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How to Make a Fantastic First Impression With a Facebook Cover Photo

Did you know that your Facebook cover photo actually says a lot about you? Even without navigating to your page, if Facebook users see your name, they can hover over your profile pic, and a larger profile picture and cover photo will pop up for better viewing. And guess what? Your cover image is a lot bigger than your profile pic! 

This is the perfect opportunity to give a first impression and tell people who you are. A curious Facebook peruser may not be anticipating clicking on your profile, but if they see a cover banner that hooks them, next thing you know they’ll be heading to your page to check out what you do. This has huge implications for your cover graphic. It needs to be bold, clear and catchy in order to have that level of attraction. Easil has templates specifically for your Facebook cover, so if your banner is seriously lacking, you can create a fresh and amazing one in just a few seconds. And here’s how to do it!

The Secrets of Outstanding Cover Photos

The goal is to captivate viewers and draw them into your profile page, so first you need to know a few design tips for creating engaging graphics. Color is a prime way to capture the eye, and different colors speak more boldly than others. Bright reds and yellows give off a lively feel, while cooler hues like blue or green are more relaxed and stable.

If you plan on including a photo, select an image that will be well suited to the long and skinny dimensions of a Facebook banner. You don’t want to choose something that will look awkward when cropped to fit your cover! Additionally, pick a photo that expresses something about your brand. If your brand is all about fitness, you want a photo that displays action. If you’re in the restaurant biz, give a snapshot of your unique atmosphere or another standout trait.

You can also include text on your cover photo to send a clearer message about who you are. Add a quote or your brand slogan, but keep it short and punchy. Remember, you have a very brief window to make your first impression (think of the mere second that it takes to hover a cursor over a profile picture), so it needs to be something bold and immediately readable.

Creating Your Own Facebook Cover Photo With Easil

Now that you have some concrete ideas for how to intrigue your audience, you’re ready to make your own Facebook cover in Easil.

  1. Find a template. In Easil, once you click to create a new graphic, you’ll see a list of options for what type of image you want to make. Select “Facebook Cover” and scroll through the template options to see which one captures your eye. Remember, every aspect is customizable, so don’t stress if you don’t see something that’s exactly how you want it. Just select the template that’s closest to your desired image.
  2. Adjust your graphics. Need to swap out a photo? You can either search Easil’s extensive library of high-quality stock images or upload your own, then click to place and resize. You can also adjust the opacity, add a filter or even play with brightness and contrast to get your photo looking just right.
  3. Drop in some text. Lastly, if you decided to include a message on your banner, simply type your message into a text box and move it wherever you want it. Don’t forget that your text should be bold and brief. Change the font to one that is striking and readable and complements your brand.

You’ve just constructed an audience-engaging, super-incredible Facebook cover photo! Now upload it to your Facebook profile for all of social media to admire and make the best first impression possible.

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