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5 Color Palettes for Summer-Ready Design (and What Makes Them Work)

5 Color Palettes for Summer

The summer holidays bring to mind sandy beaches, cool ocean breezes, water sports, county fairs and amusement parks. Graphic designers and marketers tasked with a summer-themed project want to distill these feelings of excitement, fun and freedom into their designs – one way to express these themes graphically is by using a clearly seasonal color palette. The five color sets below can be used to give their work that summertime feel, regardless of the content – or the season your work is being used. To use these in Easil, simply enter the codes into the Colour code entry box, and apply to any graphic element or text! READ MORE >

The importance of graphics in digital communication

Online digital communication is essential to attracting and interacting with new potential customers and clients, as well as your current client base. A strong headline and engaging, informative content are always necessary components for achieving the above. However, nothing beats a good graphic for quickly capturing consumer attention. READ MORE >

How to Use Color to Capture Your Audience

how to use colour to capture your audience

Interior and graphic designers know how much colour affects mood. When you’re using a brochure maker or a poster maker like Easil, deciding on color is one of the most important decisions you need to make. Here are some tips to help you make your design work for you.


5 Social Media must do’s to increase likes and engagement

1.  Content is King

Twenty years ago, IT visionary Bill Gates declared “Content is King”.  And it still is.  Without appealing, relevant and dynamic content, you won’t engage your followers on social media.

Thanks to the fabulous algorithms used by platforms like Facebook, the more your followers Like / Comment / Share your posts, the more your page will appear in their newsfeed.

If they don’t like the content, they won’t interact and you will lose your window to them.


Media Release: Easil to exhibit at the inaugural PubLeaders Summit

March, 2016:  Gold Coast based print and digital marketing business, Easil, has announced it will be exhibiting at the inaugural PubLeaders Summit in Sydney on Monday 21st March.

Easil is an online graphic design tool that streamlines the marketing campaign creation process for the hospitality industry.

Housing thousands of predesigned, promotional campaign templates, Easil allows team members of all levels to create dynamic posters, banners, flyers, Facebook covers, Instagram posts and TV graphics – the complete suite of venue marketing tools, all customised for the venue’s requirements. And all without a graphic designer.


How to enhance your Quote Graphics

Enhance Your Quote Graphics

Creating inspirational quotes is one of the hottest trends on social media. In the Easil template library we’ve supplied you with a huge range of templates to quickly update with your own text and images. Here’s a way to add some fancy quote marks to give your designs that professional edge. READ MORE >

Premium Images – Your professional stock image options

Having a broad, and high quality image selection is a huge bonus when you’ve got tonnes of content to create. Whilst we appreciate that budget is a consideration for many micro-businesses, feedback has shown that quality of imagery is a make or break factor for many campaign designs. We explain here the differences and benefits between our Free, Budget ($1) and Premium Image ranges.


Serif vs Sans Serif

Serif vs Sans Serif Fonts

In the complex world of typography, this article is a quick explanation and guide to using Serif and Sans-serif fonts within the Easil application. Our team of Easil Graphic Designers have carefully chosen fonts for you within our professionally designed templates and text graphics – so your job has been made that much easier. While you strive to create something beautiful and remarkable to look at, remember the main goal is to have your message clear and readable.


4 Tips for layering text over images

1. Use shapes to frame your text
Simple shapes such as rectangles can be used to create block overlays that can provide a base for your text to reside on. Reduce the transparency of the shape slightly to allow a hint of the background to appear through for a professional effect.