How to Use Pinterest as a Platform for Marketing
How to use Pinterest as a platform for Digital Marketing

How to Use Pinterest as a Platform for Marketing

So you’ve found a good groove with your social media marketing – you’re constantly putting graphics out on Facebook, hosting fun giveaways and engaging personally with your audience on Twitter. But are you utilizing the vast Pinterest network as a marketing tool?

Pinterest has 110 million users who are consistently pinning products, ideas and blog posts, meaning if you’re not pinning, you’re missing out! Learn the fundamentals of how to create visibility and gain a following using this valuable platform.

Use Pinterest-Friendly Graphics

The typical Pinterest graphic varies in size, but in general, they will be long, portrait-oriented rectangles. This helps you get more text and imagery onto the graphic so viewers can take in a lot of information at once. If you keep your sizes conformed to these standards, you’ll be on your way to perfect Pinterest graphics.

That being said, there are millions of pins out there, so you need a way to stand out! Use attention-grabbing Easil Pinterest templates to get you started, as they’re already formatted to be optimally eye-pleasing. You can always customize anything that doesn’t fit your brand or that you feel needs to be changed.

Remember to use color schemes that stand out, images that pique curiosity, and text that tantalizes the imagination. Tell a story, but not the entire story, as you want Pinners to view your image to find out the rest for themselves.

Create Diverse Boards

Now that you know what a pin should look like, what exactly should you be pinning? Well, obviously most brands pin their products, but you need to go beyond the norm. Don’t just post a photo of your top-selling item – post photos of someone using it, or a tutorial or video that shows what it can do. If you’re a clothing retailer, show how to style an item! Post photos of your products in a variety of contexts as well as any other blog posts, videos or images that are tangentially related to your brand. This method not only creates diversity in your boards, but it also tells your audience that you’re selling a lifestyle and a story – not just a product.

Pin Your Blog Posts

Do you have a brand blog? Good for you! Now pin those posts! Pinners are always on the hunt for useful information to help them through a problem or show them how to do an activity. Pin your blog posts along with an associated image to add interest. You can use Easil Pinterest templates for this as well; simply customize a framework so that the title of your blog post is emblazoned on the imagery, then add a background to complement the substance of the post.

Encourage Pinning Via Other Platforms

It’s difficult to get people to pin without any sort of encouragement. This is where your other social media platforms can help support your Pinterest boards. Post links to your recent pins on Facebook or Twitter so that your followers can view what’s new and then easily re-pin, and use a plugin like Social Warfare to get your share buttons front and centre. Your social media networks should all work in tandem, so never post to just one – spread the love to each of your platforms so you get the most visibility possible.

By creating a convenient and engaging experience for pinners, you can make Pinterest work for you as a unique and visually oriented marketing tool! Easil has new long-format Pinterest templates that make it simple to convey tons of info in one pin. Design, share and pin away!


Learn how to use Pinterest to boost your marketing

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