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Introducing Video! Learn how to create videos in Easil in minutes

Video, video, video. It’s everywhere we look, and every expert is telling every marketer that they must create videos more frequently in order to push the social media algorithms into giving us more airtime. And rightly so – video is more engaging and holds attention spans for a longer time than static images *normally* do, along with higher click-through rates and brand recall.

But how is one to create videos consistently, especially in terms of brand standards? It’s a challenge that both small teams and enterprises run into on the reg. And it’s a challenge that we here at Easil were willing to take on to make life easier for marketers, no matter what the size of your brand and the resources you have available.

We’re excited to unveil our first release of stunning video templates and editing tools that allow you to create videos for multiple sizes and aspect ratios, add text, graphics, stickers, and more – super quickly! It’s available for our Plus and Edge users, including Plus trials.


If you are familiar with the Easil editing toolset, you’re going to feel right at home with the new video functionality. We’ve enabled all of the existing templates to work with this update, meaning that if you love a static image template, you can add a video to it! Or, if you already have developed a suite of your own graphic templates, you’ll be able to update and/or copy those to make additional video templates for social media.

But if you’re new to Easil, we’ll walk you through all the steps you need to know in this article. Ready to go? Let’s look at how the tools work together to create videos with ease!


Video content can be uploaded in various ways to suit different workflows:

  • Upload to My Uploads in My Workspace: Use the Upload button to select and upload multiple videos, or drag and drop them directly onto the Workspace from your desktop. There is a separate tab for ‘My Videos’, and within this, you can create folders for your videos too. Once you have a folder created, you can also upload multiple images into those folders.
  • Drag and Drop videos directly onto a design when working in the Easil Editor: When you have a design open in the editor, you can drag a video right onto your design canvas and start using it immediately!
  • Within the design editor, you can also upload Videos by clicking on the Video right sidebar: Use the upload button located at the top of the sidebar to select and upload videos, or you can also drag and drop videos onto the sidebar to have them upload to the same section.
  • Upload Video to your Brand Kit/s: If you would like your video content to be available to other team members, you can upload your clips into your Brand Kit. Click on ‘Brand’ in the top navigation (from your Workspace), and upload them into the Brand Videos section and optionally into a folder.
  • Your uploaded videos can be found within the Easil editor by clicking on the Video icon on the right sidebar and then selecting the location via the dropdown. Eg. My Videos, Brand kit, or from one of your folders.

Videos uploaded must have a maximum length of 60 seconds.


Making adjustments to your video clip length can be performed at any time within the Easil editor, and trimming the video is non-destructive. This means that if you trim off the start of your uploaded video and then change your mind about the length, you can re-use the tool to re-adjust at any time in the future.

You can access the Trim tool by clicking on any video once it’s added to a design:

  1. Drag your video onto the design page.
  2. Ensure the video is selected, and then click on the Scissors icon in the top Action bar.
  3. A pop-up modal will appear, allowing you to preview the video content and the contained frames.
  4. Use the handles at the start and end of the clip preview to reduce the length of the playtime.
  5. Click on the Play button to preview the content, and when you’re happy with the content, select ‘Trim’ to complete the action.

If you need to restore the video clip to its original length after it’s been trimmed, you can re-enter the trimming interface, drag the handles back out to their outer limits, and hit ‘Trim’ again.


Adding videos to design templates follows the easy drag-and-drop workflow we’re known for! You can now replace any existing image on our Easil templates or your own designs simply by clicking on the placeholder image and then dragging or clicking to replace from the sidebar.

Or to add a new video clip to a template or blank design, head over to the right sidebar > Video tab, and then locate your video, click or drag to add it to your design page. From there, you can manipulate the video with most of the tools that are available for image enhancements.

Tip: If you are planning on using your design in multiple sizes, we suggest placing your video into a frame (Elements > Image Grids) as this allows you to easily manipulate the aspect ratio on each design size.

Note: Video is not yet available for use in text masking. Video added to print documents and download formats will generate as a still image.


Videos are not limited to being viewed in their original squared-off look. If you want to display a video within a circle, star, or another shape – it’s easy! This process is called ‘masking.’ You can do that by selecting a shape mask from our extensive range in the right sidebar > Elements > Shape Masks.

Drag one of these shapes onto your design, and then whilst it’s selected, go to the Video tab and click on one of your uploaded videos. It’ll pop right into that shape!

To edit the position of the video within the shape, click on the shape, and then click again to enter the editing tools sub-set for the placed video. Click on the crop tool, and then use that to extend the size of the video, or click and drag the content within the shape to reposition.

Read more about using image masks in this blog, which now also allows videos! (excludes text masks).


Video clips added to the design pages can be rotated to be displayed on an angle or even flipped to better suit your layout.

Click on the video once you have added it to your page in Easil, and ensure it’s selected. In the top action bar, click on the rotate tool, and use the slider to adjust to the angle degree you’d like.

To flip a video instead, click on it, and then use either the Flip Vertically or Flip Horizontally buttons to change the display.

Tip: Create a cool ‘mirror’ effect by duplicating your video and placing it next to your original video. Then use the ‘Flip’ tool so that it mirrors the other side.


Adjusting a video’s opacity [transparency] is a cool way to produce visual interest in your design, particularly when layered with other colors or design elements. It produces a see-through effect that can bring elements together to feel more integrated and complete.

Add a video to your design page to apply this effect and ensure it’s selected. Then click on the Opacity icon in the top Actionbar to open the adjustment slider. Move the slider to the new desired transparency and click off the slider to complete and apply the action.


Photo grids are a handy way to display a collage of images, now videos, or a combination of both. They allow you to define the exact area you’d like your video to display by creating a placeholder area into which you can simply drag your video (or image) content.

In addition, we highly recommend the use of frames/grids when creating a design that will be resized, as it allows you to quickly adjust the aspect ratio of your videos by dragging on the corners.

To add a single or multi-image/video grid to your design, click on Elements in the right sidebar and then Photo Grids. Select your layout, keeping in mind that the grids can be stretched out vertically or horizontally on your page. After it’s added, you can click on each individual cell and add images and/or videos by clicking on the relevant tab in the sidebar.

Use the corner handles of any grid to re-adjust your grid size, even once videos have been added. Following this, clicking on each image cell again will give you the control to move or scale the image.


Your uploaded video content can have different filters applied to it to adjust the colors, shading, brightness, and more. With a click, you can transform full-color video into old-school black and white or use the sliders to enhance in more creative ways like applying an overall hue adjustment!

To get started, select your video content once it’s been added to your design. Hit the Filters tab in the top action bar, and then use the sliders to adjust each setting to your liking, or click on any of the pre-set filter options that are previewed at the top to apply to your file.

For a slightly dull color video, try sliding both the Brightness and the Saturation up slightly to give it a boost!


If you upload MP4 videos with audio, you can preview the sound along with visuals by clicking on the Play button once your file is placed on your design. It will also render into your completed graphic file from Easil.

If your design contains multiple videos with audio, only the video placed towards the back (or further back layers) will play, and any other content will be muted for both playback and download.

At this initial stage, there is no option to mute or select which videos to mute when you create videos with Easil, aside from switching the layer order. You can, however, try this little hack to enforce playing your selected audio if it’s the ‘top’ layer in your design!

  1. Add your video content with audio to your design.
  2. Duplicate the layer, and send it to the back of your design.
  3. If you don’t want the content to be seen, simply adjust the opacity to 0, and the video will be heard but not seen.

    More enhancements are coming soon! 🙂


The filters tab also contains another hidden gem – the blur filter. With this slider, you can control how much or little you would like your video content to be blurred.

To add a blur to your video, place the video content on your page in Easil and ensure it’s selected. Then select the Filters tab in the top action bar and ‘View More’ within that pop-out. Move the slider to the right until you’re happy with the effect.

For a creative effect, try layering a blurred video over a static image, with its opacity adjusted down. Or even try it layered over another video!


Whilst the initial upload maximum for video is 60 seconds – this is a trick for creating longer videos! When you add multiple pages and add videos to each, you can stitch them together to create a single video download, with each page acting as its own ‘scene’. Alternatively, you can create many short pages with different text overlays and graphics and download them as a single MP4 video – perfect for creating Instagram Reels on your desktop.

To download all pages into a single, combined MP4 video:

  1. Click on the Download button at the top right of the Easil editor screen.
  2. Ensure MP4 is selected in Animated File Types.
  3. Click on the green Download button, and the video will download to your selected download destination on your computer.


If you need to create videos in multiple aspect ratios, eg, for different social media platforms, adding a video to one template will enable you to use our resize tool to create additional sizes in minutes.

  1. Add a video to your design by dragging it from the video tab in the right sidebar. Or, if your video is not going to cover the entire background of the design, try adding a frame first or a shape mask, and then click to add your video to it.
  2. Complete the layout of your first design, and then click on Sizes in the right sidebar. Within that, click on ‘Copy and resize’ and select your new design size from the categories. Select from the Social Media or Digital Screens categories to enable MP4 outputs for video.
  3. Your design elements will be placed in the new size. Use the adjustment tools to fit your new elements within the new design boundaries. When complete, download it as an MP4 file.

Note that resizes created this way enable you to toggle between the sizes created in the Sizes tab and utilize the Collections update feature (read next item in this article) for batch updating!

Read more about resizing your designs here.


Many of Easil’s pre-designed templates are created as Collections. This means that when you select one of our templates, you are presented with the option to edit many other pre-designed templates with the same design but different sizes.

This process lets you bypass resizing designs if you’re stuck on time, have minor adjustments only, or simply don’t enjoy the process of resizing your designs!

Collections are created by taking one design and using the ‘Copy and resize’ tool to make new design size/s while retaining all common design elements. Then, if you need to update the text in a text box, you only need to do so on one of the sizes and then right-click and select ‘Update Collection’ to propagate those changes across all of the other linked sizes in the collection.

This is a Beta feature and is available for Plus and Edge Subscriptions.

Read more about using Easil Collections here.


Page duration controls the length of your video, page by page, regardless of the length of the video/s added to your design canvas. Using the adjustment slider that is found to the left of your page under the ellipsis menu (…), you can extend the time of each page to a maximum duration of 60seconds.

Any video content or animated stickers added to your design will play on loop until the duration set on your page is completed.


Completed videos are able to be downloaded by users on the Easil Plus or Easil Edge plans, as well as those on 30-day Plus trials. All you need to do is click the Download button at the top right of the editor and select the MP4 option, followed by the Download button at the bottom.

Your file will begin to render and download to your computer when complete. Please be patient 🙂 If your design contains large video files, several pages, or even many effects, it can all extend the time it will take for your completed file to reach you.

Your edited template with video content will be available in your Workspace for you to return to for editing at any time. Please note that completed video renders are not stored in the Easil interface, and you will need to generate a new file if you need the file again.

To download a single page within a multi-page video:

  1. Click on the Download button in the editor.
  2. Ensure MP4 is selected in Animated File Types.
  3. At the bottom of the panel, select the page range pop-up and add the check-mark to the page you’d like to download.
  4. Click on the green Download button, and the video will download to your selected download destination on your computer.

Or, to download all pages into a combined, single MP4 file, follow the same steps but bypass the page range selection.


The video functionality in Easil goes beyond individual creation. Now you can also add video clips into your Brand Kit, which you can share with every team member and add them into your design templates – including with restrictions applied, ensuring they stay on brand.


If you have the ‘Designer’ Role applied within your team, you are able to turn any of your designs into a template that can be shared with your team – including video templates.

This simple action requires you to only click on the black arrow on the design card in your workspace and ‘Covert to Template’. Any team member can now create videos in their own workspace without compromising the master template.


If you would like to apply editing locks and restrictions to your video template for your team, you need to apply these prior to promoting your design to a Team Template.

  1. Complete your design with video content included.
  2. Click on the Locking tab in the right sidebar. This is available to users with the ‘Designer’ role applied.
  3. Select elements within your design by clicking on them, and then apply the available options in the locking and restrictions tab.
  4. When complete, exit to the Workspace. Click on the black arrow at the bottom right of the design card, and convert the design to a team template.
  5. Once it’s in the Team Template space, you can also optionally opt-in to that design to go through the Approval Workflow by clicking on the black arrow underneath the team template.

    Your team will now be able to create videos with all brand standards applied!


We can’t contain how excited we are to release this new stage of Easil! In the coming weeks [and months, years], you’ll see many more features roll out and more pre-designed video templates to save you time, but always on-trend and still on-brand!

We’d love to hear what you think of the toolset and what you’d like to see developed next to create videos for your brand.

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