron is meringue-based. In fact, they have many differences (check out this fun infographic to see just how many differences there are). We’re all for eating both types of treat on any given day of the year!

Hashtag to use #NationalChocolateMacaroonDay


National Cheese Day

Hello. Is it Brie you’re looking for? If so, then you’re in the right place, because today is National Cheese Day. Pardon the cheese puns, but we just can’t resist. On that note, if you are looking for something to post about, then you can’t go past a good cheese pun.

Hashtag to use #NationalCheeseDay

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Hello, is it Brie You're Looking for - graphic template by Easil

Hug Your Cat Day

If you’re a cat person then needing a “day” to hug your cat seems kind of redundant. But it’s a good excuse to share about cats on social media.

Hashtag to use #HugYourCatDay.

World Environment Day Template by Easil


World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June every year. It is a United Nation’s project for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Hashtag to use #WorldEnvironmentDay

Click here to edit the graphic template in Easil

Hot Air Balloon Day

Today is all about the beauty and fun of Hot Air Ballooning. Always popular for photos on Instagram, use the hashtag #HotAirBalloonDay in your posts. Maybe post a throwback image to some other time that you went up in a balloon… if you were lucky enough to do so, somewhere around the world!

Hashtag to use #HotAirBalloonDay

Search our stock image library for 1 Million+ Free Stock Images.


Higher Education Day

Higher Education Day is a day to raise awareness and prepare future college students for Higher Education. This focuses on higher education in the US, where education costs have turned college degrees into a luxury for many Americans. Find out more at this website. Hashtag to use #HigherEducationDay


D-Day is remembered annually on 6th June to commemorate the famous Tuesday, on 6 June in 1944 when 156,000 American, British and Canadian troops landed in Normandy, France during World War II.   It was the largest seaborne invasion in history. Hashtag to use #dday


National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Maybe you can enjoy some chocolate ice cream with your donuts? Have some fun with this and ask your followers what their fave ice cream flavour is.. or maybe find out which flavour ice cream disappears first from the Neapolitan Tub in their household! Hashtag to use #ChocolateIceCreamDay

Click here to edit the graphic template in Easil

Are you hungry for National Donut Day yet? Most of us can’t resist these delightful treats. From classic glazed to filled varieties like the beloved hot cinni, there’s a donut for everyone. Whether it’s a twist, fritter, or fruit-filled delight, these deep-fried goodies always bring joy.

Hashtag to use #NationalDonutDay


World Oceans Day

Help to protect and preserve our oceans on World Oceans Day. This day is all about our blue planet and the oceans that connect us all, celebrated annually on the 8th June.

Remember, our oceans give us oxygen, they feed us, regulate our climate, contribute to medicine and give us limited inspiration… just to name a few benefits!

Hashtag to use #OceansDay

Click here to edit the graphic template in Easil.

Upsy Daisy Day

Upsy Daisy Day is all about spreading positivity, with a focus on gratefulness and brightening people’s days. What a cheerful day, we need more of these prompts in our lives! You could share a few things in your life that you are thankful for, or tag someone in a compliment. Hashtag to use #UpsyDaisyDay

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Best Friends Day

It’s true – best friends are like diamonds. Celebrate best friends with your community on Best Friends Day.

Share a quote about friends on Instagram or Facebook and maybe ask your followers to tag their best friend!

Hashtag to use #BestFriendsDay

Click here to edit the Graphic template in Easil

True Friends are like Diamonds Quote Template by Easil

Rosé Day

Did somebody say rosé? Rosé Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of June, annually.

Here are a few solid reasons to love this popular summer wine.

Hashtags to use #RoseDay #RoseAllDay


Donald Duck Day

Donald Duck Day is a day to commemorate the famous cartoon character, Disney’s Donald Duck.  Donald made his debut in the Disney animation, the Wise Little Hen on June 9th, 1934 (hence the commemoration every June 9th since). Hashtag to use #DonaldDuckDay

Iced Tea image - June Content Calendar Ideas and Templates


National Iced Tea Day

A day to celebrate the popular summer drink enjoyed throughout the world. Find out more about Iced Tea Day here.

Hashtag to use #IcedTeaDay

Photo from Unsplash

Ballpoint Pen Day

The humble ballpoint pen has been up-front-and-centre for many amazing things around the world – from the signing of important documents to writing the first lines of Broadway plays to love notes.

Get creative and post about writing, note-taking and more! Or share one of the interesting ballpoint pen “fun-facts” in this post.

Hashtag to use #BallpointPenDay

Click here to edit the video in Easil

National Herb and Spice Day

Where would our amazing food and dishes be without herbs and spices? Food bloggers, this day should be high on your social media agenda. Maybe share a recipe or a fun fact about herbs and spices.

Hashtag to use #HerbAndSpiceDay


Corn on the Cob Day

Who doesn’t love Corn On The Cob? Yes, it’s delicious with butter alone, but there are so many ways you can enjoy this humble vegetable!

Hashtag to use #CornOnTheCobDay

Click here to edit the free Graphic Template in Easil

Call Your Doctor Day

Is it time we all had a reminder to check in on our health? This is a good day to do it.

Hashtags to use #CallYourDoctor or #CallYourDoctorDay.


Superman Day

June 12 was declared as Superman Day by DC Entertainment in 2013 to honor the creation of one of the world’s favourite superhero’s, Superman. Up, Up and Away. Hashtag to use #SupermanDay

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Red Rose Day

One of the most loved flowers around the world, nothing says romance like a Red Rose. Take advantage of one of our many templates to feature flowers and roses. Hashtag to use #RedRoseDay

Peanut Butter Cookie Day

If you love Peanut Butter and you love Cookies then it goes without saying that you should love Peanut Butter Cookies. Today is the day to try these, if you haven’t already. Bonus points if you can find a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips added, just sayin’.

Hashtags to use #PeanutButterCookie and #PeanutButterCookieDay.


World Gin Day

Gin has definitely made a come back! This juniper and botanical liquor used to be a staple in bars from the 18th to mid-20th Century, there was a steady decline in the popularity of gin over the past few decades – until now. From around 2013, gin is back and it’s back big. Share your favourite gin & tonic combination or a cocktail recipe to try.

Hashtag to use #WorldGinDay

National Weed Your Garden Day

For those of us who are not gardening fanatics, today might be a timely reminder.

Hashtag to use #WeedYourGardenDay

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Cupcake Day

What’s better than cake? Tiny cakes! And lots of them! The once humble cupcake now comes in all flavours and extravagant decorations, but you can still enjoy a classic cupcake any day of the year… maybe make it today! Hashtag to use #CupcakeDay

Click here to edit the graphic template in Easil

National Bourbon Day

June 14th is National Bourbon Day in America. Do you know much about the drink that is known as America’s Native Spirit? Find out more on this website including why Bourbon sales have spiked in recent years in America. Perhaps it was because of the rise in the number of small batch bourbons in the late 1990s. Or maybe it was due to the resurgence in popularity from shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. Old Fashioned, anyone?

Hashtag to use #BourbonDay

International Bath Day

International Bath Day is recognised on the 14th June annually because this is the day that Archimedes figured out an important scientific concept via his bath.

It’s a convoluted scientific explanation involving displacement of matter when he hopped into the bath. You can read more about it here.

Or just run a bath and enjoy it, without needing a reason!

Hashtag to use #BathDay 

Click here to edit the graphic template in Easil

International Bath Day editable graphic Template by Easil


World Juggling Day

World Juggling Day could be used to talk about the actual art of juggling or maybe a spin on the topic of juggling and the tasks we juggle every day. Either way, it’s about keeping balls in the air! Find out more about this day of juggling on the official site of the International Juggler’s Association. Hashtag to use #WorldJugglingDay.

Nature Photography Day

If you’re going to share photographs from the outdoors, today is the day to do it. Encourage your audience to post their own photos or maybe run a competition!

Use the hashtag Nature Photography Day. You can also tag another account or profile, or share an image that inspires you!

Hashtag to use #NaturePhotographyDay

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World Sea Turtle Day

It’s not surprising that these majestic creatures have a day of celebration so we had to include it in our June Content Calendar. Find out more here

Hashtag to use # #WorldSeaTurtleDay

Father’s Day – US

Just to confuse everyone, Father’s Day (like Mother’s Day) is celebrated on different days worldwide. For instance, it’s celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June in the United States but it’s on the 1st Sunday of September in Australia.

Hashtag to use #FathersDay

World Fudge Day

Today is a good day to post about (and eat) fudge! Not that we need an excuse to eat fudge.. but we’ll take it! It’s fudging delicious!

Hashtag to use #FudgeDay

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Fresh Veggies Day image by Unsplash - June Content Calendar Ideas and Templates

Fresh Veggies Day

Lettuce be friends with vegetables. Turn up the beet and post about your fave veggies with a vegetable pun. Hot tip… google “vegetable puns” to find fun examples. Then use Easil to create a cool image using one of our templates.

Hashtag to use #FreshVeggiesDay.


National Apple Strudel Day

The Strudel is a layered pastry with a soft, fruity filling inside. Love? Well, today is all about the Apple Strudel. Find some fun facts to share in this post. Hashtag to use #AppleStrudelDay

Eat Your Vegetables Day

Yes, apparently Fresh Veggies Day is followed by Eat Your Vegetables Day, just in case you didn’t get enough vegetables.

Hashtags to use #EatYourVegetables #EatYourVegetablesDay.

Click here to edit the free video template in Easil


World Tapas Day

Tapas has its own day, which is fabulous because we love this Spanish dish of small shared plates. Celebrated on the 3rd Thursday in June, it’s perfect for creating a stunning Instagram post, too! Hashtag to use #WorldTapasDay

National Splurge Day

Go on… spoil yourself with a splurge. National Splurge Day is held annually on the 18th of June. Today is all about splurging and taking a little time out for self-care, from massages to shopping and everything in between. You deserve it and so does your audience, so remind them with a social media post.

Hashtag to use #NationalSplurgeDay

International Sushi Day

The 18th June is International Sushi Day.

Sushi lovers… this is what you’ve been prepping for. Go easy on the wasabi.

Hashtag to use #SushiDay

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Go Fishing Day (North America)

Bait your hooks – it’s Go Fishing Day in North America but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as an excuse to go fishing anywhere else in the world too. Or take time out in some other way. Hashtag to use #GoFishingDay


Martini Day

One of the most popular and classic drinks in the world, the Martini has a 150 year old history. It’s based on a mixture of gin and vermouth (sometimes vodka and vermouth) and garnished with an olive or twist of lemon.

Hashtag to use #MartiniDay

Garfield the Cat Day

Garfield the Cat Day is celebrated annually on 19th June, the first day the comic strip (designed by cartoonist Jim Davis) appeared. It just so happens to also be the day that we first met the lazy, sarcastic, lasagne-loving Garfield.

Hashtag to use #GarfieldTheCatDay

National Eat an Oreo Day

The obvious thing to ask is .. why only eat one Oreo cookie? Surely once you open the packet it’s hard to stop?

Hashtag to use #EatAnOreoDay


World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is held annually every June 20th, founded by the UN. It’s a day to commemorate the strength, perseverance and courage of millions of refugees, forced to flee for their lives from violence around the world. Hashtag to use #WorldRefugeeDay

World Productivity Day

Can you use a little more productivity in life or business? Today is a great day to get started on World Productivity Day. Hashtag to use #WorldProductivityDay

National Ice Cream Soda Day

Nothing beats an Ice Cream Soda for bringing back childhood memories! Today is all about soda + ice cream… whether it’s coke, lemonade or root beer! In Australia, we call them Spiders. Hashtag to use #IceCreamSoda


International Yoga Day

The United Nations proclaimed June 21st as the International Day of Yoga in 2014. This day is all about raising awareness worldwide of the benefits of practising Yoga for physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Hashtag to use #InternationalYogaDay

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National Selfie Day

It’s a great day to take a Selfie, so join the fun and post your best selfie on June 21st. Round up your team and take a team selfie and post it on your favourite social media account.

Hashtag to use #NationalSelfieDay

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World Music Day or Fête de la Musique

World Music Day originally began in France as Fête de la Musique. Now it’s celebrated in 120 countries and is open to any musician who wants to take part or host performances. Find out more on the official website. Hashtags to use #WorldMusicDay #FeteDeLaMusique

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is the day that Fido can join you at work (officially… many workplaces are pet-friendly these days, anyway!). Don’t forget to post a snap of your pet at the office on social media!

Hashtag to use #TakeYourDogToWorkDay

Click here to edit the graphic template in Easil


Chocolate Eclair Day

Just when you thought we couldn’t get any more “Chocolate Days”, along comes Chocolate Eclair Day. We’ll take anything that’s made of chocolate, especially a chocolate-covered, cream-filled pastry! Hashtag to use #ChocolateEclairDay

Global Smurfs Day

Global Smurfs Day is celebrated annually on the closest Saturday to 25th June, to celebrate the birthday of the Smurf’s creator, Peyo. Hashtag to use #GlobalSmurfsDay


Let It Go Day

June 23rd is “Let it Go” Day. It’s open to interpretation, so you can “let go” of whatever you want… fear, toxic people, resentment, the past or even some of the stuff you don’t need. If you want to go full Marie Kondo on it, that is! Maybe share a quote about any of those things or just play the Frozen Soundtrack. It’s up to you! Hashtag to use #LetItGoDay

Pink Flamingo Day

Right up there with pineapples, cacti, and watermelon, pink flamingos have achieved some sort of pop culture status. Over the past few years, the humble flamingo can be found on everything from pool inflatables to cocktails, and especially on Instagram Feeds. We can’t get enough of the flamingo it would seem, so it’s fitting that there’s a pink flamingo day. Hashtag to use #PinkFlamingoDay

Bonus points if you post a flamingo while dancing at Coachella. Or just use one of our templates.

HOT TIP: Find out more about how to create Animated GIFs using Easil in this article. It’s easy!


Swim a Lap Day

It’s time to put on your swimmers and head to the pool to swim some laps. Or maybe just talk about it with your audience. Either way, you’re spreading the word that swimming is a great way to exercise!

Hashtag to use #SwimALapDay

International Fairy Day

Are we ever too old to stop believing in fairies? Obviously not, as we have an International Fairy Day. Observed annually on 24th June, here are a few ways to find your inner child and celebrate fairies. Hashtag to use #FairyDay


Global Beatles Day

June 25th is Global Beatles Day. There’s no doubting that the Beatles shaped music as we know it. They had a huge cultural impact on the world, paving the way for many artists after them, and leaving us a legacy of timeless music. Today is a great day to post about the Fab Four. Hashtag to use #GlobalBeatlesDay

Color TV Day

June 25, 1951 marks the day that entertainment changed forever, when CBS broadcasted in color for the first time ever on a variety show called “Premiere”. The rest is history. References to everything from Netflix to Video Marketing will be a good fit on this day of our June Content Calendar. Hashtag to use #ColorTVDay

Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is the day that Fido can join you at work (officially… many workplaces are pet-friendly these days, anyway!). Don’t forget to post a snap of your pet at the office on social media!

Hashtag to use #TakeYourDogToWorkDay

Click here to edit the graphic template in Easil

Take your dog to work day Template - June content calendar and templates by Easil


Chocolate Pudding Day

“When you invest in pud, you invest in your friends.”

– Mark Bonanno

Yes, it’s time for chocolate again. This time, it’s chocolate pudding. Share a recipe or perhaps a quote about chocolate pudding, just like the one below.

Hashtag to use #ChocolatePuddingDay

Click here to edit the free graphic template in Easil

Beautician’s Day

June 26th is Beautician’s Day. From skincare to haircare to mani-pedis.. if your audience likes beauty and beauty products then post about it on Beautician’s Day. Hashtag to use #BeauticiansDay

Canoe Day (Canada)

Keep Calm and Paddle On! Canoe Day is a Canadian Day of celebration started by the Canadian Canoe Museum in 2007. The aim is to encourage anyone, regardless of age, to participate in canoeing and paddlesports.

Hashtag to use #CanoeDay

Click here to edit the free graphic template in Easil

Canoe Day Template - June Content Calendar by Easil


Sunglasses Day

Based in the US, Sunglasses Day was founded by The Vision Council, and held annually on June 27. This day was started to create awareness of the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect from the sun’s glare! Hashtag to use #SunglassesDay

Click here to edit the video in Easil

International Day for Small, Medium-Sized Entreprises

Today is all about the micro- and small-businesses and how to help them achieve their goals. Founded by the United Nations General Assemby. Hashtag to use #InternationalDayForSmallMediumSizedEntreprises

National Handshake Day

Be sure to shake some hands today – it’s National Handshake Day. Or bump elbows or do a proper polite nod, if you’re social distancing. What about a hands free secret handshake? Think about it. Hashtag to use #HandshakeDay

National Pineapple Day

Just like flamingos, pineapples are also super popular. So, it’s fitting that we celebrate both flamingos and pineapples in June. Share a pineapple image or quote like this (we have loads of pineapple images in Easil).

Hashtag to use #PineappleDay


Food Truck Day

Food Truck Day is held on the last Friday in June annually. Find out what your audience, customers or followers recommend or what their favourite food truck dish of choice is. It’s also a great day to support your local food truck! Hashtag to use #FoodTruckDay

Happy Heart Hugs Day

June 28th was a special day for the French bulldog Archie Brindleton. Legend has it, Archie was so happy, full of heart and hugs, that he became the only dog in history to create a special day! Okay, so maybe his owners created it, but his love and cuddles certainly inspired it. The day is commemorated as a reminder to show your loved ones you care. This could mean sending a long-distance happy heart hug to someone who inspires you or you are grateful for. Happy Heart Hugs Day is celebrated every June 28th because it marks the the day that his owners brought Archie to his fur-ever home. Bring on the sweetness!

Hashtag to use #HappyHeartHugsDay


Bartender & Mixologist’s Day

The last Saturday in June is Bartender & Mixologist’s Day. Find out more about what the difference is here and how they will mix your cocktails (that’s really all that matters, right?).

Hashtag to use #BartenderAndMixologistsDay

National Camera Day

From the camera savvy to the newbie photographer, today is a great day to post about taking photos.

Hashtag to use #CameraDay

Click here to edit the free video template in Easil

Waffle Iron Day

Love Waffles? Today is a day to eat them. Don’t forget the syrup! Hashtag to use #WaffleIronDay


Social Media Day

30th June is Social Media Day, annually around the world. It was launched in June in 2010 by Mashable and has been held every 30th June since, with more and more events happening around the world each year. Many events involve 1 or 2-day seminars with social media speakers. Use #SMDay to find and share events.

Hashtag to use #SocialMediaDay

International Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day is held globally on the date that the Siberian Tunguska event took place in 1908 – the most harmful known asteroid-related event on Earth (at least in recent history!). It flattened 2,000 square kilometres of forest!

Hashtag to use #AsteroidDay

Shooting Star Image for International Astroid Day - June Content Calendar Ideas and Templates


Some celebrations for June deserve more than just a single day of celebration. So we added week-long celebrations to our list so you have more scope for posts. Here’s a few to get you started:   

  • Hellen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week (starts the last week in June).
  • Eye Safety Awareness Week (starts the last Sunday in June).
  • National Email Week (2nd week in June)
  • Take Your Pet to Work Week (3rd week in June)
  • National Forgiveness Week (starting the 1st Sunday in June)
  • National Roller Coaster Week (starting the 3rd Sunday in June)


And don’t forget to tap into some month-long holidays in June! The following holidays are celebrated for an entire month in June – which is handy, because now you get an entire month to post about them.

  • Audiobook Month
  • Great Outdoors Month (US-based for the summer!)
  • Soul Food Month (a celebration of southern cooking in the US).
  • Pride Month (US)
  • National Dairy Month
  • Aquarium Month
  • International Men’s Month
  • National Iced Tea Month


With all of these fun June celebration and holiday ideas, you’ll have more than enough content using our June Content Calendar. Stuck for content? Check out the week-long and month-long celebrations too! Enjoy creating awesome June posts with visuals!


What’s your favorite Day of Celebration in June? Have we missed any fabulous holidays in our June Content Calendar? Let us know by sending us a DM or message in Easil!

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